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Honestly, I’m shocked that Will never placed a full on kiss right on my mouth for this page. Sometimes, he asks me for easier pages, to help him maintain our schedule. Usually, that means more dialogue, more close ups, and less action. Action scenes often require some research on his part, because sometimes I’m asking him to convey something that he’s simply never drawn before. And you might have noticed that Will’s game on backgrounds has taken a quantum leap forward in Volume Two; go back and look at the library scene, brief as it is, if you don’t believe me. He rendered A LOT of books on those pages. Anyway, I figured that this would be a nice change for him.

I’m so ashamed. We played D&D today, and I backslid in my role-playing. I made a point of letting you guys know that I was playing an atypical character, a persnickety spellcaster-type with an eye toward creature comforts…and today, I played him like my more typical muscle-bound thugs who describe problem solving as “rolling initiative.” I am over-tired…and the only solution I see is MORE EXERCISE.

I’m on my feet a lot, I work as a bartender, after all, but I need to be more active. The writer’s life can be sedentary if you let it, and I need to get out more.

(But first, I need to go to bed.)

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What was in the wine glass, do you think? I mean, is it magical just because Castigan conjured it? Was it an illusion entirely, just a cherry on the sundae of Castigan’s pose of confidence? Or was it actually some sort of magical elixir? Was it important…because it sure seems like it’s gone now…or not at all? Does the fact that I’m asking these questions make it seem more or less important?

I actually don’t have much to say at the moment. We played D&D last Thursday, and are playing again THIS Thursday, but it didn’t really yield much that will contribute to the comic. (Both my character and Will’s are overburdened with personality, and each might make his way into the comic, but they’re been around a couple of sessions now. And sorry Matt, there’s no way I’m putting a character who calls himself “Bud” into this comic.)

The next little phase of stuff for members of The Thirteen came in last week, so you all might be getting a little something in the mail sooner rather than later. (If you aren’t one of Thirteen, if you haven’t volunteered to help promote the comic, you can email us to get involved.)

No new movies, nothing too crazy on the TV. There are some interesting writing opportunities coming my way, maybe, but it’s way too early to get into those…and these things can disappear as quickly as they appeared, I’ve found.

You are The Thirteen…and you are INFINITE.

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Seriously. You have no idea. Will secretly wants to be black. Castigan is EXACTLY like an old, black version of my collaborator. When playing Castigan the D&D character, I envisioned him as shorter and less confident in his bearing. He sort of resembled Benjamin Franklin in my mind’s eye.




I just want to know…are they seriously going to give us a full-on telepathic super-ape? Are they seriously gonna do a live action version of Gorilla Grodd? I AM SO GIDDILY IMPRESSED WITH THIS SHOW. What a ballsy choice. They are embracing their comic book origins, and that is making this show great.

(I can’t wait to see Gorilla Grodd. I’m seriously wondering if Harrison Wells is being mind-controlled by Grodd. I’d love that.)

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Maybe my favorite part of this page is Jasoom in the background of Panels Three and Four. He was not expecting this new negotiating position to be used in this way, I guess. I say, “I guess,” because there is nothing in my script Jasoom in those panels…that’s just an awesome touch that Will decided to put in there. You know how those little additions always make me happy.

I have to say, it’s been warming my heart to see all of the discussion on the pages these days. All I ever wanted was an engaged fan base…and now we have to keep giving you guys reasons to come back. The bar seems higher all of a sudden, but that’s definitely a good thing.

Well, I’m writing this on Tuesday morning, and it’ll go live on Wednesday morning, but Tuesdays are my days to focus on #UNDISCOVEREDcomics, on comics that I think deserve a wider audience. A lot of these comics are on the web, because that’s where most of comics reading happens these days, but some in print too. Today’s #UNDISCOVERcomic is a webcomic called Conspiracy Friends!, and it got the call today specifically because Will, Jake, and I did a guest strip that posted yesterday (Monday). I’ll post our strip here, just because:


Honestly, it doesn’t do a lot for me out of context, and I kind of wish I’d written something that wasn’t SO referential to what was going on the comic at the time when the cartoonist, Matt Youngmark, asked us if we wanted to do a strip during his next hiatus. Our strip is all about Burger King and Canada and robots and…well, if you go to Conspiracy Friends! and start at the beginning, our comic eventually makes sense. (This also allows me to immortalize my need to mock all things French Canadian, not because they’re worthy of mockery in particular, but just because I find mocking the French Canadian to be funny. My Canadian friends never say it, because they’re better people than I am, but they think I’m kind of an asshole.) Anyway, there’s a reason that I don’t regularly write comedy.

Anyway, the whole point of us doing the guest strip is to do a solid for a member of the club, to be there for another person who can’t stop themselves from making comics. I have to take that all the way and point you guys in the direction of this comic. It’s very funny, very smart, and isn’t afraid to say, out loud, the The X-Files was just a little bit racist. That’s my kind of comic, and I think it could be yours too.

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