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I’m not sure if this is clear…I think I failed to make it clear to Will. This is yet another antechamber on the way to the vault, so there should ostensibly be another test/trap, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Man, #Squirrel and I just watched part of an episode of the remake of The Gong Show. SO [REDACTED] WEIRD. Not just because the show is weird, and it is, but because it’s exactly what the original version of the show was, so its oddly nostalgic, for people my age, anyway.

Should I spend five bucks and two hours of my life on Alien: Covenant? I didn’t bother with it in theaters, but it’s available on demand, and I’m tempted, even though I know it’s probably awful. There’s just part of me that’s dying to know…plus, I’m hoping it’ll be as visually stunning as Prometheus was. Prometheus was GOD-AWFUL, but it sure did look amazing.

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I hope that little interlude made sense to everyone. Sometimes the things that are obvious to me don’t translate to the readers as well as I expect them to.

Well, #Squirrel and I just watched the series finale of Orphan Black. It was satisfying. I was powerfully struck during the show’s…the series’…climax that it was ending in a way (not THE way) that a show that is about and for women ought to. It was as emotionally satisfying a finale as one could reasonably accept. I don’t know how many of you watch it, or intend to watch it, but it was some of the finest television that I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy, and I refuse to spoil it.

Kudos to BBC for keeping it on the air despite the fact that it never got ratings better than fair to middlin’. Also, no other show has ever so ably demonstrated what a truly gifted actor is capable of. The show was essentially (inadvertently?) designed to showcase the talents of its lead actor, and was thus intensely demanding, and Tatiana Maslany rose to those demands and then some. As one of my buddies was fond of saying, she was putting on a master class.

The best stories do end. But man…it sucks when they do.


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What DOES Hunter really want? We all know the answer to that one, and it certainly isn’t piles of treasure.

#Squirrel and I watched the movie Colossal tonight. Strange…and strangely satisfying. It’s a weird, weird movie, but it’s definitely worth two hours of your time. I kind of wish we’d seen it in theaters.

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Yeah, by this point it should be obvious, this week’s pages are themed. This is another test given to our team of thieves by the gods and the vault.

So, I’m working on a vampire project, and I’ve been reading Dracula as a means of preparation. I’ve started reading Dracula on numerous occasions in the past, but I’ve never finished it for one reason or another. I’m about two-thirds of the way through the novel, and #Squirrel and I decided to watch the 1992 movie starring Gary Oldman tonight.

Holy [REDACTED], that’s a corny movie. A big part of it is the hiring of “it” actors of the time, Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder, neither of whom was at the peak of their powers yet. (I love Keanu now, and Winona was a pretty big and pretty good part of Stranger Things.) It’s also Gary Oldman and Anthony Hopkins giving in to their natural impulses to chew the scenery. There are some interesting moments and elements. (I know #Squirrel thought it was corny, but I loved the crazy stuff that Francis Ford Coppola did with shadows in this film. Sadie Frost is a revelation as Lucy Westernra, and I can appreciate any movie that gives me any version of Monica Bellucci, especially a nekkid one.)

On the other hand, we saw this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, and…WOW. I’m not gonna spoil, but I will say that it set a new high water mark for a particular trope in fantasy filmmaking.

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My description of this page described this as an actual octopus with Ryota’s human head. This crazy thing that Will came up with, this cross between Ursula from The Little Mermaid and a Yuan-Ti, is nothing like what I envisioned. I [REDACTED] LOVE it.

It’s Sunday night and I needs my sleep.

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