Hunter Black Page 878 – The Sheriff of Boldo’s Teeth

When I was writing this segment, I considered making Panel Two a splash page, so we could echo Page 1 of the comic. Obviously, cooler heads prevailed, but I do think that would’ve been a neat choice. (BTW, MINE was the cooler head. The last thing I want to do is make this comic LONGER than it needs to be.)

Two movies in two days.

Tuesday of last week: Justice League
Wednesday of last week: Coco

Justice League was WAY better than I feared it was going to be…but that still only earned it a C+. I cannot join in on the bashing of this movie; I think I liked it more than Age of Ultron. The heroes were great, except maybe for Henry Cavill as Superman, who I’ve really liked in the past. The problems for him had more to do with the writing and the bad CGI than anything else. Steppenwolf is an utterly uninspiring villain, which was probably the film’s most glaring flaw. Still, it was fun, and most of all, the heroes were HEROIC. While there is serious room for improvement, this was a major step in the right direction.

Coco was a “return to greatness” for Pixar, which has of late been outshined the offerings of their parent company. The Good Dinosaur was no Moana…but Coco definitely breathes that same rarefied air. Like Moana, it expanded upon a mythology in a way that felt super respectful yet perfectly approachable for a mainstream audience. Coco lands an A-, and has to be mentioned in the upper echelon of Pixar’s library.

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I’m back from vacation! Time to get back to cranking out this comic! You know, I intended these guys to be in chains, but the pit works perfectly, and I think giving these prisoners this much mobility will work better a few pages down the road. (That’s not a hint.)

Well, we have received a request to put our map of the world up on the site…and it honestly surprises me that we’ve yet to do that. Putting that up has gone on our list of things to do, but it might take a few days or weeks. If you simply CANNOT WAIT THAT LONG, the map IS available in the book, which is available for purchase in our shop. (Hint-hint. Plug-plug.)

I’m in the middle of a big, life-changing transition…and it occurs to me that one of the (many, many) things that will come out of this is MORE OPPORTUNITY TO PLAY D&D!!! I haven’t played in over two years, and that is wholly, utterly unacceptable. More on the BIG CHANGE in a couple of weeks!


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Hey gang!

So Im writing this on Wednesday night. The last thing I do before I hit the bed. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.  5:50 AM wake up, 5 hours on the plane. then Thanksgiving with the in-laws!

Wish me luck!


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Sorry about the delay folks!

When I got home from work last night I started packing. Completely forgot to post the page!

Good thing when I woke up I remembered.

So we have a new character, lets how long he lasts………


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Thanksgiving week!

Huzzah! Justin is out of town this week and ill be out of town this coming weekend. Kim has a friend getting married in Florida, during Thanksgiving weekend. I’m so happy to shell out the extra money for that plane ticket!


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I am unreasonably proud of that last sentence.

So #Squirrel and I are headed home to the DC area to see my family for Thanksgiving. You might get a little extra Will this week, but I’ll have my laptop, so maybe I’ll still handle posting the pages. We’ll see.

Closed last night. In at noon today…I’m pooped.

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