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Finally, we see Zezem the Cruel in the flesh. It’s not a flashback, it’s not a mental image…this is the real deal…unless, of course, Castigan is still messing with Hunter and Jasoom. This is meant to be a little bit Wrath of Khan and a little bit of what it was like back when Will and I lived together.

Evan Franke wasn’t kidding, sciatica HURTS. The good news is, I just picked up my prescription for what I hope are some righteous painkillers…the bad news is, I need to take them with food and I’m waiting for my wife to get home. Sitting down is uncomfortable, especially for extended periods.

I say this to say, this is gonna be short. Man, The Flash was good this week, but Arrow? Unbelievable. They are pulling out all the stops on that show.

P.S. Will speaking. Justin may think I’m channeling Khan but, Zezem the Cruel is all Iggy Pop.

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I’m on a Boat

Hey gang, I’m going on a cruise for a week, so my already non existent posting will become even more non existing. You’ll be stuck with Justin till the 7th of Feburary, good luck ;)


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Under the weather. Deadlines. New responsibilities at work. House of Cards. If you’re looking for reasons why I’m not writing more today, take your pick.

Under the weather how? I think I have a pinched sciatic nerve. Hurts like I don’t know what. What deadlines? None of your business, nosy. What new responsibilities? We’re starting an “Employee Council,” I guess, and I’m in charge of getting it up and running. House of Cards? DAMN.

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I really enjoy the dichotomy of what we’ve got here, visually speaking. Black magic, but white walls. Also, Will packs a lot of tension into that last panel. It’s subtle, but I don’t think that I’ve ever seen that expression on Hunter’s face before. Maybe I’m wrong. Also, my next death metal album will be titled, “Braziers of Skulls Burning Black”.

Sigh. I spent all of last week crowing about my new streaming video set up…and it seems a whole lot like my internet is not up to the challenge of providing it to me. Lots of stoppages, lots of loading and “buffering,” lots of frustration. The wife and I thoroughly hooked on House of Cards but we can’t watch the next episode!

Well, it’s early to bed for me tonight…and early to rise tomorrow. Did anyone besides me watch that archery video? #HolyMoses

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Hunter Black’s Guarantee — Just The Tip of the Iceberg

You might have seen this video already; it’s trending on Facebook right now. But given Hunter’s old profession, it’s nice to know that, if anything, we’ve been understating how bad-ass an archer can really be.

I was going to save this for the next page update, but that’s two days from now…and this is too cool to wait.

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In all likelihood, by the time you’re reading this, the page is a wee bit late. Not to fear, it’s just our incompatible schedules misfiring again. I’ll take the heat for it; I was poised to make sure that all of the pieces fell together on this page…but I fell asleep. Knocked right out. I’ve spent the last three days trying to catch up on my sleep and it just doesn’t seem to be happening. It was a good nap, though. Mercifully, there’s nothing much to say about this page, so I can blather on about entirely different stuff…

…(yes, I know that 432 might not be up yet as you read this, but I PROMISE, it’s coming)…

…so can we talk about The Flash? Can we talk about Arrow??? The bar for these shows was pretty damn high, I have to tell you, before they came back from hiatus. Both shows cleared that bar with room to spare.

The Flash is giving us ROGUES, honest to God supervillains. The stunt casting ¬†of Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell, as Captain Cold and Heat Wave respectively, could not have worked better. Miller’s Cold persona is icy, dare I say, sociopathic. (Will refers to him as a sociopath every time we discuss the show.) Purcell’s Heat Wave is almost over-the-top in his psychosis, but it comes of as intimidating rather than as clownish; the physicality that he brings to the role is the cherry on the sundae, I think. The Rogues are a big part of Flash lore, and it’s good to think that such important roles have been placed in such capable hands.

They’re not afraid to GO THERE when it comes to using superpowers, either. There’s a scene where the Flash is full-on running up the side of a building as rays of fire and frost whiz past him. It’s the sort of thing that 10-year old me could only have dreamt of.

As far as Arrow goes, SPOILERS ON, they managed to treat the audience like adults. No one REALLY thinks that Ollie is permanently dead, and we’re aren’t expected to, because we deal with that throughout the episode…and because of that, we get to experience the emotions of the characters who DO think Ollie is dead in a very real way. We were freed to experience those feelings and see them as genuine rather than suspect that “something else is going on.” It was a brilliant choice and it made for a very meaningful episode.

Also, it’s hard not to think that Diggle’s refusal to adopt a masked guise is going to bite him in the ass, especially with him being the only field operative on the team that has a child (that he knows of, since a little white version of Connor Hawke is alive and living in Central City).

Anyway, like I said, I just joined Netflix. Daredevil is going to have to be pretty damned good to keep up with these two shows.

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