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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: sometimes I feel bad about scenes like these, that are more about the talky-talky and less about the hack-and-slash. Still, I hope we’re managing to make these interesting…I mean, yeah! What IS Jasoom’s angle in all of this? (Besides being one of my most favorite characters ever.) It feels a little…I don’t know, conceited to be a fan of a character that *I* created, but I totally am. I find him tremendously fun to write.

You know, that begs the question: who are the characters in the comic that you all connect to or root for? I mean, if you’re coming back week after week, I assume that you’re a fan of Hunter’s but what about the others? I know that there was at least one reader that LOVED Jobo of all people, I know another reader that really digs Jasoom…did anybody like Maliya Pel? What about Kalabari of the Unseen? Setheen/Castigan? Iosephus?

I’m just curious. Is it Hunter that brings you back most of all, or do the other characters capture your interest as well?

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The Known World isn’t “high” fantasy; the normal citizen of the world worship the gods and fear The Thirteen…but they don’t encounter tons of magic just out in the streets. It speaks to the kinds of lives that Hunter and Jasoom live that they can find the time to snipe at each other as they stand next to a brazier filled with skulls burning with black fire.

I don’t think that when we first started this comic, we intended for there to be magic on every street corner, and there hasn’t been exactly, but we have reached a point where Hunter has gotten used to the incredible, which I supposed is the lot of all (anti-)heroes that have ongoing adventures.

I just woke up from a poorly timed nap that I never really meant to take, so this is going to be brief. (I hope I’ll be able to fall asleep tonight!) I have to out to dinner with friends of my wife tonight, and before that, I have some Evil Dead 2 pages to get done.

I should also consider doing some laundry, now that I think about it….yeah, I think this is the end of the road for today’s extra commentary!

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You know what’s cool? Iosephus is referring to the opening of the Al’Dahani ports to trade, and this harkens back to the conversation he was having with a pair of Al’Dahani when he was first introduced, all the way back on Page 22. Now, when I wrote that dialogue back in the day, I knew nothing about Tzetzem’Tze’Tzemoze, we hadn’t even dreamed of him yet. All I knew was that the Al’Dahani were funky looking and here was a chance to plant a seed that we might cultivate down the line. You have NO IDEA what that seed has grown into.

(And yes, in case you’re wondering, I had to read his name off of the comic page itself to make sure I spelled “Tzetzem’Tze’Tzemoze” correctly. Will does come up with some cool, but crazy, names.)

I am SUPER tired. Writing today is proving to be quite the chore. Even getting this little bit of writing done is extremely difficult. But Evil Dead 2 beckons, as do other, more secret projects, and my Evil Deadlines are not friendly. I have a LOT of pages to write over the next four weeks…

(I might take a nap anyway, though. I’m just saying.)

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I have to say, Hunter looks like quite the bad-ass in that first panel. Hunter is trying to find a way to eat his cake, and still have it when it’s done. (I don’t like the usual version of that expression; I find it nonsensical.) Not for nothing, but I just prefer it when we have some yellow in these pages. I think it looks better. Don’t want to overdo the magic, though.

Monday was the WEIRDEST day. Los Angeles has been in the throes of a minor heat wave, and I guess this kicked spring into full gear, because my normally relatively mild hay fever kicked into major gear while I was trying to be bartender. I sneezed so many times on Monday that, as I type this, my abs and my obliques are actually SORE. I mean, it doesn’t help that I’m out of shape, but come on. It’s more weird than painful, but it’s EXTREMELY weird.

I just finished rereading Mage: The Hero Discovered. It helps me sometimes to reconnect to those comic books that most make me want to make comics, and Mage stands high in that category. It was so raw when it started, and it became something wonderful. This was before EVERYONE wanted to make comics, I guess, because it’d be hard so something so raw to make it these days, I’d think. I could be wrong about that, though…the vision is clear from the very first scene.

This probably means I’m gonna reread The Hero Defined before beginning a Grendel onslaught…Matt Wagner’s work means A LOT to me. He’s up there with Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Greg Rucka, the Pinis, Paul Chadwick, Stan Sakai, Terry Moore and Joe Kelly…they’re the people that have most shaped what I want to write and how I want to write it. He might even be first on that list.

Who and what are on your lists? Who has most inspired you? I just listed comics creators, but don’t limit yourselves. After all…

#YouAreTheThirteen #TheThirteenAreInfinite

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Those of you who are sharp of eye will notice that Jacob has tweaked the way he letters dialogue through the Known World’s version of a Google Hangout. (I use Google Hangouts…or less often, Facetime; I’ve never used Skype) Continuity be damned, Will and I think it looks cool and we’re using it. That said, I’ve asked Jacob to put updating the old pages on his MASSIVE list of things to do, and we’ll definitely get to that in the months ahead. You know, I’ve just now asked myself what that marking on Iospehus’ brow is. Maybe I can squeeze that into Volume 3?

(Just for kicks, I should tell you that I’ve already written a teeny-weeny little bit of Volume 3, even though it’s at least 100+ pages in the future, if not more.)

The wife and I just watched Edge of Tomorrow, which probably always should have been called Live. Die. Repeat. Damn good movie. I know that it’s almost the default move to clown Tom Cruise for his religious beliefs, but homedude can make one hell of a sci-fi movie. (Oblivion was pretty good too.) I REALLY enjoyed this film, and after watching it, I feel comfortable with what conventional wisdom seems to think is Emily Blunt’s inevitable casting inĀ Captain Marvel. Frankly, I’d even be comfortable with making Carol Danvers British, although I seem to recall hearing her American accent (in Looper, maybe?) and thinking it more than satisfactory.


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