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I’m not good at remembering to point cool things out, but I’m remembering today. So, when we did our Kickstarter campaign for Volume One, one of the rewards was getting a character of your creation into the comic. A friend of mine bought that reward and let her kids design the character. This is him, although he’s disguised, and so doesn’t appear in his final form, the one that the kids designed. The monster dog appears as described, however.

Today, as I write this, is Mother’s Day. I’m reaching an age where this isn’t the happiest of days for a lot of people in my life. Two good friends of mine (brothers) lost their mom this past week. One of my oldest friends lost his mother over ten years ago. #Squirrel’s mother is recovering from knee replacement surgery. My mom is dealing with her own health issues.

I say all of these depressing things as a segue to this: DO NOT WAIT FOR THE HOLIDAY. Love your mom, your dad, your spouse, your kids, your friends, your family, whomever you love…love them every day. Demonstrate your love for them as often as you can. If you have the time, it’s never a bad time to call your mom, if only to leave her a loving message. It’s never a bad time to tell a former teacher how much they mean to you. It’s never a bad time to remind your spouse how sexy they are. It’s never a bad time to remind your kids that you love them.

Never feel like you wasted your chances to love your loved ones.

On that note, we love and appreciate you guys. Happy (at this point belated) Mother’s Day!

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  • MSD3000

    I mistakenly read that as “What up man! Down with the Gods!” Which just made me like Joe that much more.

    • Justin Peniston

      That would have been awesome. That feels like a missed opportunity now!

  • Storel

    My wife’s mom passed away several years ago, and mine died almost two years ago. So yeah, we don’t do a lot for Mother’s Day any more… but we do miss both our moms, and still love them.

    Ahh, so that’s why the big guy had two sword hilts sticking out of his backsheath… two swords! I was wondering what kind of sword would have two hilts and totally missed the obvious. 8-D

    • Justin Peniston

      I lost my dad six years ago. I missed him, out loud, just a few hours ago. I don’t celebrate Father’s Day, either…but that doesn’t mean he’s not always present for me.

      My best wishes to you and your wife, my friend.

      • Storel

        Thank you. Same to you!