Click Here to Comment Hunter Black Page 908 – Keeping Our Seats Warm In Hell

For those of you that don’t remember, Byzan (the baldy one) and Tyne (The one with the Wolverine hair) were students at the Jeramsus School, Maliya Pel’s old school. (If you don’t remember Maliya, we’re doing something wrong.) They were sent to kill Maliya and she fought them off. Hunter ended up escorting them away, and they’ve popped up here and there since then. They’re a pain.

I just felt an earthquake while putting this page together! Haven’t felt one of those in while.

Will and I are deeeeeep in the throes of con prep. We have the Long Beach Comic Expo in two weeks and Wonder Con in a month and a half. We’re not going to be able to do all the stuff that we want to do for Long Beach, but we should have everything ready to go for Wonder Con in Anaheim.

We don’t have our booth information for Long Beach yet, but we will be at Booth SP-56 at Wonder Con. (You can expect this to be repeated quite a bit between then and now.)

We look forward to sharing pictures!

Oh, lest I forget, it’s Wednesday, and that’s #NewComicDay. Check out a webcomic called Witchy that I just found; it’s for the Harry Potter lovers in the world, without feeling in any way like a rip off. My only complaint is that there isn’t more of it available. Check it out!

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