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SURPRISE!!! It looks like I’m putting the commentary back where it belongs. I haven’t gotten THAT many complaints, but I’ve gotten a few…and more importantly, as I’ve been rereading the comic lately, I’ve found that even I like having the commentary up there. I might put some additional thoughts into the blog, though…

…anyway, on to this page, which came about almost strictly because of Will’s decision to make the fake Zezem the Cruel into a voodoo houngan. I loved it…but I also felt a need to…justify it? Plus, that gave me a chance to have Iosephus and Jasoom interact, and also to show off how cool and varied the powers of a necromancer can be. These spells of my own making are the kinds of things some of my D&D buddies would come up with.

One of the things I miss most about my college campaign, the one from which I’ve gleaned such ideas as Jasoom Badrali, Al-Dahan, Ckazannisch, Boldo’s Teeth, Lencaldaria, etc., was the rules on new spell creation from D&D Second Edition. If Third Edition offered such an idea, I don’t recall ever seeing it, and I didn’t play 4th Edition long enough to get that deep into it. (It was terrible.) It’d be nice if such a thing made its way into 5th Edition (which is still the easiest thing to call it). Right now, I’m playing a halfling thief, which is the most atypical character I’ve played in a while…and I’m having a blast.

Actually, I had one other really atypical character…and he will be showing up in the comic in the not-too-distant future…

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Justin is Bar-tending, so you are stuck with me!…..


In the notes Justin mentioned that this was a talky page and to leave tons of room. After seeing this page lettered, I should have left more. Its a shame, I think some cool little thing gets lost. Don’t get me wrong, still a fan of the page, just like the unlettered version better ;)


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Iosephus is one of those characters that I can’t get enough of.

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Just So You Know That I Don’t Make This Stuff Up…

I see this car all of the time when I go to my local Indian place for lunch. Jacob and I went to lunch while we were at Comic-Con, and the story of how I came up with Jusadva’s name came up. When I saw the car today, I couldn’t help but take a picture to share.



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Back in the day, Hunter would NEVER have told that story to ANYONE, no matter how friendly they were. But the old days are long gone, and Hunter will probably never again think of himself as a top-tier assassin-for-hire.

I want to give mad props to Carrie Tupper, one of several amazing talents behind Kamikaze, an animated project that will see its first real life as a webcomic. She and I have been working as story consultants for one another, and this scene is where her influence starts to felt.

Thanks, Carrie! The rest of you, check out her comic when it goes live on the 25th, which I guess is today!!!

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In the interest of full disclosure: Jemith Jennaci was indeed inspired by Anna Nicole Smith. Inspiration aside, this is not about to turn into a commentary on celebrity culture or on reality television (both of which I generally despise). My brain just went in a weird direction as I was putting together this scene.

(That said, I did have a crush on her, early in her career, when it was all Playboy and Marilyn Monroe. That had long since faded away by the time I briefly met her, toward the end of her life.)

The name “Jennaci” is inspired by a friend’s D&D character, although we’ve never gamed together, and I whipped up “Jemith” solely for the alliteration.

(Not that you need to know all of this at the moment. She’s really just a blip on the radar right now.)

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