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You knew it was coming to this, didn’t you?

I wanted to post the trailer for A Wrinkle In Time, so I could gush over it for you, but I’m exhausted and I’m a little drunk. So I’m going to bed. Might post it on Wednesday.

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  • Randolph Carter

    So now the question is, having gone through all this with not-Hunter… do his (her) companions still have the heart to take him (her) prisoner when the time comes?

    • Justin Peniston

      That IS a good question!

  • motorfirebox

    I am excited as all fuck for Wrinkle in Time… tone of the trailer seemed odd, though. Gonna reread the book, see if I can figure out why.

    • Justin Peniston

      I know what you mean. I have certain images in my mind regarding that book, and the trailer didn’t quite fit all of them.

      1. First, let’s be real…Meg Murry is supposed to be homely and a bit of a shrew. It takes more that glasses to make a little girl like Storm Reid look “homely.”

      2. The Murry home is in a rural area in the book, or at least that’s what I was given to understand, while the trailer features shots of what looks like Los Angeles to me. Maybe that’s supposed to be Camazotz, but I was thinking that the palm trees looked out of place.

      3. I don’t recall seeing Charles Wallace in the trailer at all, and while Meg is the “main” character of the book, I’d argue that Charles Wallace is the most important character in the book.

      4. The male Dr. Murry isn’t anywhere near as present in the book as he is in this trailer. I don’t know if that’s because Chris Pine is a big star or because the film has decided to put Dr. Murry into the audience’s mind in a big way so that we miss him more. (Which is not the route I would take telling this story.)

      Still, to me, these are largely good problems to have, especially that third one. There’s a lot yet to be seen. Still, I’m trying not to be TOO excited for it.

      • motorfirebox

        Yeah. I think was didn’t jibe for me was… the trailer gives the whole thing a kind of Chosen One feel. A Great Evil is coming, and Meg is the one who Must Stop It, and the Ws are there to Set Her On The Path. In the book, it’s about relationships. They don’t even defeat IT, I don’t think—they just escape its influence and reunite their family.