Click Here to Comment on Hunter Black Page 933 – The Last Time We Approached The Pyramid

Does everyone remember Yonol the courier? (The character appearing in flashback in Panel Two. For whatever reason, he makes me think of Dennis Farina.) He was Hunter’s ally for such a brief time…he was the one that brought Packwing into the story, and like Packwing (and Ryota Nichiren, the Octopus, for that matter), he was a character contributed to the comic by a Kickstarter backer.

I’m hoping that the comic will feel like it’s accelerating from here on out…Will and I are eager to wrap this up and get to Volume Four. I tend to write these stories with plenty of breathing room, but it sometimes leaves us wanting to rush through the end so we can get to the next thing.

We won’t rush, I don’t even know if I’m capable of it, but the snowball of this story is making its way down the mountainside, and it’s hopefully going to get bigger and bigger each week. Man, I hope you guys like it!

(As you guys read this, there’s a strong likelihood that #Squirrel is under the knife…er, laser…for her second eye surgery. Keep her in your thoughts, team!)

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