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Oh man! You know that things are busy in our lives when both Will and I forget to post the page. Sorry for the delay! This might be the latest we’ve ever been posting the page! (Nine hours isn’t exactly earth-shaking, but still.)

The truth is, we’re lucky to be busy. Will and I each have managers for our careers beyond the comic, and we get gigs in those careers. I have a wife, he has a fiancee; #Squirrel has her medical issues and Will and #Buddy are planning a wedding. And oh, we each have regular jobs to navigate if we want to keep the bills paid.

None of the above is meant as an excuse, and we certainly don’t need sympathy or pity. We have GREAT lives. We’re lucky to be able to do this thing we love, to be with people that we love, and to have all that we have.

If you’re reading this, we’re lucky to have you. Sorry for the tardiness. We’ve still never had a guest comic or missed a posting day, and here’s hoping that we never will. (Well, guest comics wouldn’t be so bad, but that’s kind of weird when you’re doing long form comics like this one.)

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  • ONail

    The right question about the Cur woud be “Who, in the name of the right teat of Vanassa, had even let him in the Pyramid”. Because, while he has all the money and power, he’s still not the head of church, and that place is of strategic importance. It’s like Don Carleone would come to Vatican and start hustling about.
    Allright, i’m feeling talkative today, so let’s also discuss how you mine metal alloy ingots in a shaft and why they have random crystal shape 🙂
    I love this comic so much it gives me jizzlebuggs!
    Also, what you call tardiness i would call discipline, and keeping it up is exclusively good.

    • Justin Peniston

      Oooh, jizzlebuggs are hard to get rid of. Sorry about that!

      • ONail

        Haha, it’s been a while, they’ve become my good friends 🙂