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Dude, who is that guy in the middle in Panel Three? The word “squirrelly” comes to mind. (I don’t think #Squirrel likes it when I use that descriptor.)

Man, I watched The Terminator tonight. I forgot how good it was. James Cameron was an absolute BEAST back in the day. T2 is when he starts to slip…but I want to watch it anyway.You know what [REDACTED] up thing I noticed? The Terminator totally kills Sarah Connor’s MOM. I mean, it happens off-camera, and it certainly never seems to impact Sarah in any way (not that there’s ever time for her to realize it, let alone react to it), but it happens.

I think I’m one of, like, three people in the world that likes The Terminator more than T2. Sigh.

PS: Michael Biehn, Lance Henriksen, and Bill Paxton are probably all in Aliens because they were in The Terminator. All three get killed or royally jacked up in both movies too. (Spoilers)

PPS: Want to listen to what I listen to while I’m writing? Feel free to check out my Spotify playlist titled “You Don’t Know Me!”  I update it fairly frequently (I’ve added ten songs in the past month) and it’s the very definition of eclectic, or at least I like to think so. Just a little something for those of you that might be interested.

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  • ONail

    We can only ask for your help!
    Although we have imprisoned you and were going to send you to the horrible slavery mining colony through the maneating jungle, now we need you to go there willingly and help us fight that place back against probably some evil overpowered wizards. And if you maybe survive, you get special discounts on all church goods!
    Enlist today, for the Goddess! (or else you get executed)