Click Here to Comment on Hunter Black Page 895 – I Just Haven’t Gotten Around To Burying Her

Hunter could have a normal life with normal drama…if he could just let some [REDACTED] go.

I know, I’m a terrible disappointment, but I have almost nothing to share right now. My brain is overfull, working on my new D&D campaign, writing Hunter Black Book 12, writing my first (sort of) pilot, and trying to brainstorm for a new project that Will and I are slowly putting together.

What are you guys up to?

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  • Storel

    When is this taking place? Is this a flashback to before Hunter went to invade the Church and get sent to the pyramid?

    • Justin Peniston

      This is in “the present.” I actually asked myself how she knew…Jusadva had deduced the basics of Hunter’s plan, that’s how she got Ellis and Ryota onto his team…and they’re in there with him. It’s based on a few assumptions, and they don’t know what Hunter’s disguise is.

      I also think that Nilthrex has had this conversation more than once.

  • motorfirebox

    Psh, if Hunter could have a normal life with normal drama, he’d have died in the jungles outside the Hell Pyramid. You gotta figure a god-forged weapon is going to pick a wielder that will put it to the most use…

  • MSD3000

    Thumbs up, Hunter! Priorities!
    Only so many times you need to save a crime boss who basically raped you in order to grow some hell-spawn kid behind your back, while shacking up with the woman who killed the only woman you ever like-liked (Hunter doesn’t do love). Hunter ain’t the white-knight type in the first place.
    Time for the Cur to die.