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Hey guys!

Will here, like Justin said, he’s away on a little Thanksgiving vacation. This is the first time in a long time hes gone home, I hope he has lots of fun!

I just got back from a wedding in Florida, my girlfriends best friend got hitched. Kim was the co-maid of honor and I was the guy who didn’t know anyone. All in all it was fun, although being away for five days sure does add to the work load. I’m trying to bang out 3 pages this week, I still have the cover to finish, and my parents fly in today for a week.

I may have to take a vacation early next year just to catch up on my workload!!


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I’ve made a big deal out of Hunter’s ignorance of the way that The Revenger works, and he’s paying the price yet again. We won’t dip into this well TOO much longer…

…this might be a slightly weird week, posting-wise. Will has been out of town and I’m going out of town. He has his tablet and I have my laptop, but we’re with family and friends and what-not. That’s not to say that we won’t have the pages ready, quite the contrary, but our blogging might be brief and intermittent. I’m even cutting this short because I have day job projects to complete, laundry, packing, etc. (Although, #Squirrel prefers to handle that stuff. I’m a little haphazard for her tastes.)

If you don’t hear from me on Wednesday, it could easily be Will…or neither of us…blogging that day, Happy Thanksgiving! If you don’t celebrate, may you at least consume entirely too much food and too much football!

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I’m starting to detect our pattern of going from big action to talky scenes to change of scenery, back to talky scenes until we get back to action. We never really talked about things being this way…it just happened. I wonder if there’s a way to shake that up…or even if that’s a good idea. Something to think about.

I just got off of a phone call that I am absolutely not allowed to talk to you guys about, but I really wish I could. It’s pretty weird how the needle suddenly changes on this writing career of mine sometimes!

I’ll just let you go into the weekend with that tease…and rest assured I won’t bring this up again for a while! #hehehehehe

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Magic amulets. Sigh. Remember Lyonitt Ckazannisch and the magic amulet he had that allowed him to lie while in the psychic plane of the Unseen? Ah, the good old days. Ah, magic items. (I miss D&D.)

Has anyone really checked out this new VR D&D thing I’m seeing all the articles about? I just haven’t had the time to look at anything but the headlines…but I am definitely for anything that makes playing online a better and more social experience.

Also, no spoilers by me saying this, because it’s just a feeling that I have, but I am now lending more credence to some of the prevailing theories regarding the identity of Zoom on The Flash. Also, and this is a VERY MINOR spoiler, but there is now such a thing as Gorilla City on that show, which is equal parts ridiculous and AWESOME. I can’t wait to meet The CW’s version of King Solivar! (Solovar? It’s one of those two spellings. My money’s on the first one.)

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Panel Three is one of those moments that came off exactly as I hoped it would, given the point we’re currently at in the story. Time to bid farewell to Al’Dahan!

I have almost nothing to share here. #Squirrel and I took a much needed trip out of town to do a little wine tasting and to connect with what seemed like no worries. I don’t know we managed it; it’s hard for either of us to reach that mental place…it’s almost impossible for both of us to do it at the same time. We spent a lot of time saying, “F*** it” on this trip, and that really worked for us. We just drove on streets we’d never seen before, in towns we’d never been in, to find shores we’d never even heard of. It was PERFECT. I can’t speak for #Squirrel, but I feel revitalized.

Lots of work to do, both here and at the day job, before heading to DC for Thanksgiving, so…talk to you Wednesday.

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