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This page does what it’s supposed to do, which is (among other things) convey what an insecure weasel the new Great Throne is. Will hit that nail right on the head.

Two key pieces of geekery to discuss, without a lot of time to discuss them: #Squirrel and I finished Stranger Things 2, and we went to see Thor: Ragnarok.

Count us among the people that really loved Stranger Things 2. I think I already mentioned elsewhere that the second season began a little more slowly than did its predecessor, and that I understood why (they even made mention of that in the first episode of the aftershow), but it does not finish slowly in any way. The ending was big and beautiful, and it managed to make the two storylines (Eleven’s story and everyone else’s) dovetail in a fairly satisfying way. I know that some people didn’t like the “solo adventure” that the show took Eleven on, but it worked for #Squirrel and me. My only criticism is about the new characters, Max and Billy specifically, mostly because they were far more story devices than they were characters with arcs and agency. Same with Bob, really, but Bob was too awesome for that to bother me.

As for Thor, man, what a fun movie. Not a special movie by any means, and I frankly do not get the people that are throwing it to the top of their personal lists of MCU films, but it was extremely entertaining. The comedy hit on almost every level, but I found that maybe there was a bit too much? There were gags at some inappropriate times in the film, which sort of took away the poignancy that we were supposed to feel. The film didn’t have as much heart, or feel like it had as much at stake, as most MCU films do. The film to which it’s closest in style (and substance) is Guardians of the Galaxy, and while it’s FAR better than the Guardians sequel, it doesn’t quite bring it all home as well as the original Guardians did. But still, plenty of fun, plenty of laughs. Jeff Goldblum is FANTASTIC. Also, excellent use of Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song. Twice.

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