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That nose has long been one of the comic’s calling cards…but it’s never been as sharp as it looks.

I’m opening this with a plea: Become a Patron.

I guess now is as good a time as any to tell you guys that I’ve had what can only be described as a crisis of faith in recent weeks and months. Regular readers of the blog will know that I gave up tending bar last year to move up into restaurant management. Management is a much less flexible job with considerably more demanding hours; it took me MONTHS to find a new writing groove. There were a few weeks there where I was literally only a page or two ahead of Will, and that wasn’t good. It never had an effect on the comic itself…but it came close.

To top it off, I’m pretty good at the management thing. There’s a┬ásolid┬ácareer path laid out for me, that culminates in some nice six-figure jobs. In my first year, I’ve managed to gain the respect of my staff and my bosses. I could really do this thing.

But to do it right, it sort means giving up writing…or at least, that’s what I thought. 50-55 hours a week at work and being a good husband combine to mean VERY LITTLE free time for writing. It’s been a long, hard slog in the writing business, and I was starting to feel like I wasn’t going to make it. I started shedding myself of every writing project that I had…except for Hunter Black. I have a clear responsibility to our readers and to my partners, and nothing would make me let you all down.

I decided to give the writing career a couple of years of REAL effort, and then, if nothing happened, shutting it down. I started telling people this, Will, my friends, #Squirrel. Then I called Joe Kelly, who’s the closest thing to a mentor that I’ve ever had in this business. We talked for two days.

So I’m not shutting it down. I can’t. I’d eventually be miserable, and then I’d blame the wrong people and the wrong things for my bad decision. Instead, I have to switch it up. I have to discard what hasn’t been working and start trying something different.

Today I finished my first foray into switching it up: I applied for the DC Comics Talent Workshop. I have months to wait before I find out if I got in, but I feel like I’ve got as good a shot as anyone. I’ve got some talent, I’ve got some sick recommendations, and I’ve got a solid resume. But that’s done and I have to put it out of my mind.

The second part is sort of the same old thing: Make Hunter Black as awesome as possible. Tell awesome stories, find more readers, make sure it realizes its full potential…and part of that is getting it into the black. (No pun intended.) We still spend more money than we make on this comic, and it’s time to change that.

So, we urge you to become a Patron. Every monthly pledge of $2 or $5 gets us closer to solvency, and to a point where we can start spending money to make money, as they say. Making money means we can give you more Hunter Black. Maybe more pages a week. Maybe more STUFF. Maybe DIFFERENT stuff.

Please understand, we HATE talking about this stuff. We take our responsibilities to you, our readers, very seriously. It’s our job to entertain you. We both come from the service industry, and this comic is our service to you. And just as you don’t ask for tips, we don’t like asking for contributions…but every lesson that anyone has to teach us starts with self-promotion. We like to keep it real, so…become a Patron. Let us give you cool extras.

Next time I blog, I’ll tell you guys about the next parts of my “switching it up” plan. Thanks for listening.

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Hey! Hey! Hey! You are stuck with me again for another update! I really like how panel 04 turned out. Plus that line is SOLID!!!!!

As some of you may know, I’m about 12 pages ahead. So everything that gets posted is a month behind what I’ve drawn and like 6 weeks behind what Justin has written (give or take). Let me tell you, this fight is gonna be sick. I’m really happy with I’ve been cranking out, I know you all will love whats in store!

Become a PATRON!!!!!



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I’m back from vacation and I’m already behind. Sigh.

Back to work tomorrow, which means up at 3:45 am, which means I’m going to bed. I am, however, glad to be back.

Oh, just to whet your appetite for Wednesday, #Squirrel and I saw The Witch last night. Whoo.

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Hey gang!

Gonna make this a quick blog post. I’m helping the girlfriend pack for Portugal!

Boy, this fight is heating up! 3 pages and it looks like Hunter is good and dead!


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2 v 1, seems like a fair fight. If the 1 is the second most powerful wizard in the realm. Will here again, Justin took his wife on a trip……somewhere, i know he told me about it, but i just don’t remember where.

Nothing crazy has happened since Monday, I’m still bummed about Darwyn Cooke. My parents visited me this weekend, which was nice. I dropped them off at the airport yesterday. My Ghoul King Army book arrived in the mail yesterday, so ill be busy ignoring drawing by reading that.

My Girlfriends Birthday is this weekend, shes also flying to Portugal with her best friend for a week, which means ill be doing nothing for 12 days!


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