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I don’t know how many of you even notice that tags that each page gets, but I put them in…anyway, it’s a really small opportunity for me to be an [REDACTED]; I’m not tagging Hunter in these pages, whether he’s there or not. MWAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!!!

I’m just going to put this right here, because there’s nothing more important in the geek world right now:

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You know, I was gonna tell you guys whether or not Hunter Black is anywhere to be seen on this page, but I’m running late for work, so…

This has been a good week for my writing career and a crappy one at my day job. I definitely crept a few steps closer to doing one full-time and getting rid of the other entirely, but for now, the day job still needs my 60 hours a week…

The Terminal Kickstarter continues!

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You know, I thought long and hard about how to handle wine, toasting, and pregnancy in this scene. It occurred to me that the Known World probably doesn’t have taboos against pregnant women drinking…hell, it’s not as thoroughly studied in the real world as conventional wisdom would suggest. Anyway, I decided that Jusadva, being who and what she is, would know better than most, but would also want to save face at a meeting of this type; hence, the way it plays out. (Not dropping the glass, that’s damn near involuntary after Jisanda’s question.)

Well, IMMINENT Press is at it again. The Terminal Anthology has been reimagined as a series rather than a single collection, and the Kickstarter to fund the first, and maybe first TWO, issues is live. We’ve been tagged as a “Project We Love” by Kickstarter. Also, IMMINENT has named me its CEO and Will its Creative Director, which basically means we send emails here and there. This is a project put together by a lot of webcomic and indie comics talent, including Justin Gray, Troy Brownfield, Eric Palicki, Carrie Tupper (from Kamikaze), and a lot more. Google some of those names, and you’ll see a lot of good work out there…we’re just trying to get ourselves together under one “roof.”

There’s a lot of cool swag available for backers of the Kickstarter…it’d be awesome if you checked it out. Thanks!

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The guesses are starting to roll in…where is Hunter in this scene? IS he in this scene at all, except as a narrator? Suffice it to say, when you need to know where Hunter is, you will.

#Squirrel is currently in her jammies and a fluffy pink bathrobe, which I jokingly refer to as a “housecoat.” (I mean, that IS the correct term…in The Shire.) I’m only pointing that out because she secretly loves it when I talk about her here, and I want to see if she bothers to read this.

Today (Sunday) is one of those days off where I can’t manage to do anything but recover; the salt mines have been kicking my ass. Back to the grind tomorrow morning, and then straight on until next weekend, and I know I’m gonna have some writing work to do on top of all of that.

Tough days ahead, with mad potential to be extremely rewarding, so…sign me up!

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It wasn’t that long ago that Hunter said he wasn’t interested in working with Jusadva on this, I know…I KNOW! Hunter’s like my wife, though…he reserves the right to change his mind.

I just did something that I haven’t done in a long while…I began research on an entirely new project. The management gig takes up so much time that starting a brand new project has been a dubious prospect at best, but it’s time to change that. Research can be inspiring as [REDACTED]; the project I’m working out is episodic in nature, and I got a lot of ideas for factors that will become stories down the road, just from a couple of hours of research.

Plus, I got the name of my main character. I’d picked it out a while ago, but I needed permission, since I’m using the name of a friend. (This friend only inspires the character in the most superficial of ways…my character is almost nothing like my friend…but still. I’d feel weird is Will had a new project with a character named “Moose” or “Justin Peniston” without him at least talking to me about it first.) I think I’d said it before, I CANNOT get to know a character about whom I’m writing if I don’t know their name. Without a name, and the thought processes that go about selecting one, regardless if it’s a new name or an appropriated one, I have a hard time getting to what makes that character work, with what they really WANT.

I know, all of this is “vague-blogging,” but I can’t get too in depth at the moment. Give it time.

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