I Have No Faith In Anything Anymore

Okay, that’s me being melodramatic, but I will say this much: no more predictions about when the website will be ready. It’s coming, and in the grand scheme of things, it’s coming soon.

I’ll just have to be patient…and quiet.

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I Have A Good Feeling This Time…

…that this will be the last page posted on the old version of the site. Our wonderful web designer should be back in the saddle over the weekend, and those final touches can be applied.

If you read me in this exact same space on Monday, know that I will be typing with tears in my eyes!

Wish us luck!

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In a fair world, I would not have to write this post. In a fair world, I would finally be preparing the long-awaited “Welcome to the NEW Hunter Black” blog post. In a fair world…well.

This isn’t a fair world.

The site redesign is all but ready. There’s one thing that needs to be taken off and that’s it, we’re done. Taking things off is usually pretty easy, too. Of course, THAT is not the source of the delay.

I’m sure that many of you have been dealing with some version of the nationwide heat wave in recent weeks.The last few days, it has taken up residence in Los Angeles, and MAN, has it been hot. #Squirrel and I went to see Ant-Man and the Wasp on Friday night, and when we were driving home at 10:30pm, it was still over 100 degrees out. We actually had a power outage earlier that day, and I sat and waited as our apartment got slowly hotter. But we’ve been keeping the blinds closed, so we had a reserve of cold and dark to fall back on…and luckily, the power was back on within a few hours.

Our new web designer hasn’t been so lucky. Her AC unit crapped the bed, and she hasn’t been able to get anyone out to repair it, mostly because it’s the weekend, and probably because HVAC technicians are working overtime right now. Her place is well over 90 degrees INSIDE. Needless to say, she’s not staying at home, so she can’t put the finishing touches on the site, let alone transfer the new framework onto the old URL.

Will and Jacob and I are all trying very hard to be patient, and thankfully, we’ve been able to keep putting out the comic. But man, it’ll be nice to stop working getting to the next thing, and start actually working WITHIN the next thing.

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