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Hey gang!

Just wanted to do a quick announcement.


Hunter Black is heading to the LA Comic Con!

We are going to be at booth 842 and will have tons of goodies for sale!

If anyone is planning on attending feel free to swing on by and say “hi!”


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I’ve been rereading a lot of Hunter Black recently, and man, I dig that Church Guard Captain’s uniform. It always stands out to me.

So…how about the trailer for The Last Jedi? It honestly didn’t get me going as much as I’d hoped it would. I think I’m a little more invested in the return of Stranger Things right now…and I’ve still got Blade Runner 2049 on my brain. I think I just have too much going on. It was a good trailer, though.

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I love The Bitten/Ryota Nichiren’s look of surprise in the background of Panel One.

#Squirrel and I went to see Blade Runner 2049 today…we saw it in IMAX, and that was definitely worth the extra cheese.

There’s so much to unpack in the film, I DEFINITELY need to see it again. There was so much to take in that I have to have missed something, even if it doesn’t feel like I did.

I’m not 100% sure about how well it addressed its themes…and I’m not 100% sure what those themes were. Usually, I grasp theme pretty quickly, but…it feels like there is more beyond the obvious questions about what exactly defines “humanity.” (Maybe “personhood” is a better word than ‘humanity.)

I’m not clear on how much I liked it, which is a weird feeling. I DID like it, and I feel like, as a storyteller, it has a lot to teach me. I did NOT like it as much as I like the original, which was so much more a film noir than this was.

I very much liked that it wasn’t a buddy film, which the marketing could fool you into thinking. Harrison Ford only shares top billing because he’s Harrison Ford; this was very much Ryan Gosling’s film.

Is it weird to think that an expertly made movie (and make no mistake, this was a masterwork of craft, in my opinion) deserves to tank at the box office? This is in no way a film for the average moviegoer. It’s long, complex, and isn’t an action film…but it’s still big-budget sci-fi. Someone, somewhere, should have known better than to spend $155M this way.

That said, I am SO glad this film was made. It was made for people like me. (#Squirrel liked it too.)

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Tzetzem’Tze’Tzemoze is just plain freaky. I love how he has [REDACTED] freckles when he turns into something like a knife.

I had a pretty cool idea this week. It’s something that I’m going to have to try and make happen. It’s the longest of long shots…but there IS a shot. I’ll tell you guys about it if and when it plays out.

I hate that Blade Runner 2049 is getting such good reviews. The original is one of my favorite films, and that last thing I want is to get my hopes up. Denis Villeneuve is the man, though. Arrival was BOMB.

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