#SorryNotSorry (I actually hate that expression)

Wizards are an overconfident sort. Despite his reputation, not to mention his recent deeds, Hunter is allowed to keep his weapon in Tzetzem’Tze’Tzemoze’s palace. Of course, Hunter isn’t about to let ANYONE take The Revenger from him, so either you let him keep it or you don’t see him at all.

Creatively, this has been a waste of a weekend. I got almost nothing done. But it’s been relaxing as all hell…and that relaxation had the added benefit of being the right thing to do. Sometimes, your friends just need you around to reduce their stress. That was my task this weekend, one I was glad to perform. The creative stuff will just have to be made up this week.

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Marvel’s Smallest Film To Date

Hunter did, in fact, reach into his own bag of screwed-up emotions for this conversation…but that’s not to say that he thinks this discussion is anything other than a waste of time, an extremely awkward waste of time. And no, I’m not going to slay the dragon in the room, at least not at the moment. (Is it douchey to use one a Hunter Black idiom of my own devising? Am I content to be a little douchey?)


So, #Squirrel and I went to see Ant-Man with some friends last night. It was just fine. A lot of people are lauding the film pretty highly, although I think I detect a certain defensive quality to their praise. The critics have been pretty harsh about the film. Personally, I think my opinion, and #Squirrel’s, is somewhere in the middle. I gave the film a solid B. It was fun and engaging, although there were a few moments where the delivery just wasn’t as natural as I might’ve liked. It was clear to me that this stuff is not necessarily in the wheelhouses of either Paul Rudd or Michael Douglas, and I’m generally quite a fan of both actors. Corey Stoll and Evangeline Lilly both seemed quite at home, but then again, between The Strain (in which Stoll is the main character), and Lost and The Hobbit trilogy (both of which featured Lilly in major roles), their comfort level with geek genres is probably pretty high.

Michael Peña was the film’s breakout performer, as far as I was concerned, even though there a few slightly problematic overtones with his performance. #Squirrel is Mexican, and she thought his role was “a tiny bit racist.” I mean, it was SUCH a stereotype, but we both know people who are EXACTLY that stereotype, and his performance was spot on. I think we decided to give it pass. The overt sexism of dismissing the obviously more qualified Hope Van Dyne in favor of ex-con Scott Lang was more bothersome to me personally. They tried to explain it away, but it was pretty glaring.

The truth of the matter is, entertainment is always going to have a ways to go. Issues of diversity and representation will always be in my mind when I consume media. This was better than most. There were multiple characters of color, including another superhero.

Ant-Man was more enjoyable to me than either of the Iron Man sequels and the first Thor film, and even Age of Ultron. I think I prefer the rest of the other Marvel Studios films, though. Still, Marvel is like Pixar; even their worst films are pretty watchable (although Pixar’s track record is better overall, I think.)

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A Good Weekend

It’s not often in this comic that Hunter gets to be the voice of reason…or to speak from the softer part of his heart. Part of me didn’t want to write this sequence, but Sordon led Hunter (and me) to this place. It was unavoidable. Jacob liked it and I felt like I’d done the right thing…but only time and you guys will be able to say for sure.

These last few days were awesome. I took some time off from the “other” job, got to spend some quality time with #Squirrel and some of our friends, got some good writing news (my Ben 10 episode seems to have been well received by the producers…now on to the network), and got some much-needed rest.

I feel reinvigorated. Getting more work done than I had been now, getting to work on my D&D campaign, and generally in a better place. I don’t know if most creatives go through this up-again/down-again cycle with their craft and their…I don’t know, BRAIN?…the way I do, but it is strange. The term “manic-depressive” come to mind, but my highs aren’t that high and my lows aren’t that low. But it’s still a weird phenomenon.

Oh well. Here’s the enjoying the highs!

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Unsung Awesomeness

I’m afraid to say anything about this page.

I came home from work on Saturday night to find #Squirrel still awake and in the final act of a movie, Hector and the Search For Happiness. She was enthralled and watching it on Netflix and had a simple command: start it over and watch it with her. I’ve only ever watched a movie straight through, AND THEN WATCHED IT AGAIN, one time. That was The Royal Tenenbaums, which was a thoroughly good movie. If #Squirrel was willing to do such a thing, I was gonna watch the movie, even though I was tired and really in no mood.

I’m so glad I did. It’s a relatively small film about a very big idea: a psychiatrist has fallen into a rut in his life and in his relationship. He realizes that if he himself is incapable of happiness, and has no idea how to find it, that he is in position to guide his patients there. So he leaves and goes in search of the secret to happiness.

It’s not a perfect movie, but it’s a damned good one. I finished the film feeling GOOD. I don’t want to say much more than that. (Well, I will say that it has a STELLAR cast. Simon Pegg, Toni Collette, Rosamund Pike, Jean Reno, Stellan Skaarsgard, and the incomparable Christopher Plummer.) If you’re looking for a film that steps away from the genres that we all love and just delivers the laughter and tears of life, this is a good one.

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This Has Been A Full Week

Does anybody EVER want to have this conversation with someone’s father, regardless of whatever you have to say? I don’t think so. Hunter’s answer isn’t exactly the ideal one, either.

I finished the first draft of my Ben 10 episode! That was a load off of my mind; I turned that in on the day of the deadline itself, and I don’t like cutting things that close. Writing has been difficult lately. Lots of stuff to write and lots of other stuff to do and it’s easy to find refuge in other things. I’ve been slogging through lately, and by having lots of stuff that needs to be done NOW, I’ve been forcing myself to find my mojo once again. This was a good week as a result.

Unfortunately, today was a D&D day followed by a #Squirrel night. Well, actually it was an AWESOME day, for everything but writing. When I miss a day of writing, that’s when my mojo starts to falter. So as soon as I finish writing this, and writing blog entries just doesn’t count as WRITING-writing, I’m gonna try and knock out a few pages before bed.

I want to keep my mojo this time.

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