Click Here to Comment on Hunter Black Page 970 – Everything Old Is New Again

Well, the plan was for the site renovation to be finished right now. Everything has conspired to slow the process down, including Will and me, so we’re neither surprised nor particularly bothered by the renovation NOT being finished, but we are scrambling to get it done.

The thing is, once we started the renovation, we also started getting ambitious. Oh, let’s really go all in on Hunter Black merch! Oh, let’s present the pages at 2.5x the size of the old ones! Oh, let’s redo our links in the fanciest way possible! Oh, let’s do something with out fan art!

No one wants to do this again any time soon, so we’re trying to get every upgrade that we can think of going. And don’t get me wrong, while the site will definitely be new and improved, it’s not suddenly going to become super advanced. Certainly, some of our delays have been expressly about preserving an easy reading experience, and some of the stuff that has yet to be done is that stuff, the “let’s not forget that this is about reading a comic” stuff.

Hopefully, it won’t be more than another week, but we’ll see. Like I said a few weeks ago, we’re getting an AMAZING deal on our web development, so we’re not complaining about how long things take. It’s not going to be much longer.

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  • Storel

    I hope at some point someone explains why there’s a river of blood in this place. Seems like a very unusual sort of geological feature…

    • ONail

      I think the detailed explanation comes by itself in just a few more pages, or maybe less. But in general, that’s Barquaasi being too obsessed with the idea of fueling the skysteel deposits with blood of locals, for yet unknown super special effects. Except for the anger plague – that might’ve been unintentional.

  • Takedown275

    Hunter Black, played by Wesley Snipes; starring in Blade 2.

    I guess that make Packwing Ron Perlman?

    • MSD3000

      Now all I can see when I look at Packwing is Ron Perlman dressed up as the Viceroy from StarTrek Nemesis.

  • ONail

    I totally thought you’d skip the transformation by hiding it in that river, sneaky tricksters!
    And i suspect, you went further on, and made it so that Hunter would simply pick up the Revenger from the bottom of the stream (when Packwing comes up to get sliced). And THAT would totally leave the main thrilling question of the latest events unanswered: where the Hemingway did Hunter hide the sword all that time??
    But please don’t. I mean, come on, you two, please no 🙂