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Apologies for the weird posting arrangements today; I think I threw a monkey wrench in the works when I rearranged the order of pages at the beginning of Book Eleven. I’d already written 10 or 12 pages of Book Eleven, and Will had started drawing them, when I decided that this Book needed a new beginning. Nothing was rewritten, but new pages were added and old pages were renumbered, and we all have a routine when it comes to this stuff, and I ruined that. I mean, the entire delay was less than four hours, so I don’t feel too bad about the whole thing, but Will and I established very early on that we were going to post reliably for our readers. Even a four hour delay is kind of unacceptable, and that’s why the page went up with all of this.

We have some announcements to start making, but it’s a tad early yet, and I don’t want those announcements getting lost in our apologies over tardiness, so watch this space. We’ll be bringing you interesting news soon!

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