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Hey gang!

So Im writing this on Wednesday night. The last thing I do before I hit the bed. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.  5:50 AM wake up, 5 hours on the plane. then Thanksgiving with the in-laws!

Wish me luck!


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Sorry about the delay folks!

When I got home from work last night I started packing. Completely forgot to post the page!

Good thing when I woke up I remembered.

So we have a new character, lets how long he lasts………


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Thanksgiving week!

Huzzah! Justin is out of town this week and ill be out of town this coming weekend. Kim has a friend getting married in Florida, during Thanksgiving weekend. I’m so happy to shell out the extra money for that plane ticket!


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I am unreasonably proud of that last sentence.

So #Squirrel and I are headed home to the DC area to see my family for Thanksgiving. You might get a little extra Will this week, but I’ll have my laptop, so maybe I’ll still handle posting the pages. We’ll see.

Closed last night. In at noon today…I’m pooped.

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For the continuity wonks, if you think you see an inconsistency, trust me. We know what we’re doing. For everyone else, come on…the background in Tandros’ Basin is pretty damn cool.

Will and I work for the same company, but at different locations. (We used to work together; that’s how we met.) Both of us are LONG term employees. Will’s coming up on ten years, I’m coming up on TWENTY-EIGHT. Our restaurant careers have been the model of stability…but change is afoot.

Our lives are looking to go through some upheaval, but in what we hope are the most positive of ways. One thing that will not change? Us working together, and us making this comic. THIS is our new model of stability.

Thanks for being a part of it.

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