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Yay! Exposition!

I’m busy as hell! I’m under deadline on multiple (paying) projects, I’m smack in the middle of my bartending work week, and #Squirrel’s surgery is this week, so we’ve got pre-op doctor’s visits to make! Sleep will be at a premium the next few days! Whoo!

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  • MSD3000

    So…sounds like The Cur is investing in some anti-Revenger insurance, and the by-product is this rage-plague.

  • ONail

    Looks like it’s time for Packwing to lose his shizzles. So if they go out one by one, i guess it’s Hunter that goes the last. But in his case, not much would change.

    This whole run is suppossedly accompanied by increasingly loud rap:
    “Insane in the membrane
    Insane in brain!”
    Should fit the theme!