Fanboy Comics

Hey, do you want to hear Will and me and talk about a variety of things nerdly for about an hour? Will and I sat down with the good people at Fanboy Comics for their weekly podcast and got to share our opinions on a variety of topics. You can hear us talk about censorship, the inevitable potential applications for Google’s Augmented Reality Glasses, remakes, John Carter, digital vs. print, and more. You can even find out which of us burns with love for Total Recall and which of us really doesn’t.

It’s a chance to get to know us a little better, to hear some hopefully interesting thoughts on some interesting topics.

Barbra, Bryant, and Sam from Fanboy Comics were extremely cool, pleasant, and gracious, and they deserve every reader and listener they can get.

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  • Electric Evan

    Following intently. Hunter needs gold and so he’s looking to do what he does best to get it, perhaps? Looking forward to see where this is going.

    Hope to listen to the podcast today.

    Have a good con in Chicago.

  • Justin Peniston

    Thanks! It’s a good thing we came a day early, because the trip here was exhausting. (6 AM flight after closing the restaurant the night before, for both of us.)

    The podcast was a lot of fun…we hope you enjoy it.

  • Electric Evan

    Podcast was very entertaining; loved the range of topics you all discussed. One thing I definitely related to was the Star Wars discussion, especially the insight that the newer movies, while disappointing the majority of the original fans, totally captured the imaginations of a whole new set of fans (my son among them). So, it is almost like those movies were not really for us (from a business expansion point of view; they already had us). Lots of other great topics, so thanks for pointing us that direction. Have a great time in Chi-town. If you get the chance, you should totally try to meet Cam Banks, the designer of the new Marvel Heroic RPG. I don’t know him personally, but I follow him on Twitter and have played the game, and I imagine doing a demo with him would be pretty cool. He’s somewhere in a booth at C2E2 if you have the time and inclination.