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Panel Three is an entirely different look at Tyne than I’m used to. When we’re facing him, his features are flat and broad, and you don’t see that in profile. We don’t see these characters often period, let alone in profile. I like it.

So, I finally got back to working on my pilot this week. A friend of mine had hipped me to some parallels between TV and epic poetry of all things, and that messed with my head for a bit. I felt like I was barking up the wrong tree with what I was doing. I wanted to step back and re-approach it with these new insights in mind…but then I got sick and #Squirrel’s health issues demanded more of my attention, and the pilot just got backburnered.

Anyway, I revisited it with trepidation. after about a month away from it, I was able to look at it with fresh eyes, and with these new ideas and approaches in my head, I fully expected to find it completely unsalvageable. To my surprise, I found myself enjoying what I’d written, which doesn’t happen all that often. Now, I’m probably better at the craft of writing than the art; I’m pretty good at turning a phrase, but I sometimes struggle at telling a story that engages an audience. The pilot thus far bears that out…it’s an enjoyable read, but it needs some work to be worthy of putting on film. Still, there are real building blocks there, and I think I can finish it without too many massive changes, and then give it a serious rewrite.

I just gotta kick this cold. (It’s not the flu, dammit. It’s a COLD.)

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  • MSD3000

    As unlikable as these two are, you almost feel bad for the beating that will surely be coming their way. It was a great reason to go re-read some of the old pages though. I still liked Hunter looking like Mum-Ra before Revengering that student.

    • Justin Peniston

      Unlikable? These two?