The Fall and The Rise

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I LOVE it when Bashan’s body markings go gold to indicate the use of his power. Also, lest there be any confusion, this is a flashback scene…Bashan hasn’t been underwater for weeks and weeks. Healing massive damage the likes of which Bashan has suffered stretches the boundaries of what the Human Divine can normally manage with their psycho-metabolic (to use the D&D term) powers…and it’s important to reinforce that not all members of the sect have such abilities. Only the most powerful adepts are able to manifest psionic abilities of this sort. (A note about process: Will has two sides to his creative personality. If we’d talked it out more, he might never have chosen to use the gold here, in order to differentiate between magic and psionics. But we didn’t so “this will look GREAT” trumped that sort of nit-picking…and I couldn’t be more pleased about that.)

Two and a half weeks! That’s how much time I have left in my training…but I only have two DAYS left in the place where I’ve worked for the last EIGHTEEN YEARS. (I worked for the same company at a different store on the east coast before that.) The work and the trepidation have made getting my Hunter Black stuff done harder, and that two and a half weeks I mentioned earlier is how long I have before I settle into more of a routine.

Will has been writing more blogs here, which I LOVE…but he also has artwork to tweak and a cover to design…not to mention three pages a week to draw.

In the meantime, The Flash is back! Arrow is back! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is back! (Those shows are listed in the order of my excitement. I supposed I’ll get around to watching The Walking Dead.) Star Wars: Rebels is only days away, and Supergirl is two weeks away. I LOVE the fall!

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Little Late For the Blog Party

Hey guys,

Posting the blog post a tad bit late. Justin is stuck being a Manager and I was drinking, least we got the thing that matters up on time!

Nothing crazy going on this week. Just working on some pages, sketching a cover for the book, and converting some cool Nurgle stuff.

I’ve been using The Purge Detachment from Imperial Armour- The Siege of Vraks lately. Its allowed me to use cooler plague zombies and Necrosius the Undying, plus I can still keep all my plague marines and my Daemon Prince. It’s a win for me, not so much for my opponents. I’ve decided to give a Maulerfiend a shot, but I need to make it fit my Nurgle theme. I’ve assembled the entire model minus the head and neck and I’m waiting on some bits I bought from Ebay. I can describe what I’m doing, or i can show you my inspiration that I’m copying off of.



What this guy did was take a Moggoth Lord monster head and stuck it onto the Maulerfiend body. It should look cool when I finish it, hopefully I wont have to do to much greenstuffing.

Anyway, Brother Bashan is back everybody! I figure with Hunter dead we need a new lead, lets hope that Bashan can handle the responsibility.


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We’re In The Money…

Ah, I love the fresh smell of a new location…

…I don’t know if we mentioned it, but we got the Kickstarter money. It’s in our Big & Tall Tales bank account right now…STARING at us. We’re still scrambling around to get the book together, but as soon as we do…we’ll get the ball rolling. We don’t want this to take any longer than it has to.

This also means we have to start getting rewards together, and the first one is the hardest: EATING THAT GODSFORSAKEN BANANA. It’s right there in black and white on the Kickstarter page, I have to do it this month. Every time I think about it, I start getting anxious. I’ve literally never done this before, and I never intended to.

Okay, I’m stopping. My heart is starting to pound just thinking about doing this. Holy Moses.

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Nuff Said

I’ve mentioned before that I sometimes write by the seat of my pants, and doing that sometimes means that scenes take me in unintended directions. Sometimes, an unintended direction gets you someplace better than your original destination…although I’m not sure Hunter would consider this one of those times.

I feel like saying anything else would just be anti-climactic.

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Nudity, It’s Fun.

Hey guys, Will here again. Justin forgot to set up the page because he’s busy being a manager at our day job. Lets all say it together… ooooOOOOOOooooooo Mr. Manager.

We’ve always have said that we want Hunter Black to be PG-13 and besides the occasional real world curse, we’ve stuck to that format. So with this page, and Monday’s, I wanted to cover up The Widow Jennaci’s lady parts without resorting to the tried and true “Random Kirby Dots”. I think I did a good job handling it (Yes, I admit I did a little of the dots with the first panel….sue me).

Like Justin said on Monday, we have begun the process of turning our first volume into a printed collection. After succeeding at the Kickstarter we both had that awkward “Whats Next?” feeling. Thankfully, our letter guru, Jacob, put us on the right path. I think the biggest thing for me right now is designing a kick ass cover. You can’t have a kick ass collected volume without a kick ass cover.


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