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Soooo…I had a vicious allergy attack this past week, and I probably blew my nose…400 times? I only tell you this because the fallen vase along the bottom of panel registered to me as a roll of toilet paper. (Yes, I went through all the tissue and was forced to use toilet paper for a while.) (This is the kind of insightful commentary you get after 900 pages.)

I’ve had something of a sci-fi week. First off, and let’s say most importantly, Star Wars Rebels came back…and it came back with the thunder! I don’t know how many of you watch it, and I’m not going to spoil it, but MAN. They’re gearing up for the end of the series, and it shows. The gloves are off.

Then, my wife got me an early birthday present in the Blu-Ray of Blade Runner 2049. I was kind of obsessed with the film when it came out. I’m not going to extol its virtues or suggest that you see it; it’s clearly not for everyone. Not everyone has the patience for a 2-hour-and-45-minute, $150 million art film, and that’s basically what this is, even though there are flying cars and artificial humans and some brutal violence. This is simply not a blockbuster science fiction movie. But man, is it my kind of movie. Thought provoking, patience rewarding, and stunningly beautiful, I’m pretty sure that this was my favorite movie of 2017, despite how much I loved Wonder Woman and Spider-Man Homecoming.

I watched BR2049 yesterday, off and on as I had the time, and I’m absolutely ready to sit down and watch it again with #Squirrel today. Nope, it’s not for everybody, but it’s very much for me.

Lastly, I’ve been seeing some decent reviews for the film I’m most looking forward to this year. (That’s not true, actually. I most looking forward to Incredibles 2, but this is very close.) Alex Garland’s Annihilation comes out this weekend. I LOVED Ex Machina, so I’m excited for this. Alex Garland and Denis Villeneuve are the two guys making visionary science fiction films right now, and I’ll sign up for whatever they do until they start to disappoint.

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Any guesses as to how this is gonna turn out?


So let’s talk about Black Panther. It’s not QUITE as good as the hype suggests…but it’s still good enough to crack my Top 5 MCU films, edging Guardians of the Galaxy to #6 and Iron Man down to #7.

This is, as the reviewer at said, a truly Shakespearean superhero film. It’s chock full of family betrayals, the weight of the crown, and warrior women wrecking shit in a casino. (Was that not in As You Like It? My bad.) Also, this movie was a masterclass in world-building and making exposition work.

I have two gripes about the film:

  1. It’s more of a Wakanda movie than a Black Panther movie. Black Panther himself was only the fifth or sixth coolest character in the movie.
  2. The climax was a little too CGI-heavy. A movie like this, with towering themes and primal stakes, required a more intimate final battle. #YMMV

Between Homecoming‘s Vulture and this film’s Erik Killmonger, Marvel seems to be solving its villain problem. Michael B. Jordan steals every scene he’s in. His character gives the stakes in this film a very real gravitas; not only is he seeking revenge, he’s also seeking justice and liberation. There’s nothing better when part of you wants to root for the villain…and then you’re reminded that he’s a mass murderer.

It’s almost a disservice to lump them together, but the three female leads of this movie were all sensational. Together, they serve as the heart (Nakia), mind (Shuri), and soul (Okoye) of this movie. All are fully realized. All are supremely capable and thrillingly brave. All are wonderfully performed. I got teary-eyed during Wonder Woman when the Amazons attacked the beach…but the Dora Milaje > the Amazons. “Would you really kill me, my love?” “For Wakanda? WITHOUT QUESTION.” Perhaps my favorite exchange in the movie.

Also, mad props to Winston Duke and Andy Serkis for M’Baku and Ulysses Klaue. Man, they were having fun, and they delivered that fun straight to the audience.

  1. Winter Soldier
  2. Civil War
  3. Homecoming
  4. The Avengers
  5. Black Panther

Let’s see if Infinity War can knock it back out again.

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This is the calmest and most rational that Jada Nilthrex has ever seemed since we introduced her. This says something about her, I think. The opposite is true for Tyne; he’s been grouchy before, especially after being stranded in Boldo’s Teeth, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen him shouting at someone in anger and frustration before.

So Will and I just finished up at Long Beach Comic Expo. Like the last con we did, this left us with some lessons learned, lessons that we can hopefully apply to the next convention. It didn’t go as well as we might have hoped, Saturday especially, but it left us with lots of reasons to be pleased. We made what we hope are a lot of new fans today (Sunday), we sold a few books, and we made some interesting connections.

Unfortunately for us, we couldn’t put some of our learned lessons from the Los Angeles Comic Con to use, there’s a turnaround on some of the stuff that we wanted to do. But we should be better prepared for Wonder Con. Certainly, we have a lot of strategizing to do between now and then.

Let us know if you’ll be at Wonder Con next month!

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You know, it’s not fair to expect these guys to be good swordsmen just because they went to a school for swordsmanship…and achieved its second highest honor. Seriously, though, there was a gulf of ability between these two mutts and Maliya Pel, and Jada Nilthrex’s talents lie somewhere that gulf…somewhere closer to Maliya’s level of skill.

Not much else to say today…lots of writing to do and a convention to prepare for. Long Beach Comic Expo, Saturday and Sunday! Hunter Black will be at Booth F20, so come and see us!

BOOTH F20!!!

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Hunter Black Page 911 – You Were Expecting Someone Else?

This is page 911, and I choose to think of Porsches rather than emergencies or terrorists, thank you very much.

This weekend is Long Beach Comic Expo and Will and I will be there! We are at Booth F20, so come and check us out! We got some new convention trimmings for our booth this past week, like a new table display hanging:

…and an embarrassing list of my credits in an effort to use my résumé to give our comic more credibility…

…although to be honest, we have no idea if any of this stuff will work. I know that if you guys are at the convention and you decide to stop by, that will be worth something to us, no doubt.

Oh yeah, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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