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Nary a peep from the readers on the main site about Monday’s reveal, but a few readers on Tapastic have commented a collective “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?” (That, by the way, is easily one of the coolest titles for a movie I’ve ever heard.)

Bryan Fuller is the showrunner of the upcoming Star Trek TV series. I have something new to live for.

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This is another of those images that Will and I have been waiting to drop in this comic for YEARS. You would not believe how long we’ve been thinking about this. (It wouldn’t have taken so long…but I’m really long winded.)

Well, my theory seems to be holding up. I’ve noticed that whenever I wear the paraphernalia of my racist-ass football team, the team that I’m rooting for seems to lose. So today, I rocked a Star Wars shirt to the Super Bowl party I went to. Now, in terms of the teams, I didn’t really have skin in the game, but I like the idea of Peyton Manning ending his career on a high note. (You have to retire, Peyton. You HAVE to. It’s time. It only goes downhill from here. WAY downhill.) Peyton has won me a lot of money in fantasy football and he’s pretty much the best quarterback of this generation. (Spare me the Tom Brady protestations. If Manning had had coaches of Belichick’s ilk, he’d have TWENTY rings.)

But I’m confident that a fair number of you didn’t watch the game, or watched it mostly for the commercials. For those of you who didn’t watch, here were the cool geek moments of the day for me.

Honestly, I don’t know whether to be tickled by these ads…or horrified.

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Remember when I said that I’d figured out something about writing Hunter Black, something that I should’ve figured out a long time ago? Here’s a good example of it. I’m just trying to pace the comic around our posting schedule a bit more deliberately. I’m thinking in three-page blocks in ways that I hadn’t been previously. Hopefully, this will make the comic a bit tighter in the long run, as well as providing a slightly more suspenseful experience for you guys from week to week. Also, Will has to be getting tired of those little white circles that tell us we’re underwater, right? I guess it’s better than making him draw trees.

I’m currently on the horns of a dilemma…well, maybe that’s overstating it. In dedicating myself to my new job as a restaurant manager, I’ve had to really get used to a new schedule, and my writing suffered for it for a wee bit. I’ve gotten back onto the horse somewhat, having made up my mind to focus primarily on Hunter Black. (Continuing with Rocket Queen right now takes money I don’t have, and some of my other projects are simply in publishing limbo.) When I made that decision, I knew that I had TIME for Hunter Black, and I wasn’t sure that I had time for much else.

Now, some opportunities have come my way, and I’m tempted to go after them. Writing is the thing, after all. In my perfect world, writing is what I’m doing for a living, not being a swipe-monkey for a wait-staff. (I love my staff, but still.) If I’m going to pursue these opportunities, I have to make time. I have to be more organized, more productive, and less…relaxed. Not as much time on the couch in front of my beloved TV, time which kind of mends my soul, in a very real way. Even less time for my friends, many of whom I don’t see AT ALL as it is.

But something could happen…something could catch on…something could be THAT THING…

…sigh. What to do?

(I’m not seeking advice, per se. I know the arguments for and against. I simply have to decide…to commit to one thing or another. Thanks for letting me vent.)

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In The Interest of Full Disclosure: “That’ll be the day,” is a line from “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” my second favorite episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. (My favorite episode is “Offspring.” They aired one after the other during what must have been one of the best seasons of any show ever.) I shamelessly thought of that episode and decided to put that line to use, but not before adding a little Hunter Black flair to it.

ST:TNG is probably my second favorite TV show of all time (surpassed only by The West Wing). My favorite superhero show of all time was long Batman: The Animated Series, and that’s still the standard by which all other superhero shows tend to be judged. Young Justice eventually took the crown…and now it looks like The Flash has taken the top spot. Yes, I like it more than Daredevil, more than Jessica Jones, more than Arrow, even more than BTAS or Young Justice. This week’s episode was just SO GOOD.

I’m not going to bother reviewing it, because I think I’ll just make it sound cheesier than it was. This show is SO COMIC-BOOKY, and I mean that in the best possible way. The actors are stellar. Even Candice Patton, who everyone was looking down their nose at last season, has really stepped up her game…and her writers have too. The father-son dynamic between Grant Gustin and Jesse L. Martin is perfection, and as a guy who grew up with MASSIVE father issues and who lost his father on Super Bowl Sunday five years ago, that resonates with me SO [REDACTED] hard.

But most of all, this show GETS what being a hero is all about, at least to me. I was grinning from ear to ear during this most recent episode. Being a hero is about making tough choices. It’s about sacrifice. This show gets that and it gives me a hero who does the right thing for no other reason than it’s the right thing. I love that. I need it.

This blog post was supposed to be a brief note about how tired I am, and instead turned into a remarkably cohesive opinion piece. *pats self on back* Thanks for reading.

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I’m just now noticing that Will has Bashan’s powers activated ALL THE TIME. His eyes and his markings are STAYING yellow. Staying in his amphibious form requires a constant use of his power. (I’m not as observant as I could be.) Also, Panel Two is straight up channeling all kinds of classic superhero combat poses. I love it when Will has to dip into the classics.

Is anyone besides me watching The Expanse? This is probably the best new show of the season as far as #Squirrel and I are concerned. Some critic somewhere likened it to Game of Thrones in space, and that’s a fairly apt comparison…but I feel like The Expanse is getting down to the nitty-gritty a lot fast than GoT. I mean, in the most recent episode, at least some of the disparate groups of protagonists finally crossed paths. That has practically yet to happen on GoT. (I say that having not yet watched the most recent season…which I guess I’ll do before the next one begins.) I’m just saying, if you’ve been missing space opera on TV, you need this show…even if it’s kind of hyper-realistic.

Seriously, no blasters, no warp drive, no dogfights. It takes days and days to get from one asteroid to another, and the asteroid belt is exactly as spread out as it is in real life. You don’t have to be Han Solo to traverse the space ways; the gaps between asteroids of any size are big enough to fly a planet through. Lots of good actors on the show too…you’ll recognize people from Being Human (US), Orphan Black, The Walking Dead, the Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes films, etc.

Next episode (tomorrow!) ┬áis the season finale, and they’re marathoning the entire first season beforehand. If you’re not watching, you really should.

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