Click Here to Comment on Hunter Black Page 959 – Get A Hold Of Yourself

Yes, Hunter can see Packwing’s eyes. He/she is just trying to get as much out of these people as he/she can before they go off the rails.

Remember when I confidently stated that we weren’t going to have to miss any posting days? Wellllll, I’m less sure of that now.

Don’t get me wrong, the plan is still to continue posting in all of the places we can on schedule, but Will and I are meeting with the web designer that’s helping us out tomorrow, and this redesign is unavoidably causing us to the reconsider a LOT about how we’ve done things thus far, and the work that we have to do could conceivably cut into our creating time.

I want to present the comic pages in a slightly larger format, and I want to do that starting from the beginning…which will mean reposting close to a thousand pages. That’ll be a lot of work. Some of what we want to do might require some new artwork that isn’t story pages. This stuff is just gonna dig into our time, and we still have relationships to husband (literally) and money to earn on the other end.

We’ll try our best, and I suspect that we won’t miss any time at all, despite my dire warnings…but I’m not as sure of it as I once was, and I’d rather be upfront about that.

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  • ONail

    What, mIss what? Well, with the 300 ready-in-advance pages you have, “miss Any Posting Days” sounds rather like a title for a strange women contest.
    But if anythng, i’m personally ready to wait for the new updates any time it takes, no problem.
    Go go Hunter Rangers! 🙂

  • Honza Prchal

    I have to look at the comic on Google Chrome, and it is perhaps the only thing I use Google for (well, google Scholar, but I get there on Edge or even Firefox), so I’m a big enough fan that I’ll do what it takes. If there’s a dropped post, please believe me that I’ll understand (and die a little inside).