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Introducing Devotus IV, the current Great Throne. He’s not an impressive sight, is he? (Not our smoothest transition, by the way. My apologies, this one’s on me.)

I know I ask this every season, but who’s watching Star Wars Rebels? This new season has been awesome. It’s exploring new avenues of the Force, it’s tying up loose ends from the prequels and from the original trilogy. I mean, it explained why it’s called the Rebel ALLIANCE, which has never really been discussed before. The show has a history of showing something I’d never seen before, the impact that the Empire has on normal people. We’ve seen non-combatants suffering under the yoke of the Empire, which gives me a greater investment in their role as villains.

Damn, if I don’t love this show.

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  • ONail

    Not everybody has to look badass and special, personally, i like the diversity. He also fits the first descripton quite well.

    • Justin Peniston

      Oh, he’s supposed to be unimpressive. My apologies were about the transition from the last page to this one. It feels a little abrupt to me as I read it.

      The “new” Great Throne is NOT an impressive man.