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Hunter’s new look seems weirder to me than it likely does to you guys, if only because (Will and) I have been living with this look for much longer than most of you…and I say that with it having been my idea! That said, it IS really starting to grow on me.

Is anyone watching Legends of Tomorrow besides me? It’s the nerd version of How To Get Away With Murder, it’s delightfully batshit crazy. I guess the combination of superheroes and time travel just begs for serious weirdness. Still, there’s some cool stuff buried among the weirdness. I never knew that Einstein’s first wife was a physicist as well, although there’s no evidence that she was involved in any work that led to the development of the atomic bomb, as was hinted in Legends’ season two premiere. In real life, she seems to have given up on physics after marrying Einstein, although it’s impossible to discount the likelihood that her conversations with Einstein were probably more substantive than deciding what to have for dinner…AND I HAD NO IDEA THAT THIS WOMAN EXISTED.

Legends of Tomorrow IS batshit crazy…but it’s a good batshit crazy.

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Don’t forget, boys and girls, there’s more to Hunter’s health situation than simply the Hunger Blight. His recent resurrection came at a cost.


Add me to the list of people enamored with Tyler Hoechlin’s version of Superman, although I should point out that I’ve only seen the first episode of the second season of Supergirl. He could still screw the pooch. That also doesn’t mean that, despite my choice of image here, I’d rather see him playing Superman on the big screen than Henry Cavill. Henry Cavill is an EXCELLENT choice to play Superman, if only Zack Snyder would let him. Instead, he’s playing Batman in a red cape, which no one wants to see.

The version of Superman on TV, the one capably played by Tyler Hoechlin, is the Superman I grew up with. He’s good guy in every sense of the word…and that isn’t boring. It’s a little corny, but so was my dad’s sense of humor, and I loved my dad’s sense of humor. I hope that the movie execs are watching the boob tube, because that’s what they, and Henry Cavill, should be going for.

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Sometimes I think Hunter looks cooler when he’s suffering from the Hunger Blight.

#Squirrel has dinner ready, so that’s all you guys get. YAY!

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Hey, hey, hey. Will here. So begins Hunter’s new look. Like Justin said on Monday, we wanted to avoid the “hero always wears the same cloths” look with our web comic. Hunter was in due for a wardrobe change! With hunter on the run, a beard and a shaved head seemed the logical choice to switch up his look. Although his nose might be his biggest problem when it comes to blending in…..

Man, its crazy that we are over 700 pages. I can’t wait till we hit 1000.


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I think this is the first time that anyone, let alone Hunter himself, has acknowledged IN THE COMIC the majesty of Hunter’s nose. It wasn’t always this way…if you go back to the beginning, Hunter’s nose was not so prominent a part of his face, it was just sharp. But now…it’s damn near his trademark.

Long days getting longer, even though summer is well and truly over. I sat in my parking garage tonight and realized that, while I’m scheduled to go and close Will’s cafe tomorrow night, I also need to go and spend a few hours in MY cafe, so I can keep up with the stuff I need to do.


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