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The north of Kavenassa is dominated by the Wyrmspire Mountains. We’ve mentioned them before, they are so named because they are supposedly the petrified carcass of an immense dragon. The city of Kneebone is supposed to sit at one of its joints…but this is all just myth and legend. The Wyrmspine Coast is where the mountains meet the sea.

You guys all know that last week was trying for Will and me, and you should know that the fallout from both of last week’s miseries will continue for weeks to come. Will and I work for different restaurants in the same chain, and the recent death of a much beloved co-worker will have ripples in our lives for a long time. #Squirrel is out of the hospital, and has regained enough of her old swag to have spent tonight railing at orcas, describing them as “the assholes of the sea”…

…but she’s almost certainly going to require surgery in the upcoming weeks. So, we’re under a bit of stress, but last week was hopefully the worst of it.

I reiterate all of this to say, we didn’t send the book to the printers as planned last week…but we are sending it this week. We’ve locked in our price and the book should be off today (as you read this) or tomorrow. With any luck, I’ll have a physical proof in my hands in a little over two weeks. EXCITING.

On a separate note, I’m expecting to hear about the results of the DC Writers Workshop Talent Search any day now. I submitted, along with what I expect to be thousands of other hopefuls, for one of the fifteen spots in the Workshop. I have a better shot than most, just because of my body of work, not least of which this comic…but I know a few of the other people that submitted, and some of them are talented indeed. I have every reason to worry.

I need a vacation in the worst way, but my next vacation time will likely be spent doing the bidding of a convalescing #Squirrel. Sigh.

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Ahhhh, this interlude began in strange territory, but it ended up squarely in the familiar, right? For long-time readers, I hope this feels like the blast from the past that it is (we last saw Kalabari at the end of Book THREE)…and for relatively new readers, it still must feel like it’s almost 500 pages ago…because that’s pretty much what it is. Also note that Kalabari’s guards are wearing the masks of the Unseen, but the massive prayer beads of The Serene.

So, my little brother has me watching Attack on Titan on Netflix, and it’s pretty good. Weird as all hell, but pretty good. And midway through the first (and thus far only?) season, I am suddenly inspired to create a D&D campaign inspired by the setting. I wish I had the time to devote to such an idea, because I think that would be an AMAZING roleplaying setting. (I’m not saying why it would be amazing to maintain the surprise for Will, just in case I ever manage to pull my head out of my ass and actually make a campaign).

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Yes indeed, we are venturing into the familiar here. The two guys in Panel Three are Tyne and Byzan, former members of the Jeramsus School who were once tasked with the murder of Maliya Pel. It didn’t go so well…at least not at first. As for Panel Four…well, that thing looks familiar, doesn’t it?

The silver lining of the week is the fact that #Squirrel is home from the hospital, although she’s not yet fully out of the woods. We have an appointment with a doctor on Monday morning, and then we’ll explore treatment options. The best option is most likely a surgical one, which is nerve-wracking, even if it is a relatively common procedure. Major surgeries still involve someone being cut open, and I’m fond of my heart and soul being cut open.

That silver lining aside, this has been a hard week filled with tears, short tempers, and haunted expressions…and Justin Bieber. I guess there have been two silver linings.

Thanks for your positive vibes and good wishes!

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Hey guys, Will here. It was an interesting night for both Justin and myself.

I had a co-worker pass away.

Justin’s wife had to be admitted into the hospital (not life threatening, everything is OK)

So rest assured this will be a quick post. I’m still processing the night.

Just know that we all appreciate and love everyone of you that reads this web-comic.


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Hunter Black Page 676 – Very Good

Well, it looks like three of these four “simple guards” are remnants of the Jeramsus School of the sword. All three of the men that distinctive chin piercing that was unique to the Jeramsus School. (Does anybody else remember Maliya Pel ripping the piercing out of Ckazannisch’s chin? I was proud of that.)

It’s taken us forever, but we are FINALLY in the homestretch with the print edition of Hunter Black Volume One: Betrayer’s Blood. We are doing our final proofreading now; indeed, I turned in my corrections a couple of days ago, but I wanted #Squirrel’s fresh eyes to look it over and she’s found a few small things. She’s reading Book Four right now, so I expect to email those corrections to Jacob later tonight.

I don’t know how many of you are planning to purchase the book once we make it available, but I figure that even those of you who aren’t would be interested in the cover, so here it is. As always, we appreciate you lending us the use of your eyeballs!


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