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Well, that building is NOTHING like the one I described in my script. (Not that it matters. Will knows when something matters.) Honestly, it fits the aesthetic of the city far more than my description did. For whatever reason, I imagined a low building that was a long as this one is tall. Not only does this fit the city better, it fits the PAGE better. I only tell you all of this so that you know that, when it comes to stuff like this, Will is smarter than I am, and I KNOW IT. We don’t often question each other in our specific areas of responsibility.

My vacation is ALMOST officially on…or should I say, my writing sabbatical. I don’t have any work shifts to do, but I am going in to do inventory in the morning. That’s an onerous chore to ask of someone else, and I’m held responsible for the results, regardless of who actually counts the liquor. So I’m not letting anyone else [REDACTED] that up for me.

But I’m planning to get A LOT of writing done this week. Once inventory is done, I’m hoping to rediscover a writing attitude tomorrow, maybe by doing some writing for “fun.” Then I’ll dig into taking care of my responsibilities. I CANNOT WAIT.

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Once again, I’m thrilled by the fact that we don’t put our characters in the same outfits all day, every day.

My writing vacation is right around the corner…I CANNOT WAIT. (Remind me to bitch later about the day-job work stuff I have to do ON MY VACATION.)

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In the interest of full disclosure: this page was written to appear on a FRIDAY, not a WEDNESDAY. It’s not working out that way because someone likes to screw up their page numbers when they’re writing scripts. These sorts of scene-ending beats, which I try to pace out onto Fridays, will be landing on Wednesdays for the next little while, which represents the amount of time it took for me to crowbar my head from my ass.

In the interest of giving you all a very little bit of insight into my writing process, I’m linking you guys to a Spotify playlist that you’ll notice growing from time to time, should you decide to check it out. It’s a place for me to collect the songs that catch my ear while I’m writing, so I can follow up on the artists later. Hopefully this works.

We hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day…whatever that means!

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Everybody on this page is a snitch. [REDACTED] snitches.

Two weeks, guys. That’s all you have to wait for updated Patreon awards, new Hunter Black on Comixology, and all that good stuff. Of course, nothing changes here.

Also, the Terminal Pulp Anthology didn’t meet its goal, but the group of gifted creators involved isn’t quite ready to give up. We’re regrouping to try something new (and slightly less ambitious). Watch this space; at the very least, it’ll hip you to a new place to read free awesome webcomics!

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I am now confident in my knowledge of the word “palanquin” because I write this comic.

It had been a while since I’d seen Ghost In The Shell, and my recurring feelings of “NOPE” every time I heard or saw a reference to the upcoming live-action white-washery sort of nudged me into rewatching the anime. (Bought it for eight bucks on Amazon, which felt like a steal until I saw that was free On Demand. Sigh.)

This is the third of what I think of as THE BIG THREE in anime cinema, the other two being Akira and Ninja Scroll. (I’m old.) Also, I think it’s the worst.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s BEAUTIFULLY animated and the action scenes are pretty damned cool…but I just don’t ever feel connected to the Major. She seems to be questing for…something? There’s a theme of diminishing humanity in a digital age, but the storytelling never really takes me there the way that I want it to.

It’s a shame, too, because it’s the only one of THE BIG THREE to come close to serving up a strong female protagonist. I even give it pass for the gratuitous female nudity since the story is, like I said, one of diminishing humanity, and over-sexualization is a classic way of diminishing a woman’s humanity in modern media

Still, glad I watched it again. It helped to reinforce the “NOPE” I have headed ScarJo’s way this summer.

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