Click Here to Comment on Hunter Black Page 827 – That Was Actually Delicious

Not much to say about this page, so I’ll share this: Will and I began plotting out Hunter Black Volume Four today. I already had a few ideas, large scale elements that I wanted to include, but I really had no idea how it was going to take shape, how we were going to transition from this story to the next. Then Will said something that I thought was AMAZING.

Will and I share a true collaboration. Each wants to make sure that the other thinks that what we’re doing is cool. It works extremely well for us. Unfortunately, we have very little time to get together these days.

Today’s planning session happened on Facebook Messenger. Ain’t that some [REDACTED]?

(#Squirrel and I finished Luke Cage tonight. The consensus about that show is pretty much spot on. It begins very strong. During the first half of the season, my biggest complaint was that the villain was far more engaging than the hero. That’s not necessarily a bad problem to have. Right after the season’s midpoint, however, things change…and not for the better. The latter half of the season is much weaker. Not bad…but definitely weaker.)

(I’m watching Fantasia on Netflix as I write this. Modern technology RULES.) (That movie was almost certainly my introduction to the concept of evolution. Who would’ve thought that the 1940s were so scientifically enlightened?) (Of course, the film does end with Ave Maria. I’m just rambling now.)

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  • motorfirebox

    I mean, you can’t switch up Mahershala Ali for a guy who punches real hard and expect good things.

    • Justin Peniston

      This right here is TRUTH.

      Why they thought it was okay to develop fully one villain, and then kill him off to feature another…that they never really bother developing…is beyond me.

      Mahershala Ali is a revelation in everything he does.

      • motorfirebox

        Surriously. The guy is just… the only word I can think of is “rich”. His acting is a full meal. I liked Stokes’s overall arc, and I even like (spoiler alert) the way the threat he presents is suddenly completely subsumed by Dillard. But that should have been the show’s full arc, with Stryker as maybe a three-episode intermission.

        Regardless of my complaints, though, damn it was good. It had this weird thing where despite the whole show being very up-to-the-minute topical, it was simultaneously this 70s-era grindhouse thing. Like, you could take that same story with the same characters and story beats and make it this wild blaxploitation show. I kept hearing an announcer in my head at the start of every episode: “Luke Cage is dying from the devious Copperhead’s poisoned bullets! Now Luke’s only hope lies with the honkey mad scientist who gave him his powers in the first place!” *freeze-framing opening credits/title sequence over bow chikka chikka wow guitar theme*