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Will here. Justin was rather upset today, he had to buy a new washing machine and couldn’t handle the responsibility of posting. This page is an example of how I sometime have to add/subtract panels from Justin’s original script. He originally called for only 2 panelsbut, I didn’t want to have the same visual pattern as I did with page 484, so I needed to change things. I did this so when you view the pages in one long sequence it doesn’t look boring.

Anyway theirs this…..


Justin mentioned I saw Mad Max. It was brilliant. Go see it.



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Obviously, this page is a little more tongue in cheek than what we normally do. What can I say? I was feeling a bit whimsical the day that I wrote this page. By the way, there is nothing to be taken from this about my actual feelings about The Walking Dead. I don’t read the comic (I have the first two trades, and they’ve never tempted me into a reread) and I’m an avid fan of the show. My favorite entry into the zombie genre remains the novel World War Z.

Well, my washing machine is suddenly on the fritz, so I don’t have much to say today. Is anyone watching Orphan Black? #Squirrel and I are finally caught up, and this past weekend’s episode was INSANE. I’m glad it’s keeping the quality up; a lot of shows are demonstrating how hard that can be.

Anyway, I’m off to do more laundry in my building’s public laundry room. Yuck.

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Sometimes pages like this feel like cheating, both for Will and for myself…but it’s a device that works. That said, I know that Will really appreciates it when I write them…the easier a page is to draw, the more work he can get done in a week. I sort of tickled myself with this page, although I’m prone to laughing at my own jokes.

So, I was thinking about gushing about The Flash finale in more detail in this space, but I went to the movies tonight, and I have something else to gush about. Actually, Will went to the movies too. He saw Mad Max: Fury Road and he loved it. I fully intend to see Mad Max; I’m as big a fan of mind-blistering action as anybody. But I LOVE thought-provoking science fiction, and the movie that promised to give that to me¬†might not be in theaters for much longer.

I went to see Ex Machina, and hoo-boy, was it good.

#Squirrel went to see it with me, and she was on the edge of her seat for the entire film. The uncomfortable tension in this movie begins within its first five minutes, and it never really lets up after that. About 20 minutes in, I started having to pee…but I was having none of that. This film felt so intricate, and every scene felt so integral to what was going on, I couldn’t imagine missing even a second of it. There was not one wasted minute in this film, as far as I was concerned. It’s not often that I watch a movie and think, “I absolutely am not good enough to have written this.” I rarely watch a movie and feel jealous, but that was exactly what happened to me while I was watching this movie.

I would be incredibly remiss if I didn’t mention the stellar cast: Domnhall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac, and Alicia Vikander. I presented them in that order very deliberately, that’s the order in which they first appeared on camera, and I do it that way because I can’t single any of them out. They were all tremendous. I was already a fan of Gleeson’s…he was completely unremarkable to me in the Harry Potter films, but he had this irresistible charisma in the already charismatic film About Time, so I’d been looking for another film in which to see him. Oscar Isaac is, to me, the Man Who Will Fly X-Wings, and this was basically a tryout for him…I’ve never seen him in anything before. I’d never even heard of Alicia Vikander before this. I only noticed the “acting” at the very beginning, because I’d only ever heard Gleeson speaking with a British accent until this film, and hearing him as an American annoyed me for about 30 seconds or so.

Gleeson is perfect as the sweet guy who is probably held back by his own insecurities, Isaac is the perfect arrogant genius who just might be a sociopath, and Alicia Vikander projects this beautiful need that somehow speaks both to immense power and startling fragility.

I almost want to say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the plot, because this is not a movie that should be in any way spoiled. I can say this much, because this is all in the film’s promotion, all of the conflicting thoughts that you may have about the idea of artificial intelligence will have a chance to come out and play after you watch this film.

Ex Machina is not for the Attention Deficit Disorder set. It’s not super long, but it takes its time. It’s a great example of the “slow burn.” But burn it does. It gets my highest recommendation. It edges It Follows to be my favorite film of the year thus far.

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I always have a vision in my head when I write this stuff. This is not what I saw in my head when I wrote this…this is SO MUCH BETTER.

The ick continues to ruin my week. The only good things I have to say about today are dinner with #Squirrel and The Flash season finale. OH MY GOD, THE FLASH FINALE.

It’s too soon to say anything, we can discuss it in the comments. But it’s gonna be a long summer, that much is certain.


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I know I watch too much Walking Dead when I practically have to force myself to use the word “zombie” in my scripts. I honestly don’t know why they don’t use the word zombie at all in the show, it makes me wonder if George Romero has trademarked the word “zombie” in much the same way that Marvel and DC have a shared trademark for the word, “superhero.” (I think that’s lame, by the way.) If by some strange quirk of fate, Mr. Romero is reading this, and hey, after the article, I’ll believe that anything is possible, I’m sure he’ll let us slide.

I’m currently caught in the throes of something icky. It’s a nasal congestion kind of an ick, and I’m unsure as to whether or not I’m having a bitchy allergic reaction or I’ve caught my first cold in over a year. (*knocks on wood*) I’m not the kind of guy who’s particularly great at muscling through being sick. I mean, I can get on the clock and handle my business. I can even convince people that I’m perfectly well…but once I’m at home, all I hear is my bed calling. Which is what it’s doing right now.

I should be more eloquent, I should be trying to woo the hordes of new readers that io9 sent our way, but I’m sure that they don’t like having the ick anymore than I do.

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