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I’ve probably looked at this page five or six times since Will finished it, and this is the first time that I’ve noticed that Tzetzem’Tze’Tzemoze’s cup went from looking down in Panel One to looking up at…Hunter, I guess?…in Panel Three. Coincidentally, I never thought this page was creepy until just now, either.

I’m posting this page a day early (not that you’ll notice, it’s still not going live until Friday), because Thursday (tomorrow for me, yesterday for you) is Will’s birthday and I’m working during the day and then going straight to his birthday dinner. I’m sure I will drink a few drinks, and the last thing that I’ll want to do is worry about posting the page after that. So I’m doing it now.

Hey, do you follow the comic on Facebook? We don’t really post the comic there (it’s already up in two places and it’s likely to go up in at least one more), but it’s a nice place for, as Jacob puts it, “curated geekery.” (He said that in the print edition of Hunter Black Volume One. Which you can buy. If you want to.) And of course, you could just become a Patron…Will is posting original artwork there every week and if you become a $5/month donor, you’ll get weekly sneak peeks at the comic. (That said, our Facebook page IS free. No original artwork, but I occasionally share slightly off-color videos!)

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Every once in a while, a reader anticipates, by accident or design, what’s coming up. This time it was someone basically saying, “Why would anyone drink anything out of that cup?” or something similar. I usually hate it when this happens, but this time I thought it was pretty funny.

Everyone put good vibes out for me! I’m about to get my review at work, and I could use a good one! (Actually, I think I can ONLY get a good one, but I’ve been overconfident before…)

Don’t forget to become a Patron!

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This is sometimes considered a confusing panel layout, and I almost said something to Will about it, except that the action in the panels clearly demonstrates their proper order. Just follow Tzetzem’Tze’Tzemoze getting Hunter a drink. I figured, what the hell.

I updated the $5 Patron Dropbox folder this past weekend, some sneak-peek stuff in there, to give contributors a glimpse ahead. Will and I work quite a ways ahead, just to insure that we always have pages for you. No reason we can’t share the wealth with our most generous supporters!

Also just watched Star Wars Rebels. One of the rewarding things about that show is how very much it is clearly a part of continuity and canon. This latest episode was a real example of a story that bridges the gaps between the Prequel Trilogy and Rogue One. I also watched Central Intelligence with #Squirrel. That was slightly better than expected in some ways, and every bit as bad as expected in others. Still, a clear example of how a charismatic cast can elevate pedestrian material.

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I think it’s laughable that Will expects me to write a blog post tonight. I’m NOT in Vegas tonight…but I HAVE been drinking. (I didn’t even know Will was going to Vegas until he was already there.)

You may never know how many times I’ve typed and retyped these words in an effort to make sure there are no typos.

We love you guys. (And no, I haven’t been drinking Bud Light.)

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I don’t always know where Will goes to get his reference for stuff; I’m sure he doesn’t always bother with reference, for that matter. But whenever we get one of our characters starting to stretch, I assume that Will’s going to be looking at the Fantastic Four. Certainly, that’s what *I* would be looking at.

We’ve updated our Patreon rewards! Will and I dedicating ourselves to being more on top of EVERYTHING regarding Hunter Black…that means more engagement on Facebook and better and more frequent benefits for being a Hunter Black Patron.

Our $2/month Patrons will now get EVERYTHING we’d previously offered. That means PDFs of each chapter of the comic as we make them available, as well as occasional free art updates and wallpapers from Will…all original stuff. Will promises he’ll post something once a week!

Our $5/month Patrons will get everything listed above, as well as previews of each week’s pages. Every Sunday, we’ll upload a three-page PDF of the week’s upcoming pages so that our biggest supporters can stay ahead of the game! Eventually, we’ll create a chat space for the $5 supporters so we can talk about what we’ve posted.

We look forward to giving you guys more, and we hope you like it!

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