Click Here to Comment on Hunter Black Page 948 – It’s Barquaasi Tumenor’s Fault

It’s been a long time since I got to type the name “Barquaasi Tumenor.” I had to go back and double-check the spelling! We so often just call him “The Cur.”

Well, this blog entry finds us at a point with almost nothing to share. Everything is “in process,” but there’s not much to tell you about. We’ve either already told you about some things, and we’re not in a position to tell you about others. (No fun.)

You know me…if I have something interesting to share, I’ll flap my gums about it. But I got nothing, not even good TV or movies. I’ve already expounded at length about Infinity War and I’m not caught up on The Expanse (I’m waiting for my brother so we can catch up together).

So…have a great weekend? We’ll be working!

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