Click Here to Comment on Hunter Black Page 765 – Your Body Must Be Prepared

I’ve probably looked at this page five or six times since Will finished it, and this is the first time that I’ve noticed that Tzetzem’Tze’Tzemoze’s cup went from looking down in Panel One to looking up at…Hunter, I guess?…in Panel Three. Coincidentally, I never thought this page was creepy until just now, either.

I’m posting this page a day early (not that you’ll notice, it’s still not going live until Friday), because Thursday (tomorrow for me, yesterday for you) is Will’s birthday and I’m working during the day and then going straight to his birthday dinner. I’m sure I will drink a few drinks, and the last thing that I’ll want to do is worry about posting the page after that. So I’m doing it now.

Hey, do you follow the comic on Facebook? We don’t really post the comic there (it’s already up in two places and it’s likely to go up in at least one more), but it’s a nice place for, as Jacob puts it, “curated geekery.” (He said that in the print edition of Hunter Black Volume One. Which you can buy. If you want to.) And of course, you could just become a Patron…Will is posting original artwork there every week and if you become a $5/month donor, you’ll get weekly sneak peeks at the comic. (That said, our Facebook page IS free. No original artwork, but I occasionally share slightly off-color videos!)

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  • ONail

    Oh… Uh… Revenger, yeah… Kind of forgotten about that little nuance, heh.

    Well then, Hunter, welcome to the Ultimate Fisting Club. Prepare your body.
    (yeah guys, when you think my poor jokes are too much, just tell me)

    • Justin Peniston


      (Although I guess you’re not that far off the mark…)

    • Storel

      My first thought, even before reading ONail’s comment, was “So will Hunter be walking like he has a stick up his [redacted]?”

      • Justin Peniston

        Poor Hunter. We do such horrible things to him.