Click Here to Comment on Hunter Black Page 936 – Things Aren’t So Good In The Hell Pyramid

Study this page closely, Hunter Black fans. Not that it contains story clues in particular…or does it?…but this page says a lot about Will’s design aesthetic, particularly as it pertains to monsters. Maybe I just have vampires on the brain, but I’ve known for a long time that Will has no hint of Twilight about him. Will’s vampires don’t sparkle…they DROOL. They HUNGER. They’re monsters. Now, all of that said, swear to all four of the lesser gods…these guys aren’t vampires. They’ve just got a bad case of the Anger Plague.

Virtually nothing has changed since last we spoke. #Squirrel is a little less cranky…but maybe a bit more sad? She’s in a lot of pain, a lot more than she had after the first surgery, and we’re not sure that she’s suffering this pain to any great effect.

She and I both skew toward being loners…we can spend many a great day on opposite sides of the apartment, happily soaking in only the auras of each other as we do our own things…but no one wants to be alone with pain and uncertainty, so I’m trying to kick it with her. That DOES mean that not as much writing is getting done, but I have to file that fact under “acceptable losses.”

Well. It’s late at night now, and she’s in bed, so I’m going to finish posting this page and try to get some writing done with the alone time.

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  • Honza Prchal

    Good luck to you both.
    Anger Plague is a GREAT name/idea. It’d be even more horrifying if some people recovered from it after some indefinite time.
    The attractive vamp thing has it’s roots in what one is trying to show with the vamp … the effect of addiction on the sufferer (as here), or why it tempts others in, as in what Will loathes.

  • ONail

    The guy with a fancy haircut (upper left corner) looks somewhat familiar, makes me think of a couple characters, like Jusadva’s majordomo for example. But on the other hand, why can’t a regular Hell Pyramid digger-slave have a fancy haircut? I guess i’m overthinking that.

    Yeah it’s quite discouraging when our beloved people do not behave like we are used to them doing due to things. Depressing for both sometimes. But then there’s a fine dinner and then there’s a quiet sleep and then it’s all well again come the morning, it always is.