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When you consider that Bootstack Joe was created by a couple of kids no under the age of ten…it’s no wonder that I’ve come to think of him as AWESOME.

Man, the anticipation for Avengers: Infinity War is reaching a fever pitch. My expectations are actually relatively measured…and I have every reason to expect greatness. It’s been written and directed by the four men responsible for Captain America: Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War, both of which are among my top three Marvel films. Both films demonstrate an ability to advance story through action, and to deliver emotionally charged fight scenes despite a heavy reliance on special effects. is the site I most trust when it comes to movie and television reviews, and their review is effusive in its praise.

And yet, I don’t have crazy expectations. I just don’t. I’m expecting a great night of dinner and movie with #Squirrel and friends, but that’s all I want out of it. If I get the superheroic extravaganza that everyone seems to be promising me, great. I just want to be entertained, and I think that’s gonna happen hands down.

(You want to get me excited? Tell me that Bootstack Joe is going to be joining the Avengers. THAT will get me excited.)

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And just like that, we finally knock over a very important domino. Lest you forget, two of Hunter’s team is actually hunting for him…one for money, the other for revenge. It seems that Bovar Finn, who is actually the bounty hunter Ellis Bilby, has come to a conclusion about the woman he’s been following.

Man, I have nothing interesting to report. There’s not a lot new on the horizon in terms of writing…I’m still working on the same stuff that I’ve been working on…and there are no updates on #Squirrel’s eye. We haven’t even watched anything new and interesting since we finished Lost In Space.

We do have plans to go to an 11pm showing of Avengers: Infinity War on Thursday night, but there’s nothing to say about that until we actually SEE it.

So…yeah. Lots going on. Lots of NOTHING.

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The Anger Plague is hell on your dental work.

#Sqiurrel and I finished Lost In Space. We really enjoyed it. Its not perfect by any means, but really enjoyable. It’s not for everyone, I guess. It’s definitely not for people who are looking for a reboot that hews AS CLOSELY AS POSSIBLE to the original. But if your mind is open to change, and plenty of it, I think you’ll like what you get.

I’m recovering from a vicious bout of allergies, so I got very little sleep last night…so I’m pretty much done here. But with #Squirrel back to work(ing from home), my schedule is slowly returning to normal. Hopefully, that means more productivity, although this has been a pretty good writing week, I have to admit, allergies notwithstanding.

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I’m fairly proud of this sequence.

#Squirrel Update: We are currently in a holding pattern. It seems that the surgery on her left eye didn’t accomplish what we’d hoped, the conditions were simply too difficult. However, the surgery has resulted in improved conditions; if her eye had been the way it is now BEFORE the surgery, the procedure might have been more effective.

So we’re considering a third surgery. We’re going to wait a few weeks and see if there is any improvement in her eye, and then we’ll make a decision…or rather, she’ll make a decision that I will support either way. I mean, I’ll weigh in, but it’s not my eye.

Anyway, in the meantime, we’re trying not to watch Lost In Space TOO quickly. We’re six episodes in now, and it’s just damn fine science fiction television. The reboot is in the same vein as the Battlestar Galactica reboot…it’s from the ground up, with the basic idea as a starting point, and starring characters with the same names, but it’s otherwise its own thing. It’s not perfect, but it’s really good. BSG is a good comparison, actually. (Here’s hoping that LIS has the superior ending when all is said and done.) Good to see modern TV continuing to allow black and brown people in space, and continuing to put the women into strong and smart roles.

No doubt, it’s definitely worth the watch.

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Gotta get these pages posted and then hit the showers so I’m not late for work!

Watch the new Lost In Space on Netflix!

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