Hunter Black

A cold-blooded killer whose blood has gotten hot.  He plans to use his magic sword to take revenge on the people that set him up.

Sordon Golbrith

Sordon used to handle Hunter’s day-to-day business; he was Hunter’s friend if Hunter could have been said to have any.  When Hunter got pinched on a job Sordon set up…Hunter did what Hunter does.  But Sordon was innocent, and he (no longer) lives to make sure Hunter doesn’t forget it.

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Vermis is a low-down dirty snitch who would roll over on his own grandmother if someone offered him a heavy enough pouch of gold.  Vermis isn’t picky about who buys his information, cop or criminal, and Hunter has gotten information from him plenty of times in the past.

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Iosephus  is a trader, with all that that implies.  He is a procurer and merchant of the weird, the miraculous, and the arcane.  Dealing in such things is a dangerous business, and his old age is a testament to his shrewdness…and his ruthlessness.  And no, he doesn’t haggle.

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If she’s not the most famous thief in the world, she’s definitely in the running.  She was involved in whatever happened in Weyland’s Bay, that much is certain…

 The Cur

Both thug and boss, Barquaasi Tumenor, or as he is better known, The Cur, is a very hands on sort of crime lord.  His great size and predilection toward violence makes people think of him as muscle, and he is…but only if you think of the brain as a muscle.

The Witch Setheen

Little is known about Setheen.  Hunter has some small history with her, and has found her soothsaying useful in the past.  There is plenty of evidence that her works are sheer fakery…but for now, Hunter doesn’t seem to care.

Maliya Pel

The greatest swordsman in the world…is a woman. Denied her rightful place as the head of her school, Maliya takes her anger out on the world by being the baddest of bad asses.

Evil Samurai JAck

Lyonitt Ckazannisch is the leader of the Jeramsus School of the Sword, and wants nothing more than to see his school positioned as the best in the lands. The style that he prefers involves his sword in your back.

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