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I love this page. Not much happens, but I think that Will sells what we DO have here extraordinarily well. Pages like this worry, though, because despite Will’s awesomeness, my words are what are driving the page here, and I’m never comfortable under those circumstances.

I look at what I wrote above, and it’s true, but at the same time, this is a time for me to be confident about my writing. I’m going to continue to vaguely allude to the many, many things that I have going on right now, but some of it could be game-changing for me, and maybe for Will too. In most things, I perform best when I perform confidently. (Maybe I’m performing confidently because I’m performing well…but that’s not how it feels.) I need to bring my A-game…which means I need to BELIEVE in my A-game.

To be honest, I have been proceeding fairly confidently of late. Signing with the manager was extremely validating for me…but I have a tendency to rest on my laurels when I’m feeling validated, and that sort of behavior will not do. Not now. I’m super determined to make it happen this time around. Maybe the determination is what’s giving me the confidence, I don’t know.

Anyway, Will really does kill it on this page.

(Medical Update: I spoke to my friend in the hospital today, and he hasn’t sounded that healthy and strong to me in a very, very long time. I imagine that’s HIS confidence at play. My mom’s doctor is prescribing transcendental meditation for her. Better than a triple bypass!)

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