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Personally, in this format, I enjoy quiet, transitional pages, but I always feel guilty when it comes time to post them. The page won’t feel as much like a let down in the event of a printed version…and it shouldn’t feel like one now, because Will really sets a stage on this page…but that twinge of guilt remains.

I’ve said many times that this September has been one of the weirdest months ever, and I gave you few reasons why, special birthday for the wife, my mom visiting, etc. (And let me tell you, it turned out that that stuff was only the tip of the iceberg!) But October should be very much back to normal.

What that means is, this weekend, I’ll be putting together the mailing packages for those people who have volunteered to be a part of The Thirteen! I can’t wait to get that done!

Email me ( if you want to become a member of the Thirteen, and I’ll explain what it is and how you can help spread the love!

The Thirteen are infinite. The Thirteen are you.

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My apologies for the lack of commentary with Page 381. Our schedules were a bit wonky and Will ended up posting the page instead of me. He left the commentary for me to do…and like I said, our schedules have been a bit wonky. Anyway, more than anything else, it’s good to have Jasoom back.

A few things have crossed out paths since the last update, however.

First: We got to play D&D for the first time since we got our hands on the new Player’s Handbook. We had a BLAST. It was definitely the most fun we’ve had playing D&D in a long time. The new rules are holding up well, and Hoard (Horde? I don’t recall which) of the Dragon Queen feels as though it’s gonna be a good time. Compared to other versions of the game (excepting 4th Ed., which I despised) this was fast and easy to run. This game has my full-throated recommendation.

Second: With Will’s recommendation, I made the massive mistake of checking out Luther from the BBC, starring Idris Elba. That was three hours ago, and I can now officially be said to be binge-watching. I almost never feel like I see noir on TV, not good noir…or at least, that’s how it used to be. Now, I have Luther.

Third, the Thirteen, our band of supporter and sharers, has begun to take shape. We have not yet reached the official Thirteen members, but I hold out hope. If you read this and you want to get involved, email me at The Thirteen are infinite. (THAT is going into the comic somewhere.)

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I hope that Jusadva is proving as interesting and challenging a character to the readers as she is in my head. I literally needed help from another writer to get her just right, and since that writer (Hi Carrie!) tweeted me yesterday to point out the TENSION she could feel between Hunter and Jusadva, I think we’re doing something right. Enough about that, let’s talk about The (Hopefully Way More Than) Thirteen!

Commenter jenjen4280 suggested this idea, and I think it’s a great one. To quote her comment: “I’d be willing to be part of a “street team.” I usually attend the Baltimore Comic Con and the Small Press Expo every year. If you sent me a bunch of Hunter postcards or similar materials, I’d set ‘em out on the advertising tables for you. If you can get enough people all over the country to do that at SF and comic cons, that would help raise visibility a bit.” To give this AMAZING idea some Hunter Black flavor, we’re calling this street team The Thirteen, because you guys will have your own territories, and because you guys are magical. (Awww…) Also, I didn’t think you’d appreciate being called “Vanassa’s Teats.”

It turns out that we have a metric ton of Hunter Black “postcards” to hand out. Giving them out one-by-one at the bar where we work hasn’t been the most effective use of those things, let me tell you. We would LOVE to send them to you guys. Take them to the cons that you attend. See if your local comic shop will put them on the counter next to their cash register. See if your local STARBUCKS will put them on the counter! Try your local book store, your local game store, your local art store. Put them anywhere that you think that interested people will notice them. Give them to your friends. Hell, give them to your enemies!

Will and I are putting together thank you packages for anyone who gets involved. Will might do some sketches, I’ll print up and mail out some (carefully edited) signed scripts. We have posters for anyone who wants them.

So if you would like to be one of The Thirteen, drop me a line, along with your mailing address at and I will stick a bunch of cards into the mail for you! (Thank you gifts will be in a subsequent mailing, most likely.)

Thank you JenJen, and thank you everybody!

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Every once in a while, we need a breather. The action sequences are more demanding; they have to sing and they have to make sense. These more downbeat moments do more than punctuate the action…they give us a breather.

Mad birthdays for me! My beloved wife just had hers, and two of my best friends celebrate birthdays today (the 22nd) and tomorrow (the 23rd). Fortunately, I think all concerned understand that I am but a lowly freelance writer of comics and slinger of drinks.

There has been talk of a “Street Team,” a suggestion made by one of our readers, and I like it. As of this writing, Will and I have not had a chance to sit down and discuss the particulars of this idea, but we will by Tuesday. If we decide that this is a path we can take, I’d like to get the ball rolling soon. More news coming…

…and thank you, Jen!

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It is entirely possible that Hunter’s nose is getting longer. I’m setting this page up earlier than usual because this weekend is a significant birthday for the wife, so I will be ignoring the internet for a while. (Until Sunday.)

The next few days will consist of beaches, hot tubs, wine tasting, and probably some pastrami. (We’re remarkably low rent.) Then it’s back to the grind for a few days until my mom gets back from Hawaii. Once October comes, it’ll be nose pressed HARD to the grindstone.


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