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Every once in a while, Will decides just to say…well, I can’t really repeat what he decides to say, but I can paraphrase: “To hell with it.” Zezem’s outfit here (and let’s be honest, he looks like nothing so much as a Nazi mad scientist) is a perfect example of “To hell with it.” If he had told me that he wanted to put Zezem into a lab coat, I probably would have tried to veto him…but he didn’t tell me; he just did it, and now I think it’s awesome. (I also would have kept Hunter out of ninja gear waaaaaay back in Book One. Clearly, I’m not to be trusted.)

Man, I’m falling so far behind on my TV. The only things I’m caught up on are The Flash, because I refuse to miss any episodes of The Flash, and The Walking Dead, because my wife refuses to miss any episodes of The Walking Dead. (And that was a hell of a finale, I have to say. We were CONVINCED that…well, I should stop for those of you who haven’t yet watched.) My wife and I actually went¬†into the DVR and dropped the bottom few rungs of our shows. Farewell The Blacklist, farewell Sleepy Hollow, farewell The Voice. (Yes, I watched The Voice. I even got teary-eyed a few times. Eat me.)

I’m trying both to do more reading and to make sure that the time I spend with my wife isn’t always in front of the TV. I felt like I had to jumpstart my reading for pleasure, so I went back to an old favorite: The Belgariad by David (and Leigh) Eddings. I just want to get back into the habit of reading, especially since I’m doing a lot of writing right now. I want more familiarity with the myriad ways experts can manipulate the written word. I want to be inspired. (I recently reread my latter two Parker graphic novels by Darwyn Cooke. If Hunter comes off as a bigger asshole than usual in upcoming pages, that’s probably why.)

By the way, I was recently asked by Fanboy Comics for my reflections on Back to the Future for its 30th anniversary. That ended up becoming a rather personal essay about cultural appropriation and how I came to understand what that means…and I hope not in a preachy, I-want-you-to-hate-this-movie kind of way. (I really don’t want you to hate it. I love it myself…I can just see one of its warts.) Please check it out, and check out their whole site. They’re friends of Hunter Black; we’ll be recording our third podcast with them in a few weeks.

By the way, whenever I’m being this long-winded in the blog, you know that there is other writing that I’m avoiding. So I need to get back to work.


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Sneak Peek

Just finished up a fun page, here’s a sneak peek.

Sneak Peek

Yes, I was watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters when I drew a certain monster in a tank ;)





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I’ve never been a huge fan of honoring the letter of a law while clearly violating the spirit of an agreement or rule…but that’s how I imagine a shady pair like Hunter and Jasoom manages to sleep at night, and even then, with one eye open. I also believe that such things are particularly important in fantasy, settings where magic words have power and otherworldly entities can grant impossible wishes.

I’m sorry that I haven’t been more forthcoming with commentary and tales of interest lately. Between Hunter Black, Evil Dead 2, trying to wrangle the Rocket Queen creative team, trying to remember to do press (damn it, one more thing I have to do tonight), and the ever-increasing number of secret projects that I have on my plate, I find my brain isn’t suited for “small talk” at the moment.

April and May promise to be difficult months, because my writing life will busy, my night job will be busy, and I have to make time for a wife who already doesn’t love my schedule. On the plus side, I just got the Netflix app on my phone, so I can watch DS9 in bed with headphones, without disturbing her.

Have a great week, all. If and when things slow down, I’ll fill you in on all the haps.

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: sometimes I feel bad about scenes like these, that are more about the talky-talky and less about the hack-and-slash. Still, I hope we’re managing to make these interesting…I mean, yeah! What IS Jasoom’s angle in all of this? (Besides being one of my most favorite characters ever.) It feels a little…I don’t know, conceited to be a fan of a character that *I* created, but I totally am. I find him tremendously fun to write.

You know, that begs the question: who are the characters in the comic that you all connect to or root for? I mean, if you’re coming back week after week, I assume that you’re a fan of Hunter’s but what about the others? I know that there was at least one reader that LOVED Jobo of all people, I know another reader that really digs Jasoom…did anybody like Maliya Pel? What about Kalabari of the Unseen? Setheen/Castigan? Iosephus?

I’m just curious. Is it Hunter that brings you back most of all, or do the other characters capture your interest as well?

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