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I don’t know what I expected from this page, but Jasoom in a vest and tie was not on the list. Man, it is nice to see Jasoom again. I know that he was the favorite character for a quite a few people during Volume Two…myself included.

Will is the one that named this page. I got caught up writing before work and didn’t leave myself enough time to post it yesterday, and while I think the title of the page might be a rather harsh, and maybe unfair, indictment of Jasoom…Hunter would probably disagree with me. Hunter never told Jasoom about his relationship with Pearly White, as you may recall. We only know about it because he was sort of forced to reveal it when he was briefly wearing the mask of the Unseen in Volume One. Hunter hasn’t exactly been a great former lover since he got hold of The Revenger, either.

Hmm. I don’t usually wax on this long about the comic in the blog. That must mean I’m getting more into the story. (I’ve been spending a lot more time writing of late.)

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Every once in a while, I feel the need to have Hunter be reminded of the consequences of his choices. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll eventually make a different kind of choice.

There are certain qualities that I always gravitate toward in my writing. Sacrifice is a big one, will is another. The fine line between tenacity and stubbornness often reveals itself in stories that explore these themes, and Hunter stomps all over that line in this comic. I don’t know that I knew that we would playing so much this particular aspect of the heroic experience when we began this, but it’s one of the foundation stones of the comic now.

(The other foundation stone is the collected answers to the the oft-repeated question, “You know what would be cool?”)


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What kinds of [REDACTED] STILL won’t reveal Hunter’s new form??? (That would be us.)

I should be in bed already, so this will be short and sweet. Despite working the entire weekend, I managed to get some honest-to-gods writing done. Will has been RIGHT ON MY ASS with the Hunter Black pages, and very little has been getting done on other necessary projects, at least until this weekend. I moved the needle on almost everything that I need to make an impact on, and that final thing will be getting some love this week.

Man, I cannot tell you how good it feels. I’ve had to be genuinely creative these past few days, and it’s been like waking from a coma. I’ve been using long-atrophied mental muscles these past few days, and while I might experience a bit of mental discomfort (they say the brain is a muscle, right?), it’s totally worth it.

This is what I’m supposed to have been doing all along. With the best of intentions, I made a terrible mistake…because I didn’t have enough faith in myself. Well, I’ve gambled on myself recently, because that choice to compromise has not made me very happy, and the gamble is paying off. How much and how well it pays off…well, we’ll see.

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Weyland’s Bay, greatest city of the age. It’s kind of crazy that we’ve never had any major scenes here. Hunter hasn’t been here, except in flashback, since the comic began, yet it looms large over the comic…and always has.

Man, I watched the Special Features on my Rogue One and The Force Awakens Blu-Rays. Star Wars will always be special to me, and seeing how special it is to so many people, especially the people that get to work on it, really got me emotional. #Squirrel doesn’t really understand, although she kind of has the same stirrings of nostalgia when she gets reminded of the original Strawberry Shortcake, which she absolutely loved as a kid.

I don’t know that I aspire to creating something as iconic as Star Wars, but I am REALLY motivated to make some kid feel the way that I felt when I saw the Star Wars films for the first time. I got a little taste of that from Rocket Queen and The Wrench, when a friend of mine told me that her daughter decided that it was cool to be smart because Rocket Queen is. Man, that one got me weepy.

Anyway, I love me some Star Wars.

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Sorry for the late page, I was so busy trying to get caught up with scripting yesterday afternoon, that I ran out of time to pre-post the page. Will put this up, but I’m adding the bells and whistles. I LOVE that flashback panel at the end of the page. When that page went up back in the day, it was the first one to make we think that we were doing something special.

It’s funny, things are going SO well and yet it’s SUCH a struggle. The comic feels like it’s coming out well, there are all kinds of good things happening in our careers (secret projects galore), and the Terminal Kickstarter is now fully funded. (We’re still trying to hit those stretch goals…the more we raise, the more books we put out!) But tax season is a bear, especially if you’re stupid and started your corporation in the state of California, which taxes the living shit out of you just for existing. Storage is a bear. Lettering is a bear.

We’re keeping on keeping on, and Will has been a MONSTER of late, but man. Is it really supposed to be this hard? (The answer is likely yes. One of my favorite aphorisms is, “Nothing worth doing is ever easy.”)

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