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Weyland’s Bay, greatest city of the age. It’s kind of crazy that we’ve never had any major scenes here. Hunter hasn’t been here, except in flashback, since the comic began, yet it looms large over the comic…and always has.

Man, I watched the Special Features on my Rogue One and The Force Awakens Blu-Rays. Star Wars will always be special to me, and seeing how special it is to so many people, especially the people that get to work on it, really got me emotional. #Squirrel doesn’t really understand, although she kind of has the same stirrings of nostalgia when she gets reminded of the original Strawberry Shortcake, which she absolutely loved as a kid.

I don’t know that I aspire to creating something as iconic as Star Wars, but I am REALLY motivated to make some kid feel the way that I felt when I saw the Star Wars films for the first time. I got a little taste of that from Rocket Queen and The Wrench, when a friend of mine told me that her daughter decided that it was cool to be smart because Rocket Queen is. Man, that one got me weepy.

Anyway, I love me some Star Wars.

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