Click Here to Comment on Hunter Black Page 958 – I Am Octopus

I like how the orthodonture is one of the first things to be corrected in the transformation!

Okay, so it was never our intention that we’d be barreling toward the climax of our third volume at the same time that we’d be barreling toward big changes in the website, but that’s exactly what has happened.

Considering options in a newly designed website means reconsidering how we present our reading experience, which is admittedly a little crazy. I mean, we don’t have to enslave ourselves to the typical webcomic formats, but at the same time, changing things up to much can be off-putting to the typical webcomic fan.

What role does the blog play in the popularity, or lack thereof, of the comic? What about our weird little commentary that goes on the bottom of each page? Is that an added value? We put character and place tags into each page…do those get used at all? Are they helpful?

Can we present the pages in a larger format? Do we want to go through the heartache of reloading close to 1,000 pages? (By “we,” I mean “I.” Will spends easily ten times as much time on a page as I do, so I handle 99% of all the website minutia.) Is the time spent doing that worth the potential benefits of larger pages?

There is a LOT to consider as we do this. We were flying by the seat of our pants when we first put this together, and we’ve paid the price for that a little bit. I’d like to make smarter, better reasoned, and better researched choices this time around. I want a site that gives a better experience to the readers we have and one that is more welcoming and fun for new readers.

Man, there’s a lot to consider. My brain is already overwhelmed! Fortunately, there’s no big rush, we can do this at our own pace. But man.

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  • MSD3000

    Personally, I’m here for the blogs nearly as much as for the comic. You guys are very generous to share your thought process (and other random thoughts) along with each new page. Look forward to seeing your new layout.

  • ONail

    The commentary section is quite valuable. It’s a convenient means to keep in touch with your readers (not like YOU necessarily need to read our ramblings, but we do need that).
    Personally, i’m long used to the small comic format, but i remember i wondered about it at first. Anyway, if you experiment a little, you will surely get all the feedback you need!

  • Chris Ames

    The current size is readable, and I personally enjoy the blogs. It’s an easy way to let the readers know what’s going on. Most webcomics have them for that reason if nothing else.

  • MSD3000

    You know, on further re-viewing of these panels, I find it interesting that as our Octo-pal gradually reverts and regains his sense of self, he does not say his birth name to reaffirm himself. He says Octopus. Which I suppose might be a window into just how seriously he takes his position. He IS the Octopus.
    Kinda like how Batman doesn’t call himself Bruce in his head. He’s Batman, completely.