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Hey guys! Will here. Gonna keep this short and sweet. I’m going to Sacramento tonight and need to pack!

Kim and I are driving up to visit some friends for a small vacation. We will be spending this Saturday on the great American River, soaking in the sun!


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Damn my irreverent eyes. I can’t tell you guys what I see, because I don’t want you guys seeing it when you look at this page. I’m sure some of you will now look madly around for what it could be. You won’t find anything…but I can’t unsee it.

Remember my blog post from a few days ago? When I said that two of my three favorite shows had announced their impending cancellation? Well, turns out that third show on that list of three just ended, surprising all of its fans. Penny Dreadful‘s creators claim that there was always a three-year plan and that announcing their cancellation ahead of time would have ruined the surprise…and I call bullshit. I don’t have any inside information or anything, but never before has this show seemed hurried. Never before have characters in the middle of development been cast aside. Never before have stories been so abruptly…and shoddily…ended. Never before has this show, which had a clear main character, a woman who blazed her own trail in a traditionally man’s world, cast its female lead into the role of damsel in distress, all but excluding her from the final two episodes.

There is no doubt in my mind that this show was abruptly cancelled, and the writers and directors had to scramble to fill in the blanks, and it showed. Trying to save face is the order of the day in Hollywood, as in Washington. (Coincidentally, my two homes as an adult.) I wish this show had been allowed to go out on its own terms the way that The Americans and Orphan Black are…but you can’t always get what you want.

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I swear, all I do when I write Zezem the Cruel is tap into the frustrated Fantastic Four writer inside of me. I could totally write Doctor Doom. TOTALLY. Also, Will’s rendering of Cal-Tir couldn’t be simpler, but it’s still unmistakably him. I love that.

I’ve started writing the title of the pages here in the titles of the blog postings. The only place you can see the titles is in the Archives, and I’m sure a lot of readers don’t go to the Archives that often, and we’re proud of some of these ridiculous titles.

Will’s dad is cool as hell, and mine was too.  I miss my dad. Happy Father’s Day. (It’s still Sunday as I’m writing this.)


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Man, you guys should see the comments for this sequence over on Tapastic. When Maliya appeared, readers were all like, “Dick move, Zezem!” Reactions like that are a lot of fun.

Man! In the last couple of weeks, I’ve gotten cancellation news on two of my three favorite shows! The Americans has two more seasons and then they pull the plug, while Orphan Black has only ONE more season before it’s gone! Don’t get me wrong…it’s much better for shows like these to go out on their own terms, and neither show has ever felt as if it was meant to go on indefinitely. Indeed, I’ve found myself wondering what the endgame is for both show in the past…

…but that doesn’t mean I’m not a little bit disappointed. These shows feel irreplaceable to me.

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I wish I had something more concrete to say about this page, about this sequence, but I will say this…I’m particularly proud of what we’re doing right now.

Instead, I’m gonna tell you that I have watched some really good animation recently. #Squirrel and I watched Zootopia, which was a real treat. It was simply well done, no better way to put it. The part of me that is always aware that I am a minority kind of wishes that one of the two leads (who were ably performed by Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman) had been a person of color, given what the film is about. The relative lack of diversity in the cast (not to ignore Idris Elba) sort of undermined the film’s central theme. It’s a small, niggling thing…but it sits there in my brain nonetheless.

Still, it was a damned good movie, and that small, niggling thing doesn’t change that. Moreover, it was an important movie, one that I wish was required viewing for every American child.

I’m also watching the new Voltron on Netflix. I was NOT as big a fan as some of the original, although I certainly watched it. I was enough of a devotee to have preferred the vehicular version of the show over the lions version, which was an unpopular opinion to say the least.

The new Voltron is incredibly FUN, as all cartoons of its ilk should be. I shouldn’t have to say anymore than that…but I will say that the animation is incredible. It’s especially tight during the space battles, which is key, and it’s looser and more given to playfulness during the character moments. I really genuinely like it.

Did I mention how proud I am of this sequence we’re doing?

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