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Writing Hunter Black, the character, I mean, lately has been a bit schizophrenic. I write the dialogue normally, but I’ve very deliberately been writing “she” and “her” in the panel descriptions. That always makes me more aware that I’m writing (as opposed to channeling a story, I suppose…using the word “channeling” in this way brings back unpleasant memories of my ex-wife…and yes, I have an ex-wife) than I really want to be. Looking at this page, I’m reminded of that again.

I’m almost recovered from a weekend (plus a Monday) of combining Hard Rock Cafe responsibilities with writing on a deadline for Amazon. You may recall that Mondays are my “waking up at 3:30am” days…and once I got home, I jumped into finishing outlines for Amazon, and I didn’t get myself into bed until…2:30am? That was a rough one.

Will and I had a productive day today. We had to get some stuff done in preparation for the Los Angeles Comic-Con at the end of the month, where we will have a booth, and I didn’t want to drag my feet anymore than I already do. Everything was easier than I expected; we got our seller’s permit and set up to accept credit cards WAY easier than I would have expected. Now we just have to convince people to come check out our booth and our book!

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I know I gush over Will’s artwork a lot, but I can’t help it. I’m so often caught by surprise at his choices, in the best possible way. I LOVE his headsman design…the hood without a shirt, the cruel, half-hidden mask…and the otherwise spare nature of his dress. This really works for me. And no, I’m not seeing this for the first time! I’ve been making myself keep up with the pages, thank you very much!

Let me tell you guys, my poor #Squirrel is freaking out. Many, many wives, once the dust settles in their marriages, want safety and security above all else, and my #Squirrel is among that number. She doesn’t like it when something rocks the boat. She doesn’t like change. Of course, I’m trying to prepare to turn our lives completely upside down!

Well, not completely. Her work situation remains largely unchanged in the new scenario I have in mind, but I’m thinking about ditching my management gig and going back to tending bar, so I have the flexibility to pursue my burgeoning writing career. Trying to work in a writers’ room while also being one of the senior managers (and when did I become a “senior” manager?) of a very busy restaurant is no joke. Something’s gotta give, and the salt mines signal me everyday that it’s time to make a change.

I don’t like upsetting #Squirrel’s applecart…but I don’t feel like I have any other choice. Not only am I chasing my dream, but I think I’m leading us in what will ultimately be a smarter and more stable direction. The restaurant biz is changing, and not for the better. The entertainment industry is the safest bet in town, if you can get the work…and I think I can.

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Looking back at this, I should have just had Tzetzem’Tze’Tzemoze become a fly while he was still in Vaspian’s chambers. I don’t know, it made sense in my brain at the time. I think that a lot of time must have passed between me writing pages 851 and 852. Cool looking fly.

Man, I’m tired! Don’t ever let anyone tell you that writing isn’t work, because it definitely is! I already feel like it’s a healthier lifestyle than working in the restaurant, even though I’m on my feet all the day as a manager and I’m sitting all day as a writer. Better food choices, I think. But I am worn out!

I want to talk about The Mummy, but I still have an outline to finish. Suffice it say, making franchises instead of movies is a bad idea. Iron Man might have ushered in the MCU, but it was a movie. Even Captain America: Civil War, which is probably the Marvel movie that most depends on the others, is at its core a standalone movie. The Mummy is trying to kickstart a franchise more than its trying to tell a story. It could have been good, I think. There was a lot to like…and more to lament.

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There’s no great mystery here. That book was supposed to be open, to indicate that Tzetzem’Tze’Tzemoze had looked at it. I wasn’t very clear in my script; I should have just written that last sentence, to be honest. And I should have caught it. I’m already being more careful…I’ve been reviewing the new pages more closely.

There are big, strange life changes in my future. I don’t know how much longer I can hang in the salt mines. Too many good things going, and the day job demands too much of my focus. I’m learning right now that writing needs a great deal of my attention and focus and energy. Something’s gonna have to give soon…and it’s not going to be writing. Not again.

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It feels like Page 850 should be some kind of milestone…but it’s really not. Maybe if it was ISSUE #850…

Man, I feel terrible. I’ve suddenly (well, for the past couple of days) got a nagging cough and I woke up with a bitch of a headache. I wanted to write about the epiphany I reached after watching The Mummy…and yes, that is a film that inspires epiphanies…but I think I have to concentrate on getting stuff done so I can crawl back into bed. Big day in the writers’ room tomorrow.

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