Click Here to Comment on Hunter Black Page 782 – All We have Are Blunt Instruments

Sorry for the late page, I was so busy trying to get caught up with scripting yesterday afternoon, that I ran out of time to pre-post the page. Will put this up, but I’m adding the bells and whistles. I LOVE that flashback panel at the end of the page. When that page went up back in the day, it was the first one to make we think that we were doing something special.

It’s funny, things are going SO well and yet it’s SUCH a struggle. The comic feels like it’s coming out well, there are all kinds of good things happening in our careers (secret projects galore), and the Terminal Kickstarter is now fully funded. (We’re still trying to hit those stretch goals…the more we raise, the more books we put out!) But tax season is a bear, especially if you’re stupid and started your corporation in the state of California, which taxes the living shit out of you just for existing. Storage is a bear. Lettering is a bear.

We’re keeping on keeping on, and Will has been a MONSTER of late, but man. Is it really supposed to be this hard? (The answer is likely yes. One of my favorite aphorisms is, “Nothing worth doing is ever easy.”)

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