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I am unreasonably proud of that last sentence.

So #Squirrel and I are headed home to the DC area to see my family for Thanksgiving. You might get a little extra Will this week, but I’ll have my laptop, so maybe I’ll still handle posting the pages. We’ll see.

Closed last night. In at noon today…I’m pooped.

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For the continuity wonks, if you think you see an inconsistency, trust me. We know what we’re doing. For everyone else, come on…the background in Tandros’ Basin is pretty damn cool.

Will and I work for the same company, but at different locations. (We used to work together; that’s how we met.) Both of us are LONG term employees. Will’s coming up on ten years, I’m coming up on TWENTY-EIGHT. Our restaurant careers have been the model of stability…but change is afoot.

Our lives are looking to go through some upheaval, but in what we hope are the most positive of ways. One thing that will not change? Us working together, and us making this comic. THIS is our new model of stability.

Thanks for being a part of it.

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Just in case you’re wondering if the Great Throne would have made the same decision if he’d known that Cardinal Hoc Zhai was in the room…the answer is probably not.

A lot of chickens coming home to roost in the world these days, huh? A lot of bodies are going to hit the floor when it comes to sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape. The damage is going to be largely economic, I think. I don’t think anyone is going to jail. Cosby and Weinstein have enough money and enough stuff in the rear view mirror to keep them free, or at least that’s what I think. There will be a lot of lost jobs, though.

The damning thing for me is that THIS ISN’T NEW. I’ve known about the Bill Cosby allegations for years. I’ve known about the Louis C.K. episodes for YEARS. The stories about Eddie Berganza have been around forever. These weren’t secrets…we just hadn’t, as a people, decided that we cared about these issues, and these women, more than we care about the entertainments they provide us. Hell, I’ll bet that Alabama still doesn’t care, at least not enough to keep Roy Moore out of the Senate. Hearing the words from Trump’s own mouth didn’t keep him out of the White House.

I have to remind myself that this is progress. Painful, painful progress. That, and try to continue to be a person the the women in my life can safely turn to.

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Hey! The same week that I mention Quick-Kick, and we get our Snake Eyes doppelgänger back on the page! Bootstack Joe, for those of you who don’t remember, was a character created by readers who donated to the Kickstarter for Hunter Black Volume One. Actually, so were Packwing and Ryota Nichiren.

Finally, though it took us forever, we’re completing the last of our Kickstarter obligations this week. (Will’s handling all of the heavy lifting in that regard, to be honest.) Well, that’s not entirely true, we still have a big one to take care of, but this one’s not time sensitive. No one’s WAITING for the last one. One of our backers bought the weekend-long D&D session, but is donating it to a children’s hospital, which is about as cool a thing as I can think of.

Will and I are going to have to do a great deal of research for this one, and we have to put together a suitable adventure for a group of sick kids. Something loaded with action and adventure, something that isn’t too scary, and something that maybe speaks to the power of hope and of positivity. Then we have to find a hospital that will allow us to do it. (That frankly seems like the most difficult part.)

I’m just now at the point where the idea of printing Volume Two is in my brain. Before we do anything like that, though, we need to see more success with selling the first book, and we have to figure out how we’re going to finance it. We were BAD at Kickstarter our first time out…just BAD. It took us every bit of two years to get everything squared away, and that’s not cool. We’d definitely do it better the second time around, but not all of our issues with getting things done were the result of inexperience and overconfidence. (We had a lot of inexperience and overconfidence, though.) Our schedules are TERRIBLE. They’re completely unforgiving. We’re fortunate to be well-regarded at work, to be popular among our friends, and to have happy and healthy relationships. Time is a factor, for sure.

Frankly, I’d like for us to figure out how to pay for it ourselves, outright, the next time. That’s a big task, though. We’ll see.

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You know, when I first created MY part of The Cur, I was envisioning a character in many ways like the Kingpin from Marvel Comics. This was before the Netflix Marvel shows, so I was definitely thinking of the Frank Miller Daredevil version…so of course, Will designed him with a “What If G.I.Joe’s Quick Kick was a gigantic Indian?” vibe. Looking at the Great Throne in these last few pages, I’m starting to think that Will is in some way channeling the Kingpin NOW.

Well, I doubt I’m the only person reeling at the thought of Brian Michael Bendis jumping ship from Marvel to DC. I hope this isn’t a case of someone signing a talented creator after their best years are behind them. Bendis isn’t the phenom that he once was, and frankly, I haven’t read any mainstream comics at all in the past few years, but this news does fill me with interest and intrigue. Obviously, he needs to write The Question, right? But what else?

(Not Shazam. That’s MY gig!) (#wishfulthinking)

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