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Just in case you’re wondering if the Great Throne would have made the same decision if he’d known that Cardinal Hoc Zhai was in the room…the answer is probably not.

A lot of chickens coming home to roost in the world these days, huh? A lot of bodies are going to hit the floor when it comes to sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape. The damage is going to be largely economic, I think. I don’t think anyone is going to jail. Cosby and Weinstein have enough money and enough stuff in the rear view mirror to keep them free, or at least that’s what I think. There will be a lot of lost jobs, though.

The damning thing for me is that THIS ISN’T NEW. I’ve known about the Bill Cosby allegations for years. I’ve known about the Louis C.K. episodes for YEARS. The stories about Eddie Berganza have been around forever. These weren’t secrets…we just hadn’t, as a people, decided that we cared about these issues, and these women, more than we care about the entertainments they provide us. Hell, I’ll bet that Alabama still doesn’t care, at least not enough to keep Roy Moore out of the Senate. Hearing the words from Trump’s own mouth didn’t keep him out of the White House.

I have to remind myself that this is progress. Painful, painful progress. That, and try to continue to be a person the the women in my life can safely turn to.

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  • Evan Franke

    Amen brother.

  • ONail

    That wimp totally does not speak for the Gods or the Church… and he also has a square skull!
    And in panel 3 his expression confirms that’s the reason school days were hard for him. Duh, Hoc!

    And i bet he’s also connected with the Cur.

  • Honza Prchal

    That’s intriguing. I’m not sure how I feel about your “everybody f**ing knew” argument, since it means folks like Meryl Streep and Ashely Judd served as enablers of further abuse (though they talked a great game about feminism and female empowerment and denounced non-monsters like Mitt Romney, putting me in mind of wimps who cover themselves in tough-looking body art to seem tough), though I’ve got no trouble with casting that stone at the losing candidate for President, or Barney Frank (paedophilia, drugs and prostitution – see the Washington Post’s typical biography, which never quite bought into the whole “gay icon” thing, recalling the FBI revelations that prompted him to “bravely come out to his constituents”) and the Kennedie’s fan clubs, so …
    I’m going to have to really think this all through.
    The underage allegation against Cosby involved a Playboy Bunny who was underage at the time and thus got around the statute of limitations, which is just all kinds of creepy, and not so much about Cosby, who may or may not have known her age …
    Anyhow, I doubt Roy Moore would win his primary anymore or will win the election, but IF HE DOES, Doug Jones’ two messy divorces and his prosecutorial misconduct will be, along with the sheer weirdness of Moore’s home town, where at least two of the girls’ moms encouraged the dating (no sex, just dating, which is creepy enough, but an order of magnitude less than actual rape, statutory or otherwise) will likely be much of the explanation. Since I’m a long-time friend of the fellow he prosecuted whilst racking up the misconduct sanctions (he was on his way out of office when what the Judge thought would be the end of it all came up, she went easy on Jones and spared his license), I cannot vote for him unless he were running against a fascist or commie. There is, fortunately, a libertarian running. Obviously, I’m in Alabama (“at least we’re not Illinois, California, Louisiana or new York!”), so, other than the scoop from one of Jones’ exes, that’s the full background on why Moore isn’t 100% dead, only mostly dead.

  • disqus_jxBUCrrnHx

    I find it amusing that the bounty hunter IS taking Hunter directly to the pyramid, but in such a way as to completely bypass the ambush set-up by our shadowy cardinal…