Click Here to Comment on Hunter Black Page 881 – A Threat To My Money

I wish I could say that I have insight into the psyche and/or the process of being a sniper. (Actually, I don’t wish that at all…you know what I mean.) Hunter’s inner monologue is purely my own invention, heavily seasoned with the books, comics, and movies I’ve been reading all my life.

I’m gonna take a quick minute here to make one of my occasional pitches for you to support us through Patreon. It’s been on my mind of late because I just posted a recently written short story up there, a story that is really only for the members of my writing group and for our Patrons. I doubt I’ll ever seek publication for it, or for any of the others yet to come, unless I decide that there’s a market for an anthology of my short stories somewhere down the line. (Boy, would that be a nice thing to have to consider.)

Still, I always want stuff like that to entertain SOMEONE, even if the purpose of the writing was simple practice. You can contribute as little as two bucks a month and you’ll get occasional Hunter Black goodies along with original artwork and original stories from Will and me. Plus, that money helps us to pay Jacob, and that’s never a bad thing.

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