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What is it that Will likes to say…? BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!

The last week or two has been a bit bumpy on the writing front, which happens to me from time to time. When I get to a milestone, and I recently finished a first draft of a project, it’s hard not to feel…satisfied. When I feel satisfied, I tend to want to kick back. Couple that with a list of new responsibilities at the BS day job, and I don’t knuckle down to the writing the way I should.

I’ve been brain-writing notes on what feels like my next project, but I’ve been struggling with the next step for a while now. I haven’t known how to proceed. Last night, I started kicking down that wall.

God DAMN, that’s a good feeling.

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Will really rose to the task with those bas-relief faces on the floor. They’re supposed to look inhuman and sinister, and I feel like that’s exactly what we got. I think their rectangular shape (or trapezoidal, if we’re being honest, but that’s just for perspective) is what really sells it…that and the lack of a nose.

Of course, Will’s whole style when approaching this comic consists largely of using atypical shapes to accomplish visual goals: the use of straight lines and sharp angles for blood, the use of the inverted omega as a holy symbol, Hunter’s pronounced and needle-sharp nose.

Okay, gotta run. Spending too much time analyzing my own comic starts to feel like navel-gazing after awhile.

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You knew it was coming to this, didn’t you?

I wanted to post the trailer for A Wrinkle In Time, so I could gush over it for you, but I’m exhausted and I’m a little drunk. So I’m going to bed. Might post it on Wednesday.

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Man, Will is killing it on these pages. We’re doing this in a less linear style. Sure, one panel basically follows the next, but not one thing seen in any of these panels is seen in the panels before or after. That’s not the easiest way to tell a story, but it’s an effective way to create a mood and get a point across. And like I said, I think Will’s killing it.

Spider-Man: Homecoming was excellent. For me, it nudged Iron Man out of my personal Top Five MCU Films. In fact, it settled in at #2, second only to Winter Soldier. It mastered the qualities with which Iron Man introduced the MCU, brilliant casting, spot-on characterization, charismatic writing (and presumably improvisation), and remembering that superhero movies are supposed to be fun.

Remember when I told you guys that #Squirrel and I watched Casablanca? Spider-Man: Homecoming isn’t that. It’s not a classic in that sense. It’s in my top five MCU films, but not in the same ballpark as my top ten films period.

But man, it was a good time at the movies. (Its best moments weren’t as good as the best moments in Wonder Woman, nor were its worst moments as bad as those in Wonder Woman. It’s a less flawed but not as inspiring film.)

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Will here, Justin is stuck at his fake job.

Man have I had a busy couple of weeks! I just had my parents in town and Kim’s parents are here all of July.

I’m finally finishing my Kickstarter obligations and I’m trying to bang out an Illustration portfolio for art agencies. Plus I have my fake job and Kim and I are gonna plan a wedding!

I wish the days where longer, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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