Hunter Black Page 848 – The Gods Frown On Devilry

I just realized this…Brother Vaspian’s hair is RIDICULOUS.

Wednesday, today for you, tomorrow as I write this, is #Squirrel’s birthday. So I won’t be focusing on anything but her…once I get off of work. (No, I didn’t take her birthday off. I took a three day weekend instead. Good enough for you?)

Anyway, that means hurry this up and get back to paying attention to her…because she thinks her birthday has already started!

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I love Will’s design for Cyanthe Calemister. It makes me want to find more reasons to use her in the comic.

Long day! A buddy of mine came in from out of town and we’ve been drinking and we went to a football game and my days off are usually not this full. Usually it’s reading and writing. So I’m tired. I had a GREAT weekend, and an interesting gaming proposal in my hands, but I’m wiped out and I have an early day tomorrow.

So I’m off to bed. Remind me to rant and rave about Tom Cruise’s The Mummy and Universal’s Dark Universe later on this week.

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You guys remember that there are three more members of our team of thieves, right?

Man…I’m home sick. I haven’t had this sort of digestive distress in quite some time. Years and years, and I don’t like it one bit. I mean, everyone wants an extra day off, especially me when I have a lot of writing to do, but that’s not exactly a pleasant experience when you’re wondering about every burp and gurgle and what they might mean for your laundry situation.

Well, I’ve gotten myself into the habit of sharing with you people, and maybe I’ve taken than a step too far!

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Hunter Black Page 845 – The Third Hour Past Dawn

I think Will might have his own means of distinguishing between the various ranks of the members of the Church. Vaspian’s necklace is slightly different than that worn by the Great Throne, and his weird little wings are smaller and less decorated. I wonder if he’s making that up as he goes or if he has something specific in mind. (We’ve never talked about this.)

Anybody seen It yet? I really want to prioritize going to see it, but there’s just no time in my world, not to mention not a lot of money. (We can afford a movie if we want, things aren’t THAT dire, we’re just not sure we should.)

If you guys haven’t already, let out a good thought for the family of Len Wein. He was one of the true greats that somehow slipped through the weird cracks of the 70s. I mean, everyone talks about the Golden Age creators, and we all idolize the greats that ushered in the Modern Age, but the titans of the Silver Age are less heralded, which is unfortunate. This guy created Swamp Thing, without whom there would have been no Vertigo Comics, and the “New” X-Men, without whom there would be no modern comic book movie phenomenon. This guy created Wolverine! Oh, did I make you think of Alan Moore?…because he also edited what is widely considered the greatest comic story of all time: Watchmen.

He also lived in my neighborhood. I saw him a few times in the comic shop, and interacted with him once or twice. Another good friend of mine was really friendly with him, and she’s heartbroken. A massive loss in the world of comics, no doubt.

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You know, I think this might the first time that I’ve seen Will draw a skull complete with lower jaw before. THAT’S HOW YOU KNOW IT’S IMPORTANT!

Lots going on right now. I’ve personally got…let’s say 4 big projects requiring time and attention right now, plus assorted backburner things that still have to be attended to. I knew that this was going to happen, that I was moving into a serious phase of my writing career, so I made some changes, not least of which is letting go of my football obsession.

I’ve taken football, and fantasy football (come on, who am I?), to a geeky extreme for damn near twenty years, but this year I dropped all of my fantasy leagues and basically decided not to pay attention to football this year. Making the decision easier is how objectionable damn near everything about the league has become for me. The Colin Kaepernick controversy. The endless abuse and mistreatment of women. The CTE scandal. The racist name (and legacy) of the team that has been my favorite since I was a little boy. I figured that it would be easy to walk away and never look back.

Then, of course, because I purchase a $100K of alcohol a year for my bar, a pair of Rams/Redskins fall into my lap. (Next Sunday.) And then the Redskins game is somehow locally televised. (This Sunday.) My convictions are being tested. My saving grace?

Fortunately for me, the Skins aren’t very good. It was easy to stop watching today (and it got truly ugly after I walked away from the TV), and hopefully after next week, it’ll be even easier.

Damn it…I just remembered. I’m in a suicide pool…and I’ve survived to Week Two. (No, I’m not throwing any games. There’s a $760 pot!)


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