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Wow, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen Sordon, huh? Poor bastard.


There was a phase when I was a kid when A Wrinkle In Time was my very favorite book. It’s probably a big reason why I’ve never fallen into any serious sexist habits when picking my protagonists, despite all the male dominated superhero comics I read as a kid. The casting of this movie has boggled my mind a little bit, and it’s inspired me to pick the book back up for the first time in I don’t know how many years. I’d forgotten how very British it feels, even though writer Madeline L’Engle herself was American.

Anyhow, there was never a time when I considered Meg Murry, who was probably the very first fictional character on whom I had a crush, someone who would fit in quite well with my family, by which I mean we’re quite a hodgepodge of ethnicities…even though most of us self-identify as black. Like I said, the book feels very British to me, and that rarely screams BLACK, even though #Squirrel and I just recently finished watching Idris Elba’s Luther.

I’m really excited by this movie. I’m looking forward to seeing the kid that they cast to play Charles Wallace Murry, probably the film’s most important and difficult casting decision. He’s got to have the same precocious gravitas that Haly Joel Osment had in The Sixth Sense. It’ll be a VERY good thing to see a deeply intelligent and empathic little boy of color on the big screen. I’ve got nieces and nephews that will benefit greatly from seeing these kids on screen in a thoughtful but action-packed film.

You go, Ava DuVernay.

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Nothing worse than looking at one of these pages and discovering that I have absolutely nothing to say about it. I mean, it’s a clever transition, I guess…but cleverness in and of itself isn’t a quality that I strive for in myself.

Speaking of cleverness, I think the creators of The Walking Dead got a little bit too clever…to their cost. Time will tell. (I guess this is a good time to issue a…



(On second thought, I don’t really HAVE to spoil anything.)

The Walking Dead didn’t USED to telegraph when they were killing off characters, main characters or otherwise. I’m pretty certain they’ve never left anyone wondering WHO LIVES? WHO DIES? before. (I almost typed “…never left us wondering…,” but I stopped watching the show before last season. I don’t miss it.

Now, maybe the blowback I’ve been seeing on social media, and I’ve seen quite a bit of blowback, with more than a few people announcing that they’re quitting the show altogether, is just what the doctor ordered. Maybe they’re going to get more new viewers than they’ve lost old ones…but I doubt it. And I don’t think that the issue is the fact that they killed off a popular character. They’ve killed major characters before.

Remember when Lori died? That came almost out of the blue, especially if you were like me and hadn’t read the comics. That was midseason and it was shocking as all hell. It hit me right in the gut.

This one built everyone up to a fever pitch, giving everyone hope and fear and all of that for an entire summer…and then they had to live up to what everyone had waited for.

I don’t know, I started finding the show and the franchise a bit distaste after a while. I still think it’s largely extraordinary storytelling; I don’t want to take anything away from Robert Kirkman or any of the great writers, actors, and directors on the show. It just started bothering me after a while.

Game of Thrones too, if I’m being honest, although I picked that back up for #Squirrel’s sake. I need my darkness leavened by the light, I guess.

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Anybody remember the Fishwife? I need to find an excuse to get her back in the comic. Also, if it’s not obvious yet, Hunter is back in Tandros’ Basin.

Sunday nights suck…but it looks like I’ll at least win my fantasy leagues this week.

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Hunter’s new look seems weirder to me than it likely does to you guys, if only because (Will and) I have been living with this look for much longer than most of you…and I say that with it having been my idea! That said, it IS really starting to grow on me.

Is anyone watching Legends of Tomorrow besides me? It’s the nerd version of How To Get Away With Murder, it’s delightfully batshit crazy. I guess the combination of superheroes and time travel just begs for serious weirdness. Still, there’s some cool stuff buried among the weirdness. I never knew that Einstein’s first wife was a physicist as well, although there’s no evidence that she was involved in any work that led to the development of the atomic bomb, as was hinted in Legends’ season two premiere. In real life, she seems to have given up on physics after marrying Einstein, although it’s impossible to discount the likelihood that her conversations with Einstein were probably more substantive than deciding what to have for dinner…AND I HAD NO IDEA THAT THIS WOMAN EXISTED.

Legends of Tomorrow IS batshit crazy…but it’s a good batshit crazy.

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Don’t forget, boys and girls, there’s more to Hunter’s health situation than simply the Hunger Blight. His recent resurrection came at a cost.


Add me to the list of people enamored with Tyler Hoechlin’s version of Superman, although I should point out that I’ve only seen the first episode of the second season of Supergirl. He could still screw the pooch. That also doesn’t mean that, despite my choice of image here, I’d rather see him playing Superman on the big screen than Henry Cavill. Henry Cavill is an EXCELLENT choice to play Superman, if only Zack Snyder would let him. Instead, he’s playing Batman in a red cape, which no one wants to see.

The version of Superman on TV, the one capably played by Tyler Hoechlin, is the Superman I grew up with. He’s good guy in every sense of the word…and that isn’t boring. It’s a little corny, but so was my dad’s sense of humor, and I loved my dad’s sense of humor. I hope that the movie execs are watching the boob tube, because that’s what they, and Henry Cavill, should be going for.

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