You All Have Rewarded My Patience

Many thanks to all of you readers! Our web designer is still dealing with the horrors of living in a house in the Valley without working air conditioning. I can’t even imagine how crazy hot that must be, although I read an article about the difficulties of thinking clearly in >100 degree heat. We wouldn’t rush her even if we were inclined to, and we’re simply not that douchey.

That doesn’t mean that Will and I aren’t DYING for the new site to go live, because we’re super happy with how it looks, and how the comic looks there. But we talked just the other day about how lucky we’ve been with this whole thing, and that we’re just suffering from letting our expectations get out of control.

Frankly, reading some of your responses to my whining about it has made me feel TONS better. There was a part of me that felt like we were failing to keep a promise to you all, but a few kind words from readers reminded me that our #1 obligation to you is THE COMIC, and we haven’t missed a beat there.

In fact, you might not have seen this if you’re not a member of the Hunter Black Fan Group on Facebook…

…so yeah, we’re still working our butts off to get you a page every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Thank you for appreciating that.

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I Have No Faith In Anything Anymore

Okay, that’s me being melodramatic, but I will say this much: no more predictions about when the website will be ready. It’s coming, and in the grand scheme of things, it’s coming soon.

I’ll just have to be patient…and quiet.

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