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I really dig the designs for the Human Divine. Whatever I was envisioning when I first created them, it wasn’t this. Will went deeper into the idea of a monk (as presented in D&D or in kung fu movies) than I probably would have. And do the markings connote rank? Certainly, Bashan’s markings are the most intricate, and he is their “squad commander,” for lack of a better term. Also, is the hair thing a requirement or simply a preferred affectation? (The one guy has hair, and Bashan has his goatee.) The look of these guys has been subtly influencing the way I write them since they first appeared on the page.

So, I participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge the other day, and that was comedy of errors, let me tell you. It wasn’t all captured on video, which was part of the comedy, let me tell you. For now, the video is too large to post here, and I’m sure that there’s a way around that, but I have a million and one things to do today. Somehow, I doubt I’ll get to many of them, though…





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I’m starting to realize that half of what I do in this comic is come up with magical surrogates for a cellphone.

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Tzetzem’Tze’Tzemoze is…I honestly have no idea where that name came from, other than William Orr’s brain. Will comes up with some great names, and is a great of alliterative sounds, which always pays off when coming up with names. (Peter Parker, Reed Richards, even Clark Kent.) But this one takes the cake. It’s not as hard to say as you might think, but MAN, is it annoying to type.

Tzetzem’Tze’Tzemoze is the third member of the Thirteen that we’ve introduced by name in this second volume, after Aeryn Thornheart and Zezem the Cruel. I promise, some of these wizards will eventually make it onto the page! Anybody besides me remember the name, without looking, of the wizard we mentioned in Volume One?

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…yeah. There was a bit of drinking last night. Nothing too crazy, we do this every Tuesday, but the page wasn’t ready before I left for work, and Will assumed that I had posted it because it was available when he got home from work, and I post the pages 99% of the time…

…none of this matters. I imagine that only five or six of you actually read the comic between the hours of midnight and three am.

Anyways, I have to go grocery shopping now. Friday’s posting will be back to normal.

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I think I somehow missed that picture of Genapha (Jusadva’s little sister) on this page, or at least, it failed to impact on me before. I think this is the first time we’ve actually put a child into the comic. I don’t know if that’s a good sign or not! (I would have more to say, but I’m WIPED. I was at the Wild Animal Park all day and then had to drive 3 hours home.)

Leave comments and force me to be engaged tomorrow!

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