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Okay, this isn’t exactly a shock for most of you guys, but Madzinah Golbrith was kept in the dark about her husband’s work and her daughter’s. I’m not 100% that Jusdava would have chosen this course of action…but then, she has magic at her disposal.

Man, what a week!

This past weekend, I knuckled down and finished a draft of a pilot. I sent it out to the people to whom I send such things, and we’ll see what people think of it. Then I’ll prep it for a rewrite. In the meantime, I have ANOTHER pilot that I have to brainstorm for, I have jury duty, and oh yeah, Star Wars Rebels just finished.

I’m not allowed to discuss the case I got selected for. So stop asking me. (I actually got selected as an alternate in a civil case. Shouldn’t last longer than the end of the week, but I still got the short end of the stick. I have to go to court, but I don’t get to be involved in the deliberations!)

The ending of Rebels was…well, it was something special. I don’t mind admitting that I got a little bit emotional at the end there, and it lit a fire in my belly to get the next Star Wars cartoon! I wish every TV show was that good. I wish everything Star Wars was that good.

Sabine Wren might have become my favorite character on that show.

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