Click Here to Comment on Hunter Black Page 842 – The Rain On The Basin

I honestly don’t know whether it’s a huge pain for Will to add rain to images in the comic. I DO know that it looks [REDACTED] SWEET when he does it.

In the “no-longer-delayed” department…Will and I will have a table at Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con October 27-29. It’s about time we hit the convention circuit, and we can’t afford to use my work schedule as an excuse any longer. We’re in the back half of filling our Kickstarter reward obligations (finally), and it’s time to try bringing this book to the public in earnest.

Are you in the LA area? Are you gonna be? Are you just gonna go to the convention? If the answer to any of these is yes, you should find an excuse to swing by our table! Books, prints, and who knows what else will be there for you to grab (buy), or you can just swing by, shake hands, and tell us that you’re a reader!

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