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What do you do when you’re doing a grayscale comic and one of your Kickstarter backers adds a character with purple eyes? You give the character purple eyes, especially since the character was created by the two young sons of a ridiculously generous friend of yours, that’s what you do. Besides, it’s hard to talk to passionately about a comics done in grayscale when it’s got red blood and golden magic all over that particular page.

I’m watching American Gods, and I think I like the show better than I liked the novel. I was unimpressed with the book the first time I read it, Neil Gaiman has certainly written things that I’ve enjoyed more, and while I definitely enjoyed it more the second time, I’m still finding the STARZ adaptation more to my liking. I’m confident that’s down to the aesthetic you get when you put Bryan Fuller (along with cohorts Michael Green and David Slade) on a television project. There’s just a hint of what I liked about Hannibal, but even more batshit crazy, since it’s on a premium cable channel. Also, Ian McShane is bad ass in anything. ANYTHING.

Man, since I recommitted myself to my writing career, my plate filled up FAST. Not everything on my plate is something I’m fully committed to yet, at least three of the projects are on spec, but I have just enough insider information to know that these are projects that certain studios and/or comic book companies are looking for, as long as I execute them well. Seriously, though…I’ve got SEVEN projects in some level of development, two of which you already know about: Hunter Black and The Brood Mare, Will’s and my contribution to the Terminal Anthology by IMMINENT Press. The other five projects are all fairly ambitious, the least ambitious of which I’ve already been hired for. (I’ve even spent the money in my head. Sigh.)

So there’s a certain amount of pressure on me right now, pressure to deliver to myself that which I have been wanting for a while. It’s a welcome pressure…but it’s also a very real pressure. (I’m sharing some of it with Will, too. What’s that guy got on his plate besides planning a wedding?)

Health scares…health TERRORS…have abounded in and among my friends and family of late. #Squirrel has had them, my mom has had them, one of my very best friends has had them. Everything seems to have come out okay, everyone’s not out of the woods but the trees have definitely thinned, so I’m breathing a lot easier. Needless to say, I’m eating a lot more salads these days. I have no wish to put my wife and family and friends through what I’ve been through in the past year.

Well, that’s my wordy-ass update for the night. I think I just needed an excuse to write something other than a comic script for a while.

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  • MSD3000

    The idea that he’s a musclebound, hyper-violent, bladed-hyena-havin, psychopath…with pretty purple eyes, just adds to his mystique!

    • Randolph Carter

      Don’t forget the awesome mustache.

      I want to read a comic about him now.

      • Justin Peniston

        Well, hell. I know some kids who will be happy to hear that.

  • Storel

    Hey, “distraction” has three syllables. If he can handle “distraction”, what’s so hard about “courier”?

    I think Hunter just doesn’t like Joe very much…

    • Justin Peniston