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Maliya is never far from his thoughts. Never. If there was a time when Hunter might have forgiven their initial betrayal, written it off to the cost of doing business, and I’m not sure that there ever was, but if there was…what happened with Maliya put an end to it.

There is nothing in the world like watching #Squirrel watch an intense episode of something that she loves. We were watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones last night, and it was pretty intense, I have to say. I thoroughly enjoyed it. #Squirrel on the other hand…

…she worked herself into a straight up TIZZY. She gave herself a mild headache before all was said and done. There’s nothing in this world like watching a fan when they’re completely wrapped up in what they’re watching/reading/experiencing. It definitely made me want to create something that elicits that sort of reaction.

It also made me appreciate having a wife who, while not a serious geek by any means, is capable of being a real FAN.

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Two things: I love the statues of Weyland. Every time I look at this page, I want to see Smaug from The Hobbit.

I weakened and started watching Iron Fist. I’m actually all over the place with the Marvel/Netflix shows. I still have 2 episodes of Daredevil season 2 to finish. I’m only four episodes in on Iron Fist. All caught up on Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Yesterday, #Squirrel and I watched the first episode of The Defenders. (I was a fan of the comic version of The Defenders when I was a kid. These four people are NOT the Defenders.) (I’m just saying.) (Actually, Trish [or Patsy] Walker WAS a Defender, so there’s that.) (Geek rant over.)

I’m probably doing this wrong, but I really don’t care. I will say that with everyone telling me how awful Iron Fist is, my expectations are so low as to find it reasonably watchable, although everyone is right about Finn Jones. There’s nothing about him that says, “superhero.” I almost feel bad for the guy. It’s the second glaring mistake these Netflix shows have made, the first being letting Mahershala Ali go.

I’m gonna try and binge as much Iron Fist (and Daredevil) as I can before #Squirrel and I get much deeper into The Defenders. Oh, and I’ve begun work on a pilot. I’ve got a long week ahead of me.

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May you all never experience the feeling of realizing that you have to post a webcomic page when you’re completely exhausted. Traffic, the day job, new responsibilities, and an invasion of crickets have conspired to minimize the amount of sleep I’ve gotten the last few days.

But I opened today, so I can get in bed early…and I close tomorrow, so I can sleep late.

Less whining next week!

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I’m not sure if this is clear…I think I failed to make it clear to Will. This is yet another antechamber on the way to the vault, so there should ostensibly be another test/trap, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Man, #Squirrel and I just watched part of an episode of the remake of The Gong Show. SO [REDACTED] WEIRD. Not just because the show is weird, and it is, but because it’s exactly what the original version of the show was, so its oddly nostalgic, for people my age, anyway.

Should I spend five bucks and two hours of my life on Alien: Covenant? I didn’t bother with it in theaters, but it’s available on demand, and I’m tempted, even though I know it’s probably awful. There’s just part of me that’s dying to know…plus, I’m hoping it’ll be as visually stunning as Prometheus was. Prometheus was GOD-AWFUL, but it sure did look amazing.

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I hope that little interlude made sense to everyone. Sometimes the things that are obvious to me don’t translate to the readers as well as I expect them to.

Well, #Squirrel and I just watched the series finale of Orphan Black. It was satisfying. I was powerfully struck during the show’s…the series’…climax that it was ending in a way (not THE way) that a show that is about and for women ought to. It was as emotionally satisfying a finale as one could reasonably accept. I don’t know how many of you watch it, or intend to watch it, but it was some of the finest television that I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy, and I refuse to spoil it.

Kudos to BBC for keeping it on the air despite the fact that it never got ratings better than fair to middlin’. Also, no other show has ever so ably demonstrated what a truly gifted actor is capable of. The show was essentially (inadvertently?) designed to showcase the talents of its lead actor, and was thus intensely demanding, and Tatiana Maslany rose to those demands and then some. As one of my buddies was fond of saying, she was putting on a master class.

The best stories do end. But man…it sucks when they do.


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