Click Here to Comment on Hunter Black Page 779 – I Find It Sours My Stomach

You know, I thought long and hard about how to handle wine, toasting, and pregnancy in this scene. It occurred to me that the Known World probably doesn’t have taboos against pregnant women drinking…hell, it’s not as thoroughly studied in the real world as conventional wisdom would suggest. Anyway, I decided that Jusadva, being who and what she is, would know better than most, but would also want to save face at a meeting of this type; hence, the way it plays out. (Not dropping the glass, that’s damn near involuntary after Jisanda’s question.)

Well, IMMINENT Press is at it again. The Terminal Anthology has been reimagined as a series rather than a single collection, and the Kickstarter to fund the first, and maybe first TWO, issues is live. We’ve been tagged as a “Project We Love” by Kickstarter. Also, IMMINENT has named me its CEO and Will its Creative Director, which basically means we send emails here and there. This is a project put together by a lot of webcomic and indie comics talent, including Justin Gray, Troy Brownfield, Eric Palicki, Carrie Tupper (from Kamikaze), and a lot more. Google some of those names, and you’ll see a lot of good work out there…we’re just trying to get ourselves together under one “roof.”

There’s a lot of cool swag available for backers of the Kickstarter…it’d be awesome if you checked it out. Thanks!

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  • Storel

    To be fair, Jisanda had no way to know this would be such a sore topic…