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Magic can be a real [REDACTED].

I’m feeling majorly under the weather at the moment…I’ve got a bit of a headache, and I legitimately haven’t had a real headache in YEARS. (Hangovers, yes. But not a real headache.) I’ve definitely had worse, back in the day. I’m actually ascribing it to last night’s dinner. #Squirrel and I have been eating quite healthily of late, but last night was pastrami and burgers. (We were tired of rabbit food.) Well, I think my body has let me know what it thinks about that. I think the salt and fat made my blood pressure jump, maybe. I dunno.

Anyway, that’s why you’re not getting more of a blog.

PS: Don’t forget we’re at LA Comic Con, Booth 842, next weekend!

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Do those two guys behind the Cardinal look like idiots? Because I’m pretty sure I mentioned how clueless they’re supposed to look in the script. I mean, I’m convinced…but then again, I KNOW. You know?

I feel kind of bad because I’ve been tremendously busy lately, and the blog here has suffered a bit as a result. I’m sitting here working on it, and I have a little time to spend…and I got nothing. Right now, my brain is on the stuff I have to do tomorrow, and how we’re gonna tie everything here in Hunter Black Volume Three up into a nice bow. (Not too tidy, but still nice.) I’ve been writing a lot of animation of late, and Will is right on my heels with the comic, so I need to spend a few days building my cushion back up, BUT…

…writing for money of late has made me really pay more attention to structure, because that’s what you have to do. The webcomic format that we’ve chosen has made following a structure largely unnecessary, but I’m starting to think that it would benefit from a more judicious use of such ideas. I’ve also been thinking about where we were planning to go, and how much it suits the ultimate story we’re telling, and I’ve come up with some stuff that I think is better.

Will and I talked some of this slightly rethought direction tonight, and he’s all the way on board. Let’s see if this comic benefits from slightly tighter planning, huh?

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Hey gang!

Just wanted to do a quick announcement.


Hunter Black is heading to the LA Comic Con!

We are going to be at booth 842 and will have tons of goodies for sale!

If anyone is planning on attending feel free to swing on by and say “hi!”


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I’ve been rereading a lot of Hunter Black recently, and man, I dig that Church Guard Captain’s uniform. It always stands out to me.

So…how about the trailer for The Last Jedi? It honestly didn’t get me going as much as I’d hoped it would. I think I’m a little more invested in the return of Stranger Things right now…and I’ve still got Blade Runner 2049 on my brain. I think I just have too much going on. It was a good trailer, though.

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