New Short Fiction

So I’ve gotten addicted to Chuck Wendig’s blog, Terrible Minds. He blogs a lot about writing and about life, and about a writing life, and most of it I find terribly relevant and awfully engaging. He also offers weekly writing challenges, which has to be a bear, since he gets stuck reading dozens of stories a week.

Anyway, I’ve entered his challenges the last few weeks. Last week’s was just to write an opening line. This week’s was to take someone else’s opening line and turn that into a 1000-word short story.

I rose to that challenge (although who knows if it’s any good; no one has read it yet), and will try to keep doing so. Anyway, I don’t post this stuff in a vacuum; it’s there for anyone with any interest in what we do.

As usual with my prose, I’ve posted it on the Big & Tall Tales site, as well as the Big & Tall Tales tumblr. I hope you’ll check it out, and I hope you enjoy it!

But wait!, you say. What about Funhouse Mirror, you lazy so-and-so? You’re supposed to be updating that weekly! To that, I can only say, I’m no longer sure that it’s a novel. The more I work on it, the more it feels like a screenplay. Also, its improvisational nature was proving difficult. I needed to plan, which was not the point. And frankly, I have too much other stuff to do. So these smaller exercises will have to fill my need to write prose for now. (I don’t think anyone was reading Funhouse Mirror, anyway.)

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Far Be It From Me…

Folks, I don’t want to tell you what to do with your time, and indeed, I don’t even especially like asking for favors from the readership…but we could use your help getting the word out.

Our needs are simple, and will take MAYBE five minutes of your time. IF YOU THINK WE ARE WORTHY, it might be help to us if you went HERE or HERE, read the articles, and maybe made a comment about Hunter Black (with a link!). I won’t make those comments myself…that feels a bit cheap…but if you guys want to help us get the word out, it would be a tremendous help!

(Also, seriously, read the articles. There are a lot of worthy webcomics being discussed, especially in the io9 article. You might find something new, awesome, and FREE. And if you have webcomics other than Hunter Black to support, you should do that too!)

Thanks guys, and know that we appreciate every second that we have your eyeballs!

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WonderCon 2014

Justin and I will be trolling about Wondercon in Anaheim this year. Justin should be there all three days and I’ll be there Friday and Sunday.

It’s been a while since I’ve hit the Con scene and I’m excited to go once again.

If you notice me (and to a lesser extent, Justin) stop us and say hi.


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