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Look at Panel One. Castigan is metal as #$%&. Panel Four is a bit of homage to the time that my friends and I sometimes take planning strategy for an upcoming combat when we’re playing D&D. Fighting spellcasters scares the crap out of us, especially since we have a tendency to play…melee heavy parties. This one time, we got so scared that an NPC might be a spellcaster, we took her OUT in the first round of combat. Turns out, she was planted there to be an ally of the party. Oops.


So I went to see final Hobbit film tonight. (SPOILERS AHEAD!!! READ ON AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!) Man, what a stinker. The second film was by FAR the best of the trilogy, and even that wasn’t in the same weight class as the Lord of the Rings trilogy. No matter how hard you try, stretching a single novel, intended for children, over the course of three films, each one approaching three hours, is just plain bad filmmaking. SO LITTLE of this story revolved around Bilbo. His role was most prominent in the second film, and not coincidentally, that’s the best one. This movie was far more focused on supposedly sexy men, dwarves, and elves. Also, Legolas as Superman has been taken way too far. This time, it was all but watching a video game.

Worst of all, despite its best efforts, this film had no heart. I didn’t care one whit about the characters in this film. I felt nothing when Thorin and Fili and Kili died. I mean, I knew Boromir was gonna die in Fellowship of the Ring, but I still felt something when he went. It wasn’t about the lack of shock value, it was just that I wasn’t given a compelling reason to care. Worse yet, Tauriel survived. Her love story with Kili would have been much better served if they had died in each other’s defense. Legolas’ departure at the end would have made more sense, too.

For all that this was an endless action sequence, the film did a lot of telling me things instead of showing them to me. (If you end up seeing the movie, just wait until you hear about Legolas’ mom. This movie was SUCH a stinker.)

All of the above said, Dain Ironfoot is THE BEST. Every time you’ve ever thought about how bad-ass a dwarf fighter can be, this is what you were thinking of. Billy Connolly gives what is hands down the best performance in the film as Dain Ironfoot. (I really wanted him to play Mad-Eye Moody in the Harry Potter films, but Brendan Gleeson was suitably awesome in the role.) Of course, his character is also the only part of the movie that is unabashedly fun.

Oh, the dragon was cool too. But that was done with five minutes into the movie.


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Sorry, Will…every time I look at Castigan, I just see an older and blacker version of you. And yes, if you can’t tell, the hole in the wall is opening completely silently.

This has been a crazy weekend. I’ve worked 20 or so hours at the night job, I worked on three separate comic projects (including Hunter Black), and I’m watching a TERRIBLE movie as research for a fourth. This has not left me with much to say…because unfortunately, I’m not allowed to say anything about these projects…YET.

But there are things coming…not least of which is me going to bed.

#LuckyToBeBusy #YouAreTheThirteen

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You have no idea how many times Will and I have talked about putting together a map of the Known World. (I should take this time to point out that I’m the only member of the creative team that calls it that. I mean, that IS what it’s called, because with very few exceptions, I name the stuff in this comic, and because Will has never vetoed it. Anyway.) Jacob has even volunteered to do the heavy lifting on the map; design is what he does. THERE IS JUST SO MUCH TO DO. Also, I’m pretty sure this is the first time we’ve ever called Thylian’s Curse by its name. Thylian is the god of magic, and he is the reason that the Thirteen wizards cannot coexist.

So, the midseason finale of The Flash was so good that I saw people referring to the show as “the best superhero TV show ever” on Facebook…and I found myself hard pressed to disagree. I loved it so much…and then I saw the midseason finale of Arrow. #OMG

These shows are so damn good right now. The production team behind these shows is at the top of their game.They are making unexpected choices…and and those unexpected choices are still the RIGHT choices, and that means so much. Agents of SHIELD is also the best it’s thus far been…but it’s a distant third in terms of superhero television. AoS is REALLY good, much better than it was when it first started, and I hate that I have to wait until March for more…but I get The Flash and Arrow back next month…so I’ll be fine.

(I ended up dropping both Gotham and Constantine. They just failed to engage me enough to justify the extra two hours of my week.)

See you all next week!

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I LOVE THE GLOBE ON THE CEILING. I LOVE IT. I WANT TO WRITE THE STORIES OF ALL SEVEN ON THOSE FACES. It is super important for me to note that the globe with the faces on the ceiling is NOT in my script. Sometimes, Will makes me sick.


I got my DMG today. So Will can suck it.

(Now all I have to do is make sure that I don’t spend every waking moment doing nothing but D&D brainstorming. I have comics to write, not to mention a wife.)


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You think THIS version of Jasoom is a smart-ass? Every roguish character that I’ve ever played in actual D&D has been SO ANNOYING. I’ve always considered an…adversarial conversational style to be an asset, but man, can I drive my friends, and other players, crazy. (I’m a much bigger smart-ass in person than I am in writing.)

Speaking of actual D&D, MY DMG HASN’T ARRIVED YET!!! I was convinced that it was coming this past Friday (I pre-ordered it, if that isn’t obvious), but here I sit with no DMG. What I really want to do is begin working on a new campaign idea that I have. I’m hoping to enlist Will and another of our DMs to make adventures…because I WANT TO PITCH IT TO WIZARDS OF THE COAST WHY NOT I WRITE FANTASY ALL THE TIME.

Doing something like this would kind of be a dream come true. I just want to have access to ALL the rules before I create ones and/or break the old ones for this new setting.


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