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The Anger Plague is hell on your dental work.

#Sqiurrel and I finished Lost In Space. We really enjoyed it. Its not perfect by any means, but really enjoyable. It’s not for everyone, I guess. It’s definitely not for people who are looking for a reboot that hews AS CLOSELY AS POSSIBLE to the original. But if your mind is open to change, and plenty of it, I think you’ll like what you get.

I’m recovering from a vicious bout of allergies, so I got very little sleep last night…so I’m pretty much done here. But with #Squirrel back to work(ing from home), my schedule is slowly returning to normal. Hopefully, that means more productivity, although this has been a pretty good writing week, I have to admit, allergies notwithstanding.

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I’m fairly proud of this sequence.

#Squirrel Update: We are currently in a holding pattern. It seems that the surgery on her left eye didn’t accomplish what we’d hoped, the conditions were simply too difficult. However, the surgery has resulted in improved conditions; if her eye had been the way it is now BEFORE the surgery, the procedure might have been more effective.

So we’re considering a third surgery. We’re going to wait a few weeks and see if there is any improvement in her eye, and then we’ll make a decision…or rather, she’ll make a decision that I will support either way. I mean, I’ll weigh in, but it’s not my eye.

Anyway, in the meantime, we’re trying not to watch Lost In Space TOO quickly. We’re six episodes in now, and it’s just damn fine science fiction television. The reboot is in the same vein as the Battlestar Galactica reboot…it’s from the ground up, with the basic idea as a starting point, and starring characters with the same names, but it’s otherwise its own thing. It’s not perfect, but it’s really good. BSG is a good comparison, actually. (Here’s hoping that LIS has the superior ending when all is said and done.) Good to see modern TV continuing to allow black and brown people in space, and continuing to put the women into strong and smart roles.

No doubt, it’s definitely worth the watch.

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Gotta get these pages posted and then hit the showers so I’m not late for work!

Watch the new Lost In Space on Netflix!

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Study this page closely, Hunter Black fans. Not that it contains story clues in particular…or does it?…but this page says a lot about Will’s design aesthetic, particularly as it pertains to monsters. Maybe I just have vampires on the brain, but I’ve known for a long time that Will has no hint of Twilight about him. Will’s vampires don’t sparkle…they DROOL. They HUNGER. They’re monsters. Now, all of that said, swear to all four of the lesser gods…these guys aren’t vampires. They’ve just got a bad case of the Anger Plague.

Virtually nothing has changed since last we spoke. #Squirrel is a little less cranky…but maybe a bit more sad? She’s in a lot of pain, a lot more than she had after the first surgery, and we’re not sure that she’s suffering this pain to any great effect.

She and I both skew toward being loners…we can spend many a great day on opposite sides of the apartment, happily soaking in only the auras of each other as we do our own things…but no one wants to be alone with pain and uncertainty, so I’m trying to kick it with her. That DOES mean that not as much writing is getting done, but I have to file that fact under “acceptable losses.”

Well. It’s late at night now, and she’s in bed, so I’m going to finish posting this page and try to get some writing done with the alone time.

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We like to say that I write 90% and Will writes 10%, and Will draws 90% and I draw 10% of the comic. The white silhouettes in Panel Two are a rare example of an artistic suggestion that I made that just stands on its own. Usually Will has to soup up whatever my idea was…and of course, his rendering is EVERYTHING. But I like it when I make an artistic suggestion other than a camera angle, and it WORKS. (Or at least, I think it does.)

Long ass day. Very little sleep. Check up with the ophthalmologist; no real progress. Multiple trips to the pharmacy. Cranky #Squirrel. EXTRA cranky comic book writer. Not a bad day, just a very long one.

Tomorrow will be shorter. (And probably better.)

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