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You know, sometimes when I’m writing dialogue, I have to choose between “crime story appropriate” and “fantasy appropriate.” I mean, I’m pretty sure Frodo never told anyone to stop dicking around. I hesitated for…maybe five seconds before deciding that was the line I wanted to use.

You know, so many shows that I love find a way to disappoint me when all is said and done, but one show that has NOT done that is Orphan Black, which came back this weekend. There are two things about the show that I notice consistently, season after season, episode after episode.

  1. It’s always the fastest hour on television. The episodes go by so quickly and leave me wanting more each and every time.
  2. Tatiana Maslany is the finest actor on TV. She played five characters in this episode, and on two occasions she played both characters in the scene. It’s almost too easy to forget that the characters are depending on the same person, they’re so successfully distinct. Sure, some of it is costuming and makeup, but the truth is, Tatiana Maslany is a BEAST.

This is the last season of what is probably my favorite show on TV. #sigh

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Hey gang! Long time no see! Will here, Justin is at his fake job so I’m posting the page today. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted but I have been keeping myself busy.

I’ve been updating¬†twice a week at our Patreon page. You’ll find illustrations, sketches, and creation processes. If you are a backer you are getting Hunter Black content five days a week!

Kickstarter Illustrations are getting banged out. I have two done and I’ve started working on the third tonight. I am posting almost done images on the Patreon page. Become a backer so you check out the cool drawing you get if you support our projects!

I had a rough day at work on Monday and that’s really galvanized me to get more Illustration work. I’ve started checking out Illustration Agencies, if anyone has any contacts, I’d love to talk to them.

Finally, Warhammer 40k is releasing its 8th edition and all of the rules have already been leaked online. If you follow me on Instgram you can see pics of me trying out the new edition.

Alright guys, back to work!


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Things that Will loves: 1. Ninja outfits 2. Pads on ONE SHOULDER ONLY.

My mom sent #Squirrel and me the first comic I ever made. I couldn’t have been more than 6 or 7 when I made it. NIGHT-STALKER! He was a fairly transparent rip-off of Batman…his first name was “Dick.”

I’d scan it into the computer, but it’s pretty old and fragile. I’ll say this much, which some of the Kickstarter backers have already figured out…I am not now, nor have I ever been, of any value as an illustrator. Also, I’m weirdly anal about my six year-old self’s spelling mistakes.

There was a real energy there, though, I’ll give myself that much. Crazy to see how much I’ve always wanted this.

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I hope you guys like the whispering font, because you’re going to be seeing a lot of it for a while.

So, #Squirrel and I saw Wonder Woman this weekend. There was no way we were not going to see this movie on opening weekend. First of all, #Squirrel LOVES Wonder Woman, so much so that she got teary-eyed over her appearance in Batman V Superman. Second, opening weekend is the best indicator as to whether or not a film will get a sequel. If it does well opening weekend, a sequel is virtually assured in the franchise business, and it was important to me to contribute to that if the movie was any good. Lastly, #Squirrel and I are fans of the Fast and Furious franchise, which is where we were introduced to Gal Gadot. We like her. (I confess I was concerned that her stature wasn’t Amazonian enough, and before I get accused of objectification, I had similar concerns about Michael Keaton when he was cast as Batman. Neither concern was really justified.)

We really liked it. A lot. That much I can say without ruining anything.

Before you continue…things could get SPOILERY from here on out. So if you haven’t seen the film and want the surprises to remain intact, TURN BACK NOW. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!!!

There was something that got #Squirrel and I both REALLY emotional REALLY early in the movie. The music was powerful, that much I know. I think the stuff with young Diana on Themyscira was what did it. There’s something about seeing a young girl who wants to kick ass, who isn’t content with her role…and even on Paradise Island, Diana was being forced into a role. More than that, though…it was really nice to see characters that were motivated by the fact that they were good people. There was no underlying trauma for Diana. She wasn’t seeking revenge and she wasn’t really out to prove something. She felt a sense of responsibility, of duty, and that was enough to put herself out there.

Wonder Woman is very much a fish out of water/coming of age story, and both stories are served very ably. Diana’s introduction to WWI-era London is both fun and funny. (Etta Candy was awesome and I wish she’d had a larger role.) Gal Gadot has solid comedy chops, and I’m dazzled enough by her beauty to be shocked over and over again by that. (She carried comedy off well in Keeping Up With The Joneses, too.) More than that, and more importantly, Diana has the hubris so important in Greek mythology, and watching it get dispelled is worth the price of admission. The look on Gal Gadot’s face when her expectations are shattered is good stuff. She really carries the movie nicely, although she doesn’t have to. The movie’s cast solidly all around, most especially Chris Pine in his role as supporting character/damsel in distress. There’s a scene in the movie where he’s sent to use his sex appeal in a beautiful piece of role-reversal, and it doesn’t feel out of place or heavy-handed AT ALL.

That brings me to how gloriously feminist (small “f”) this film is. There was definitely a concerted effort to turn so many sexist tropes in filmmaking on their ears, and that was done in many scenes and in many ways in the film, but never at the cost of the story. It was all so elegantly done that you don’t necessarily notice it at first.

The film’s biggest stumbles are in the climax. The resolution of both the fish out of water and the coming of age stories come together well, pretty much as promised, but the change in the film’s tone is almost jarring. The climax of BvS was the best part of that movie (mostly because of Wonder Woman, come to think of it)…now imagine taking that scene out of that film and putting it at the end of, say, Back To The Future. That’s an extreme example, and there is NO plot dissonance at all, but the change in tone is striking. Thinking about it, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because Diana faces nothing but human threats throughout the film, and then she’s suddenly facing down the god of war. They only solution I see involves peppering more supernatural threats throughout the film, but that would have ruined a very well put together film, not to mention undermining both the fish out of water and coming of age elements.

I know that I WANTED this film to be good, and all of the positive buzz came out, I was a little concerned that everyone felt that way, and that people were glossing over its flaws. Not at all the case. Maybe it’s not quite as good as Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy, but it’s every bit as good as the first Iron Man, and like that film, should have been the first entry into this universe.

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I feel a little like people don’t fully understand our most recent flashback, which distresses me. Are you all clear on whom is whom in Panel Two?

Certainly, there were a few people over on Tapastic who were thrown for a loop by the last couple of pages.

I really DON’T want to explain things, but only because it makes me feel like our storytelling isn’t clear enough. This would be the first time we’ve REALLY had this problem.

Am I tripping over nothing?

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