I Have A Good Feeling This Time…

…that this will be the last page posted on the old version of the site. Our wonderful web designer should be back in the saddle over the weekend, and those final touches can be applied.

If you read me in this exact same space on Monday, know that I will be typing with tears in my eyes!

Wish us luck!

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  • OldeSword

    The new site is exciting, but I’m stoked that Hunter Black is back!

    When he got stabbed, I was worried the comic was becoming another of those stories where there is just setback after setback and the leads get beat down with no movement towards the resolution. But I was wrong. I get the feeling things are going to become very exciting very quickly.

    • ONail

      Nah, Hunter is technically a twice (or thrice) dead walking automaton, and considering everything that was done to him since the beginning (like, he was literally one foot in the portal to hell), simple stabbing must be his preferred alternative of a gentle back scratching. It just winds him up 🙂
      So don’t worry, it never gets dull, calm scenes are only breathers.

  • ONail

    Allright, allright, it’s nothing fancy (you DO know what we expected), but i’m not disappointed at all!
    Also, it’s been such a long time with no proper chopping, and Mr. Packwing here has just made a good reason for revenge. Get it on finally!

    This brings a question, though: that thing was (supposedly) a replacement for Hunter’s heart which got eaten out in one very unfortunate incident in Tezem’s room of joy and wonders. How does it work now?