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This happens more often than you might think in a typical bar.

#Squirrel and I had a date night tonight (Thursday night). We hadn’t had one in a while, it was super nice.

Day off tomorrow, which means writing. Things are getting weirdly tense at the day job. I’m confident that Will and I are safe for the moment, but I also feel a little more urgency regarding turning these talents of ours into consistently paying work.

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Not much to say about this page, so I’ll share this: Will and I began plotting out Hunter Black Volume Four today. I already had a few ideas, large scale elements that I wanted to include, but I really had no idea how it was going to take shape, how we were going to transition from this story to the next. Then Will said something that I thought was AMAZING.

Will and I share a true collaboration. Each wants to make sure that the other thinks that what we’re doing is cool. It works extremely well for us. Unfortunately, we have very little time to get together these days.

Today’s planning session happened on Facebook Messenger. Ain’t that some [REDACTED]?

(#Squirrel and I finished Luke Cage tonight. The consensus about that show is pretty much spot on. It begins very strong. During the first half of the season, my biggest complaint was that the villain was far more engaging than the hero. That’s not necessarily a bad problem to have. Right after the season’s midpoint, however, things change…and not for the better. The latter half of the season is much weaker. Not bad…but definitely weaker.)

(I’m watching Fantasia on Netflix as I write this. Modern technology RULES.) (That movie was almost certainly my introduction to the concept of evolution. Who would’ve thought that the 1940s were so scientifically enlightened?) (Of course, the film does end with Ave Maria. I’m just rambling now.)

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I’m sure I’ve commented on this before over the years, but one of the interesting parts of building a world is creating a viable vernacular. I never wanted to get into the business of dishing out nonsensical fictional colloquialisms like “Great Krypton” or “Merciful Minerva,” neither of which makes damn bit of sense, even by the internal logic of the DC Universe…but Hunter Black can’t exactly exclaim “Jesus Christ,” either. Battlestar Galactica did this pretty well, and looking back, they probably modeled what I’d eventually go for when creating my own profanities and exclamations.

“Vanassa’s teats” seemed to work because it was crass, and its crassness kept it from being too cheesy, while the religious reference firmly rooted it in the setting. Also, using a word like “teats” instead of a more modern equivalent, like “tits” or “boobs” helped to set it more firmly into a fantasy setting, sort of like George R. R. Martin calling his cowards “cravens” and his mercenaries “sellswords” in A Song Of Ice And Fire. The problem with “Vanassa’s teats” is that I kind of overused it, or at least I felt like I was overusing it. I needed more.

I’ve thrown in the occasional “godsdamned,” but that’s almost a direct BSG swipe. They used that at least once or twice, but it’s generic enough that I think you can use it in any polytheist society without seeming like you’re ripping anyone off. “Sentine’s precious danglers” is kind of a mouthful, but I tend to speak in mouthfuls, and the sexual reference to a hermaphroditic god’s male parts seems like it fits in a relatively chauvinistic society.

Anyway, that’s where that comes from. (You know, I never have any idea what I’m going to write in this space until I actually start writing. This just sprang out at me.)

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I haven’t said it in a while, but I love the word “revenant.”

I went to a major studio to do some meetin’ and greetin’ today. These things go slowly, and who knows if it will pay off in any significant way, but it felt pretty good, I have to say.

Anyway, that’s all I got tonight. Will’s playing little metal figurines. I watched the first four episodes of Luke Cage tonight, which I’d never seen before. It’s pretty good, although it’s thus far not quite as compelling as either Daredevil or Jessica Jones. It’s very happily black as all hell, I’ll say that much.

Mahershala Ali is a revelation. People love to say that Marvel Studios has a villain problem, but Cottonmouth on Luke Cage says that just ain’t so. Indeed, he threatens to steal the show right out from under Mike Colter.

I’m rewatching The West Wing for the umpteenth time, and Clark Gregg is on as an FBI agent. It’s what got him Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I’m confident of that much.

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Three people, three drinks. Have I mentioned that Will and I both work in the bar business?

I currently owe Will six bottles of Hendrick’s Gin. We work for the same company at different locations. We totally have each other’s backs and yet we’re vaguely competitive, too. It would be fun if it wasn’t for a job doing something other than making comics and cartoons.

Anyway, it’s fun to put glassware and drinks into the comic somehow.

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