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Wow. Page 900. We’ll hit page 1000 sometime in summer or early fall, I think. We never saw this coming. Not this many pages or this many years.

But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. After I drop #Squirrel off at work tomorrow, my day will be all Hunter Black and writing my D&D adventure for next week’s game. This is what we do. This is who we are. We wouldn’t do anything any differently.

Thanks for reading!


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I’m walking a bit of a tightrope here as the writer of this comic. Will misses drawing Hunter Black. A few of you guys have expressed missing Hunter Black…and as of right now, *I* miss seeing Hunter Black in these pages. But I’m the type that’ll rush him back once I have that bug up my ass…and it’s not quite time yet.

#Squirrel and I started watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon. We’re only two episodes in, but I can definitely tell that it’s something special. Rachel Brosnahan is a revelation as the lead character, and I find that I am delighting in how Jewish the show is.

I’ve told you all a number of times how much diversity means to me in pop culture. TMMM isn’t the most diverse show, most of the characters are Jewish, but that’s what I love about it. The ethnicity of the characters is front and center. It’s a show about stand up comedy in the 1950s, so that’s hardly a shock, but the show embraces the Judaism so fully that I can’t help but feel a bit immersed in something that is new to me.

More than that, though, the show is just plain good. Good drama, great comedy. Worth a watch.

I’m also watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Now this is a show with a diverse cast. I don’t really need to tell you all that; the show’s been off the air for damn near twenty years. More than that, it’s a show with a LOT going on. It’s hard to forget that this show owes a great debt to Babylon 5, that much of the concept is…stolen. (At least, that’s the story.) But the concept is not the execution. Once this show got over the hump of the first few seasons, it made some bold changes to the definition of Star Trek. It might not have been a show that Gene Roddenberry would’ve necessarily approved of…but I’m convinced that it explored the themes of Star Trek as well as any of the other shows ever did.

I’ve been watching some good stuff lately…consider both shows highly recommended.

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Man, Bootstack Joe’s purple eyes really pop on this page, or at least they do to me. Ryota Nichiren is ready to drop out of this mission. His thirst for revenge seems to be tapering off…

So, I wrote this really well broken down schedule for myself coming into 2018. It neatly organizes my writing time, my reading time, time for exercise, my bar schedule, my sleep schedule, and my time spent with #Squirrel. For me, this was the first step to making this change in jobs pay off.

Needless to say, I have spent not one day sticking to that schedule.

Part of that has been out of my control; the very first day of 2018 brought with it a health crisis that #Squirrel and I have been dealing with ever since. Nothing life-threatening, but it’s time-consuming and stressful. We have a surgery scheduled on the 29th, with another to follow at an unspecified date; I think we can realistically hope to be on the other side of this by end of spring. #sigh

That said, I pulled out that schedule this weekend, spruced it up, and I’m planning to unveil it for myself on Tuesday. (Mondays are going to be weird for the foreseeable future, and this after I finally got Monday bar inventories out of my life.) Because the truth is, working from home has been the best thing I could have ever done. If this issue had come up while I was still a restaurant manager, #Squirrel and I would be [REDACTED].

So the plan is more important than ever, even as it’s that much harder to pull off. Ain’t THAT a bitch.

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Dude, who is that guy in the middle in Panel Three? The word “squirrelly” comes to mind. (I don’t think #Squirrel likes it when I use that descriptor.)

Man, I watched The Terminator tonight. I forgot how good it was. James Cameron was an absolute BEAST back in the day. T2 is when he starts to slip…but I want to watch it anyway.You know what [REDACTED] up thing I noticed? The Terminator totally kills Sarah Connor’s MOM. I mean, it happens off-camera, and it certainly never seems to impact Sarah in any way (not that there’s ever time for her to realize it, let alone react to it), but it happens.

I think I’m one of, like, three people in the world that likes The Terminator more than T2. Sigh.

PS: Michael Biehn, Lance Henriksen, and Bill Paxton are probably all in Aliens because they were in The Terminator. All three get killed or royally jacked up in both movies too. (Spoilers)

PPS: Want to listen to what I listen to while I’m writing? Feel free to check out my Spotify playlist titled “You Don’t Know Me!”  I update it fairly frequently (I’ve added ten songs in the past month) and it’s the very definition of eclectic, or at least I like to think so. Just a little something for those of you that might be interested.

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With this page, we begin to fix an error. It has never quite played out on the page, but it was in the scripts from way back. I caught Will in this one…but then he just caught me in an error about 20 pages ahead, so…

Man, #Squirrel and I just watched the series finale of Major Crimes. We really loved that show; I hate to see it go. I once got to serve cocktails to G.W. Bailey, who played Lt. Provenza on the show. He was freakin’ AWESOME. Great sense of humor, knew how to treat a bartender, generous with both me and his guests. I hope he ends up in something else some time soon.

I have decided that I need to watch Wonder Woman again, so that’ll be happening soon.

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