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The guardsmen of the Hell Pyramid use the hot springs outside the city as a place for relaxation…and apparently, they’re a hotspot for violent altercations.

So, #Squirrel has her second eye surgery on Friday. This time, she had both a retina reattached and a cataract removed. I guess the cataract surgery is a bit harsher than the reattachment, because she’s in a good deal more pain than she was last time. I think I told you guys that the prognosis for this eye is nowhere near as favorable as it was for her first eye…the ophthalmologist recommends that she think of it as her “supplemental” eye, or a backup. She might end up being able to read only the top line of the eye test charts, the giant capital E, with her left eye…

…and that’s okay, I guess. She has 20/25 vision in her right eye, and that’s enough to be able to drive, to read, to live her life.

Still, as I’m sitting here typing this, I’m struck by how devastating a disease diabetes is. Wilford Brimley memes and jokes are great and all, but the disease itself is a terrible thing. I’m continually astonished by how well #Squirrel maintains her strength and poise carrying this…and me…around.

Man, I love my wife.

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  • MSD3000

    Best wishes to you and your wife. If it’s any consolation, I too have a crappy “back-up” eye and another eye that isn’t much use without glasses. But I still hold a job as a graphic artist. Nothing can stop a determined soul.
    Have you looked into the possibility of permanent contacts? It’s a lens inserted behind the natural lens of the eye. It’s supposed to be good for extreme prescriptions. Not that I think she wants anyone touching her eyes again for a while.

    • Justin Peniston

      I have a very real sense of how crappy it is to deal with less-than-stellar eyesight, but #Squirrel continually surprises me with how well she deals with all of this.

      I’m not sure a contact would help her if her retina fails to reattach, but we’ll see.