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Writing Hunter Black, the character, I mean, lately has been a bit schizophrenic. I write the dialogue normally, but I’ve very deliberately been writing “she” and “her” in the panel descriptions. That always makes me more aware that I’m writing (as opposed to channeling a story, I suppose…using the word “channeling” in this way brings back unpleasant memories of my ex-wife…and yes, I have an ex-wife) than I really want to be. Looking at this page, I’m reminded of that again.

I’m almost recovered from a weekend (plus a Monday) of combining Hard Rock Cafe responsibilities with writing on a deadline for Amazon. You may recall that Mondays are my “waking up at 3:30am” days…and once I got home, I jumped into finishing outlines for Amazon, and I didn’t get myself into bed until…2:30am? That was a rough one.

Will and I had a productive day today. We had to get some stuff done in preparation for the Los Angeles Comic-Con at the end of the month, where we will have a booth, and I didn’t want to drag my feet anymore than I already do. Everything was easier than I expected; we got our seller’s permit and set up to accept credit cards WAY easier than I would have expected. Now we just have to convince people to come check out our booth and our book!

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