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You know, this is the first time we’ve seen Jada Nilthrex where she doesn’t look like a damn lunatic. Oh, and that’s not Jusadva’s knee. That is her pregnant belly. Things are pretty bad.

You know what? #Squirrel and I could use a little advice. We’re thinking about cutting out cable. It’s just becoming prohibitively expensive. Now, if we do this, we obviously have to keep our internet going through someone…but who? Do we stick with Spectrum (the rebranded Time Warner Cable…I still know who you are)? Do we go with someone else? Which streaming service do we then go to for our regular TV needs? Hulu? YouTube TV? Somewhere else?

I’m not very technology savvy, and I run circles around #Squirrel, who is practically a #CaveSquirrel. I would appreciate any thoughts that any of you might have.

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  • DonFenix

    Cut the cord and don’t look back. As to who to use for your internet, I would leave that to you as you will know the best rates or deals in your area. However, when it comes to “regular TV needs” I would recommend either Playstation Vue (you need a Playstation account, but not necessarily a Playstation device), or Sling. Both are similar, but the UI experience seems better on Playstation, with more features. Sling, on the other hand, seems to have a much better a la carte selection of add-ons.

  • MSD3000

    I’ve heard of babies that turn around in the womb, but this kid looks like he already figured out how to stand o_O

    • ONail

      Or maybe kid’s in there with his baby version of Revenger that has stuck in an awkward position, that might also explain hunger blight symptoms!

  • Storel

    Get a “smart TV” that can connect to your internet feed. They can connect to a bunch of different streaming services, and I think (but do not know for sure) that you don’t have to set up accounts on all those services, just the one account for the TV itself.