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You know, when I first created MY part of The Cur, I was envisioning a character in many ways like the Kingpin from Marvel Comics. This was before the Netflix Marvel shows, so I was definitely thinking of the Frank Miller Daredevil version…so of course, Will designed him with a “What If G.I.Joe’s Quick Kick was a gigantic Indian?” vibe. Looking at the Great Throne in these last few pages, I’m starting to think that Will is in some way channeling the Kingpin NOW.

Well, I doubt I’m the only person reeling at the thought of Brian Michael Bendis jumping ship from Marvel to DC. I hope this isn’t a case of someone signing a talented creator after their best years are behind them. Bendis isn’t the phenom that he once was, and frankly, I haven’t read any mainstream comics at all in the past few years, but this news does fill me with interest and intrigue. Obviously, he needs to write The Question, right? But what else?

(Not Shazam. That’s MY gig!) (#wishfulthinking)

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  • Randolph Carter

    I like the non-sequitur of Hunter discussing politics while simultaneously getting the crap knocked out of him.

    • Justin Peniston

      You know, when this is how I’m writing, it usually means I’m “in a zone.” Thanks for the kind words!