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Great page, and I can’t really take any credit for it. Will really kills this one, really sells the emotion. (Sorry for posting 5 or so hours late!)

Man, I got home from work, sat down and played some Pac-Man 256 (I’m old, sue me) and enjoyed a nice glass of wine. Then I got up, sat at the keyboard for a hot sec…and realized that I hadn’t posted Monday’s page yet…and Will, who usually catches me, didn’t notice. I mean, five hours late is certainly no big deal, but I feel mounds of guilt nonetheless.

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One of the tropes of modern fantasy that has always fascinated me is sailors and their superstitions. I know that those are tropes based in reality, but it still boggles my mind. Most sexism and misogyny boggles my mind.

We’re only a week from Wonder Con! If you’re going, make sure to swing by the booth, SP-56! We’d love to see you!

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It’s not a good idea to be someone’s home in this comic. That actually might have something to do with my own upbringing…I’m currently living in my TWENTY-FIRST home. Growing up, I never lived in the same place longer than three years, and I never attended the same school longer than two. It’s not an exaggeration to say that I don’t have a “home.” For me home is people, the houses and apartments are…disposable. So homes don’t tend to fare too well in my writing. I do know what their loss can cost people.

There’s not much I can write here that would be much deeper than that, so here’s a little shameless plug:

This past weekend, I got together with the amazing peeps from Fanbase Press to record a round table podcast about the Star Wars Rebels finale. Anyone that takes the time to read this blog regularly knows how big a fan of Rebels I was and am, so I think it’s worth checking out. Will and I have done their podcast before, it’s always thoughtful, insightful, and professional geekdom at its finest. Check it out!

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Can you believe that Will is in Cancun? I don’t think that the trip was for his birthday, but he left for Mexico with his fiancee (my buddy), on Thursday, which was his…36th?…birthday. And I’m stuck here posting pages. (Not that I don’t love posting pages!)

Seriously though, I’m totally jealous of Will’s trip. #Squirrel and I could use a nice trip somewhere that is warm with water and relatively drama-free. Our last vacation was to visit my family, and it was none of those things!

Watch this space for a link to a podcast I just recorded about Star Wars Rebels. I miss it so!

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This is my first time seeing this page, it’s one of the pages Will has done most recently, I guess. This isn’t exactly the most dynamic page in the comic’s history, and Will tends to put those off. He does easy and/or interesting pages first, always.

Jury duty is the absolute worst…and it’s not done with me yet.

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