Click Here to Comment on Hunter Black Page 850 – Embarrassingly Easy

It feels like Page 850 should be some kind of milestone…but it’s really not. Maybe if it was ISSUE #850…

Man, I feel terrible. I’ve suddenly (well, for the past couple of days) got a nagging cough and I woke up with a bitch of a headache. I wanted to write about the epiphany I reached after watching The Mummy…and yes, that is a film that inspires epiphanies…but I think I have to concentrate on getting stuff done so I can crawl back into bed. Big day in the writers’ room tomorrow.

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Hunter Black Page 849 – With More Apologies To Mark Waid

Mark Waid once delivered a screed against the shocking “blade through the chest” image. I got his point at the time, I certainly don’t believe in substituting actual storytelling for shock value…but that doesn’t stop me from writing these pages into my comics from time to time. Mr. Waid is one of my favorite all-time writers, but I’m willing to disappoint him for pages that look this good.

I have a much needed week off from the salt mines. The next few days are all about #Squirrel’s birthday, and if she read the comic and/or the blog, she’d know that there are surprises in store for her this weekend. (If she discovers this, she deserves to claim her title of House Detective.) (She won’t discover this.) But next week, I’m in a writers’ room breaking a season of a new cartoon. That could lead to writing scripts, which could lead to more work…which could lead to my permanent escape from the aforementioned salt mines.

So please, keep a good thought for me. The more jobs I get in animation, the more likely I am to get Will jobs in animation, and the sooner HE gets out of the salt mines. Keep a good thought out for him, too.

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Hunter Black Page 848 – The Gods Frown On Devilry

I just realized this…Brother Vaspian’s hair is RIDICULOUS.

Wednesday, today for you, tomorrow as I write this, is #Squirrel’s birthday. So I won’t be focusing on anything but her…once I get off of work. (No, I didn’t take her birthday off. I took a three day weekend instead. Good enough for you?)

Anyway, that means hurry this up and get back to paying attention to her…because she thinks her birthday has already started!

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Click Here to Comment on Hunter Black Page 847 – Perhaps You’d Like Me To Leave?

I love Will’s design for Cyanthe Calemister. It makes me want to find more reasons to use her in the comic.

Long day! A buddy of mine came in from out of town and we’ve been drinking and we went to a football game and my days off are usually not this full. Usually it’s reading and writing. So I’m tired. I had a GREAT weekend, and an interesting gaming proposal in my hands, but I’m wiped out and I have an early day tomorrow.

So I’m off to bed. Remind me to rant and rave about Tom Cruise’s The Mummy and Universal’s Dark Universe later on this week.

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Click Here to Comment on Hunter Black Page 846 – I’ve Been Bad

You guys remember that there are three more members of our team of thieves, right?

Man…I’m home sick. I haven’t had this sort of digestive distress in quite some time. Years and years, and I don’t like it one bit. I mean, everyone wants an extra day off, especially me when I have a lot of writing to do, but that’s not exactly a pleasant experience when you’re wondering about every burp and gurgle and what they might mean for your laundry situation.

Well, I’ve gotten myself into the habit of sharing with you people, and maybe I’ve taken than a step too far!

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