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Not everyone that is infected with the Anger Plague becomes a mindless beast. Anger doesn’t always manifest itself in uncontrolled paroxysms of violence. Sometimes, it’s more deliberate than that.

Work on the new website proceeds slowly but surely. There are lots of changes afoot, most of them for the better, but it’s slow going. Probably the biggest change will be the size of the comics pages; the new pages will be about twice the size. That doesn’t mean we’re doing MORE panels per page necessarily…for right now, it just means that the pages will just be presented in a larger format. They look absolutely gorgeous to my biased eye.

The thing I’m not quite sure about yet is how blog posts are going to be handled. Once the new site is live, comments will be activated for the pages themselves, so we won’t HAVE to post blogs in order to allow you guys to comment. Our blogs will probably be a little less frequent, but a little more focused. Certainly, there be no more posts where I say, “Hey, I got nothing much to say today! Have a good one!”

I’m seriously considering ditching most of the archived blogs, that’s for sure. People don’t really go back to read them, and they’ll just clog up the site. We’ll see.

It’ll probably be a couple of weeks yet until the new and improved site launches. I still have almost 800 pages to tweak and re-upload, and if I get 50-100 done a day, that’s a good day’s work. But I also have bars to tend, scripts to write, and a wife to keep happy. Something’s gotta give, and writing this blog going forward might be one of those things. I might stop posting these things just to save myself 20 minutes here and there until the site is done. I’d try to pass it off to Will, but as we all know, he’s getting ready to get married. He too is swamped.

I will remain a frequent blogger on the new site, that much is for sure. I LIKE reaching out to you guys, and I like the feedback I get in return, so I don’t know I’m feeling a little sad right now. I guess that this is sort of the end of an era. But a new era beckons, and I think the new one is gonna kick ass!

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