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Ah, the all black panel. One of my favorite devices. Will’s too. When used properly, it says so much while remaining super easy both to write and to draw. If only all writing was this simple.

My mom asked me the other day how writing was going, and I responded that it isn’t because I have very little free time, and during that free time, my brain is essentially mush. That was true…and that’s the interesting story behind why today’s blog post is so short! Woooo!

(Ask Will if there’s anything interesting going on in his life!)

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“I’d like to think I’m twice as good as the next guy.” This line of dialogue is a paraphrasing of something I once wrote…maybe in this blog…about my own writing. I was trying to figure out how to price the Hunter Black books we were selling on Comixology, and I settled on $0.99, compared to the two bucks that Brian K. Vaughn was asking for on Panel Syndicate, because I figured that I’m at least half as good a writer as he is. I’m perfectly willing to steal, even from myself.

Ellis Bilby is an important character for Will and me. He’s based very loosely on, and named for, a good friend of ours, Chris Ellis, who passed away going on six years ago, before we started this. Chris was a creative genius, no other way to say it. He was a gift actor, a talented singer, and the sort of writer that frankly made me want to kick his ass…he made it look so easy. He was also generous, funny, and the kind of guy with whom you could toss back a few. (We were mutual designated drivers a few times.) His passing was sudden, shocking, and inexplicable…the only good thing about it was that it happened in his sleep. Of the top of my head, he’s the only character in the comic we’ve based on someone real. Chris is the reason Ellis Bilby is a musician, a Country & Western bard, if you will.

Chris was in a country band called The Hopdown Bilby Band; you can find them on Spotify and iTunes. Check out the song “One More Beer.”

We don’t have a better way to honor our friend than this, in this project that means more to us than anything.

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I admit it with some shame…this is a recap page. Eventually, there will be a time when Hunter Black Volume Three is in print, and there will be readers for whom it will be their first exposure to the comic. I’m not quite apologizing for it…but I also don’t love doing it.

Star Wars Rebels is back. The premiere of Season Three had nothing on the finale of Season Two…but I can’t see how it possibly could have been otherwise. Rebels continues to expand the Star Wars Universe (see what I did there?) in the best possible ways, by remaining grounded in familiar Star Wars territory. I really can’t wait to see what they do with Grand Admiral Thrawn.

I also watched the first episode of Designated Survivor. The jury’s still out. Terrible title, but excellent premise.

#Squirrel has decided to equate the song “O.P.P.” with my mother…just because my mom knew what it stands for. It’s like living in my very own horror movie.

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Hunter Black Page 693 – Dead or Alive, You Are Coming With Me.

Hey guys! Will here, filling in for Justin today!

I just got back from Scotland, it was wonderful! I can honestly say its one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. We stayed in Edinburgh and took day trips all around the country. I went up into the highlands, explored areas around Stirling, and even went down to the border regions. I think my favorite spot was Glen Coe, google search the name, it was majestic.

Man, we are slowly approaching page 700, I still cant believe we’eve been doing this for over 5 years and that we have a graphic novel on the way. It’s been an interesting journey getting this thing published. Right now we are fixing some printing issues we discovered, we had to change the red, it wasn’t popping enough. The only advantage for these delays is we will know exactly what we need to do for the next book!

Well, its 2:44am as I type this, I think I need to go to sleep. Until next time guys.


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Hunter Black Page 692 – The Inn of the Worn Sandal

Those of you who have been to our Patreon page will likely find this familiar…we previewed it there in lieu of a video, as a way of introducing potential Patrons to the comic. Not to worry, there will be some differences, not least of which is the fact that none of the characters here will address the reader directly, and you’ll get more of a sense of who some of these people are.

Today (Tuesday) is #Squirrel’s birthday. We were SUPPOSED to go see Hall & Oates tonight, but a Disney event at work and abdominal surgery two weeks ago have put the kibosh on that idea. Could be worse…tomorrow (Wednesday) we expect to get clearance for her to drive, and she’ll probably go back to work on Monday. She’s been getting a little stir crazy, so that’s a good thing.

(Given the [REDACTED] she’s had to deal with this past month, I decided this was a jewelry birthday. So don’t anyone hit me up for money!)

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