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Panel Three is an entirely different look at Tyne than I’m used to. When we’re facing him, his features are flat and broad, and you don’t see that in profile. We don’t see these characters often period, let alone in profile. I like it.

So, I finally got back to working on my pilot this week. A friend of mine had hipped me to some parallels between TV and epic poetry of all things, and that messed with my head for a bit. I felt like I was barking up the wrong tree with what I was doing. I wanted to step back and re-approach it with these new insights in mind…but then I got sick and #Squirrel’s health issues demanded more of my attention, and the pilot just got backburnered.

Anyway, I revisited it with trepidation. after about a month away from it, I was able to look at it with fresh eyes, and with these new ideas and approaches in my head, I fully expected to find it completely unsalvageable. To my surprise, I found myself enjoying what I’d written, which doesn’t happen all that often. Now, I’m probably better at the craft of writing than the art; I’m pretty good at turning a phrase, but I sometimes struggle at telling a story that engages an audience. The pilot thus far bears that out…it’s an enjoyable read, but it needs some work to be worthy of putting on film. Still, there are real building blocks there, and I think I can finish it without too many massive changes, and then give it a serious rewrite.

I just gotta kick this cold. (It’s not the flu, dammit. It’s a COLD.)

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You know what I like about these guys? I don’t think anyone has ever expected them when they’ve shown up. I mean, their first appearance doesn’t count (on Page 69, for those of you who were wondering), of course, but every other time they’ve appeared, I feel like they’re were the last people anyone was expecting to throw a monkey wrench in the works. (Or maybe I’m wrong, and you guys always expect these guys.)

Well, it looks like we got in just under the wire for the Long Beach Comic Expo! I know that we’l be in Artists Alley, but we don’t have a booth number yet. We’ll let you know as soon as we do, and if you’re there, we hope you’ll come by and see us!

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There’s no shortage of female characters in this comic, but I just noticed that most of them have short hair. I mean, Jusadva’s only got the bob. Only Pearly White, Aeryn Thornheart, and The Fishwife are really rocking long hair. Even The Black Ribbon has been revealed to have short hair. (See Page 684 for the reminder.) Of course, we don’t overly sexualize our ladies, either…and this is an action/adventure comic. Most of our female characters are fighters or wizards, and long hair can be a liability when the [REDACTED] hits the fan.

Can I tell you guys, I just kicked this nasty cough that has been whipping my ass…and now I have a sore throat. I’d gone a good long time without being sick, too. With #Squirrel’s health concerns requiring me to be ever present, and to play chauffeur, this is pretty much the last thing I need. My life is about to be all about hot tea and pho ga (Vietnamese chicken noodle soup), I think. (And on top of that, I’m worried that #Squirrel is adding the flu to her list of ailments! GAH!)

Oh, an update: We cut the cable cord and ended up keeping the Hulu Live TV. We like it a lot, and we’re saving something like $75/month, but for whatever reason, Hulu is giving me the blues every time I try to watch Black Lightning. WTF is that about?

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Panel Two is, in my opinion, an instance of Will really elevating whatever it was I put into the script. I mean, the shot is almost exactly as I described, but it’s still way cooler than I imagined. There is so much power in collaboration.

Actually, this brings me to a soft pitch for something. I’ve been trying to keep a Tumblr blog going. I don’t put TOO much up there, and not a lot of personal writing, but if you’re interested at all in the things that I sometimes insert here, you might find it worth checking out.

For example, to bring it around full circle, I recently posted something there about the power of elevation through collaboration, and how each step can really elevate the whole of the material. It was a piece I shared from about Pixar. Sweet stuff. Check it out on my Tumblr here.

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Dang it. I just looked at Madzinah and thought, “Will always draws her with her eyes seemingly shut, like the way Kurt Schaffenberger used to draw Shazam.” Now, Kurt Schaffenberger’s Shazam will be all I see every time this woman is on the page.

Well, Will and I played D&D with a couple of our buddies yesterday (as you read this…as I write it, we only stopped about two hours ago) and IT WAS GREAT. Honestly, all of us were REALLY rusty, we had to look up every other rule, or at least it felt that way…and I had reviewed the 5E rules over the past month! This was my first time running 5E, and I have to say, it is so much easier and so much less time-consuming to create adventures and design cool stuff. The most time-consuming parts are coming up with ideas and drawing maps…and I’m saying this while running a campaign where I’m using ENTIRELY original monsters. No kobolds, no owlbears, no yuan-ti, all original monsters that the party gets to name after encountering them. (They haven’t run into any intelligent monsters yet.)

Now, here’s the thing…it was great because we all missed it a lot and because we love D&D. I don’t know how much of a great adventure I’ve been writing; I think I can pat myself on the back for throwing things at the party that they didn’t expect. They’re definitely being tasked with difficulties that we’ve never played with before, and they seemed to rise to the challenges. So yeah, I think it was a good game. Hopefully, next session will be better!

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