Click Here To Comment on Hunter Black Page 780 – Business Concluded

You know, I was gonna tell you guys whether or not Hunter Black is anywhere to be seen on this page, but I’m running late for work, so…

This has been a good week for my writing career and a crappy one at my day job. I definitely crept a few steps closer to doing one full-time and getting rid of the other entirely, but for now, the day job still needs my 60 hours a week…

The Terminal Kickstarter continues!

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  • ONail

    Ahhhh, that’s how he knows! He’s one of the escort!! Yeeeeeessss >:-)

    • Justin Peniston

      I confirm nothing. I deny nothing.

    • Storel

      I’m guessing he’s the really big escort. We shall see…

  • Storel

    Ahh, sneaky. Piss her off to keep her from figuring too much out.

    …Jusadva’s already figured it all out, hasn’t she?