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What can I say? Sometimes, magic is an ugly business.

I WANT to show you guys a page from the upcoming issue of Rocket Queen and The Wrench, which you should definitely be buying, since it’s only $0.99 an issue, but for whatever reason, my computer is acting ornery today. Instead, I’ll say to follow us on Twitter or on Facebook to see some interesting teasers of supervillainy over in our other book…

…and I want to show you some of the movement we’ve made on our upcoming THIRD book…but that’s not quite there yet. Soon, my pretties…soon.


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More and more, Will manages to achieve a lot of subtlety despite the relative simplicity of his style. In Panel One, I wanted Hunter to seem both agreeable and menacing at the same time, and Will pulled that off. I’m often asking Will to combine emotional states to create expressions for emotions that I’m unable to describe in one word, and he manages it every time.

I’m writing this in the early evening on Sunday, and this is always the hardest page of the week for me to post. I can charitably described as a night person; left to my own devices, I’d probably never see the sun. But every Monday morning, I have to be AT WORK by 6:30, which means my alarm goes off at 5:00 AM. So I go to bed extremely late on Saturday nights (I got in bed at 5 AM) and get 4-5 hours of sleep so I can get to bed reasonably early on Sunday nights.

All of this would be fine, except that it makes it hard to be either creative or industrious on Sundays, and writing blog posts requires me to be both.

Anyway. Sorry you guys had to hear that, but my wife hears it every weekend, and I think my bellyaching gets a little old, so it’s your turn to indulge me.

Cooler postings with interesting stuff to come this week!

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Sigh. I’m starting to think that Setheen looks like a monkey. It’s the ears. And the nose. If you’re wondering where Hunter came by so much scratch, let’s just agree that, overcome with grief or not, he wasn’t going to lose all of the Jeramsus School’s gold in Maliya Pel’s funeral pyre. He kept a little something for himself. He’s not THAT sentimental.

I don’t have a lot for you guys this time around, and I do have a lot of work to be getting to. I will say that we’re jumping to the next stage of our marketing plan…which most of you won’t really see play out unless you catch us at a convention next year…and we’re pretty excited about it. (We just wish it was going to cost us less.)

Next week, though, I’ll share a fun new webcomic for #UNDISCOVEREDcomics, and a sneak peek at the first real example of supervillains in Rocket Queen and The Wrench from issue #4.

Have a great weekend…

…The Thirteen Are Infinite.

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Not a whole lot to say here today, other than to point out how different Setheen come off here, compared to her first appearance. She was never once out of control of the first situation; Hunter was seemingly completely at her mercy. Writing her in this more fearful way was IMPORTANT to me, in part because of the situation, but almost more because I was keenly aware that I didn’t want to come off as retreading old ground. I didn’t want this to feel like a pattern…although this, the consultation of seers and witches, is actually a character trait of Hunter’s that we came up with before we even started the comic.

This is, however, Tuesday, and I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to revisit the hashtag of my own making: #UNDISCOVEREDcomics.

Today, I want to give a shout out to Sparkshooter. As webcomics go, Sparkshooter could not be more different from Hunter Black, and for that, I give thanks. I’m probably overstating the differences, too…I mean, we’re both trudging the significant incline of long-form webcomics, but their comic has a decided indie flair in terms of storytelling, while we’re probably a more mainstream adventure comic.

Troy Brownfield is the writer, and although we’ve never met, he and I have had an interesting relationship of mutual support for a while now, so it thrills me to have an opportunity to highlight his work.

Sparkshooter takes on the mountainous task of being about a band, which is a difficult thing to do in a medium that is PURELY visual, but I think that they rise to the occasion beautifully. It’s a story about life and about people, as all of the best stories are. (It seems to me that I have made that comment before.)

Give Troy and his collaborators a few moments of your time, and I think you’ll find yourselves rewarded for it.

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Here’s how bad-ass Setheen is…Hunter hasn’t even opened a purse yet, but she knows that he is “glutted with gold.” That’s witchery, baby.


So, I finished True Detective since last we spoke, and it was amazing…BUT. True Detective clearly aspired to be noir, Wikipedia calls it “neo-noir,” in fact, and it definitely hit a lot of items on my noir checklist. All of the characters were pretty awful people, the heroes were just a more palatable awful than the villains (and the bystanders)…heck, I watched one of the heroes beat up a teenager. (Maybe deservedly so, but still.) The show clearly had its oneiric qualities, what with the weird imagery used by the villain, the hallucinations of one of the leads, and the creepy southern gothic setting. A lot of trouble came at the hands of women, which is an unfortunately sexist, but common, aspect of film noir.

But this show really crapped the bed in the same way that L.A. Confidential did…it copped out in the end and gave us an unnecessarily happy ending. The heroes left with scars, but they left on their feet. The atheist felt touched by the hand of…something beyond himself. The philanderer ended the series with his estranged family by his side (albeit seemingly temporarily). The partners that despised each other walked off-screen with their arms over each other’s shoulders.

I like my noir bleak. Give me the ending of Chinatown every time.

Forget about it, Jake.

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