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Another silent page. Another weird page title. I have no one to blame but myself.

So, I need your help! (This is an easy one.) I’ve already mentioned that Will is going to run some D&D for us next week. He recently told us that we’re starting at 15th level, which is kind of awesome. (We so rarely get to play high-level stuff.) There are a lot of directions in which I could go with a character…and I’m kind of stuck.

Do me a favor and click through to the Hunter Black Fan Group on Facebook. (You could even go ahead and join, if you’re on Facebook. It’s the place where we get to be interactive with you guys in a way that doesn’t feel like work.) I put a poll up there with a few character concepts, all revolving around the shared theme of FAILURE. Check out the character ideas and vote for one of them!

And thanks!

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I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it before, but I take the titles for each page (and yes, they’re titled, check out the archives) from the dialogue in the page. I didn’t start off doing it this way, but coming up with an original title for each page was starting to become too time-consuming, so I switched to this style. Sometimes, however, we have pages with no dialogue. I hate those pages!

This past week has been a highly productive one on the writing front. I’ve worked on at least four different projects, I’ve met my deadlines with room to spare, and I’ve been able to get cracking on stuff that had to get shoved to the back-burner…stuff that is actually very important to taking my career to the next level.

And as you all know, #Squirrel has been recovering from eye surgery. The early part of last week was ROUGH, she was dealing with some pretty intense pain, so much so that we made an impromptu visit to the ophthalmologist to see what was wrong. The doctors there are top-notch; the figured out the problems and made the necessary adjustments to #Squirrel’s meds, and she’s been much better…

…but she’s also been sleeping CONSTANTLY. One of her new meds is intended to reduce her “eye pressure” (and who knew that “eye pressure” was a thing?), and that medication is KNOCKING HER OUT. She’s literally slept something like 20 hours a day since Friday. She awakens long enough to use the bathroom, take her meds, and get something to eat, and then she knocks right back out.

(In fact, she woke up as I was typing this. After getting her fed and giving her her meds, she decided that she couldn’t take that particular eye pressure pill anymore, because it’s messing her up. She also has two sets of eye pressure eyedrops, so I didn’t push it. The whole point was to alleviate her pain, because her eye pressure was never THAT high to begin with, so if the intense pain doesn’t recur, we can ditch that pill. The surgeon wasn’t in love with that pill anyway.)

There is probably a correlation between the amount of writing I’ve gotten done recently and the amount of sleeping #Squirrel has been doing…but I’d rather have her up and around and giving me pointless projects to do. I miss my wife; Sleeping Beauty isn’t a movie I needed to see more than once.

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Honestly, it took me a minute to warm up to the fangs on the people infected with the Anger Plague. I never intended it to turn them into MONSTERS (even if it often turned them into cannibals), but the crazy jagged teeth make an excellent shorthand, and honestly, I don’t like being too nitpicky (which will come as a surprise to Will).

Let me just get this out of the way: this is going to be the first time since I was old enough to make decisions for myself that I haven’t seen a new Star Wars film on opening weekend. I confess that I’m less excited for Solo than I have been for maybe ANY new Star Wars film, but that’s not why I’m not seeing it. #Squirrel is still recovering from her surgery a week ago, and while the surgery seems to have gone extremely well (without making any guarantees about how it’ll actually effect her vision), the recovery has been a [REDACTED]. She’s been in almost constant pain the whole time, and she’s in no shape to go to the movies.

I simply can’t go, not in good conscience.

But I will definitely be antsy all weekend. I’m not great at delayed gratification.

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Man, when I saw this page for the first time, I was absolutely blown away. If you follow me on Twitter or are in the Fan Group on Facebook, you might have seen me pre-gushing over it. (Will complained about this page, too.)


I’m a bit stoked.

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Man, I just reviewed the artwork of the upcoming pages, and things are looking good. I mean, this is a good page, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I’m smack-dab in the middle of this super busy time I was talking about last week. #Squirrel had her surgery last Friday, and while the ophthalmologist says that the surgery went better than we could possibly have hoped for (#Squirrel overheard the word “miracle” while she was under the knife), there have been issues. Her anesthesia wore off while she was in the middle of surgery, so she experienced some real pain, and she was re-sedated. Unfortunately, #Squirrel is sensitive to anesthesia, so she’s been nauseated ever since. She can barely hold food down. Couple that with the expected post-surgical pain, and it’s been a rough weekend, for her physically, and for me emotionally. I don’t like seeing my wife in pain.

I’m currently under deadline on two projects. I’m well ahead of schedule (for once), because I don’t know when I’m going to be called away from the keyboard to tend to #Squirrel, so I’ve been making the most of almost every waking moment. Of course, I’m also in the middle of my night job work week, so I’m not getting a whole lot of sleep.

Still, I’m mostly positive. I feel like I’m doing good work, and I’m confident that, after #Squirrel finally starts to feel more like herself, we’re going to get a good result. If I can keep this writing pace up, and while I’ve been getting a lot done, it hasn’t been what I would call an unreasonable pace, I feel like a lot of good things can happen for me.

So everything that I’ve been bitching and moaning about feels like it’s coming around to something good. (FINALLY.)

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